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New School in April

At 6.44am in the morning I received an important text.

Too bad I was still sleeping and only saw it two hours later ( ・ ω ・ ; ) But it was exciting enough—I received the automatic text message that told me which school I had been posted to.

I got into my first choice!

ヽ(▽ `)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ

No regrets! This is the path I’ve chosen and have been given, and I want to make full use of it ( ・ ▽ ・ ) Up till a while ago, I never thought I would go to this school. But minds change, and I think it’s good that I decided to come here in the end. I’m going to be studying Media and Communications, and it’s what I’m actually interested in. I figured it’s way easier to study what I like to.

Meanwhile, school starts at the end of April! That just feels really weird because all my life school has always started at January, and lasted all the way till the end of the year. But it’s a new kind of school, so it’s just one of the changes I’ll have to get used to. The good thing is that I have plenty of time to prepare and relax until school starts (‐^▽^‐)

In between now and April, I’m going to continue working.

It’s going to be a long three months. I need to use my time well (・x・ )

Recently I started reading Storyteller by Donald Sturrock, it’s a biography of the late children’s writer Roald Dahl. He’s a storytelling genius that inspired me a lot since I was young.

Okay, I’m off to eat (・3・) Quick update today!


Dance Covers

Recently I did another dance cover (⌒▽⌒)ノ

℃-ute’s Ookina Ai de Motenashite!

It’s another cute and simple dance ♡ Even though I may not have been technically perfect, it’s one of my favourite dances to do now.

A short while ago someone on Formspring asked me which group’s dances I liked to cover most.

Like I said, I don’t have a specific group I like ( ・ ω ・ ) It’s largely dependent on the song. Right now I really like the fun and happy dances where I get to smile a lot ☆ Last time I tried the more mature songs once in a while, and it didn’t work out that well. I couldn’t get the mature vibe and I’m really bad at making sexy faces ( ̄□ ̄;) That’s why I’m still an amateur anyway. One day I’ll try to expand my repertoire ( ̄▽ ̄)

So far my little stint on Youtube seems to be going by fine though ♪ I’ve just reached 200 subscribers! It may be a small fraction of what most Youtubers have, but it’s a lot to me (´;▽;`)

Everything is done because I really enjoy doing the dances that my favourite groups do, I’m always inspired by them to have real fun while I’m dancing.

If you enjoy dancing and idols, I say go for it and post them on Youtube if you want to!

New Year, New Clothes

Chinese New Year starts tomorrow! Every year I love gathering with relatives and eating ☆ And hoo yeah, getting money (in traditional red packets) ( ̄▽ ̄)

Usually we shop for new clothes for the new year too ♪ I managed to buy new stuff with some of my earnings from work!

I got a pair of grey Converse high tops! They were on sale ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I still want a really long pair of sneaker boots some day.


A new graphic T-shirt and dark denim shorts ☆


This really fluffy and airy white top (*^ヮ^*)


I like it a lot.


For a smaller purchase, I got a bracelet as well because it was on sale too!


And for the first time in my whole life…I bought a dress by my own will Σ(・ω・;) Prom isn’t counted because I didn’t have a choice.


Actually, it isn’t a great picture. The skirt was too long (you know how I feel about my short skirts) so I hitched it up with a red belt which ruined the shape a little (´・_・`) I’ll take a better picture tomorrow, because I’m wearing it for the first day of Chinese New Year!

I thought my parents would be surprised I bought a dress, but they said it looked like any other Top+Short skirt set I wear all the time. That’s not fun at all(;_;)

Tomorrow’s going to be a day full of visiting ~ I’ll blog again soon!

DIY Notebook Cover!

The Japan ☆ series has finally concluded! Back to reality now (´ω`。)

But it isn’t bad at all, I’ve been trying to make good use of my free time ♪

Yesterday, I designed my own notebook cover! My mom and I went to Muji, and bought notebooks with plain covers. They’re perfect for designing your own covers in whatever way you want (●・▽・●)

Blank and ready to scribble on!

There were so many possibilities (*´ー`) It really stretched my creativity ☆ In the end, it took me longer than I expected to come up with a design. I drew lots of inspiration from Japanese illustrations and graphics, figuring out just how to capture that simple and adorable style that was common in all of them.

This is what I came up with ヾ(*・∀・)/

After that I got started ☆ To begin with, I sketched out the design in pencil first.

Since it’s only the rough outline, I don’t draw in small details like facial expressions.

As you can see, my sketches are always really faint ( ´・ ω ・` )

Time for the fun part! Filling it up with all those colours ~

The first bold stroke!

Instead of just using markers, I used colour pencils and gel pens as well. Plus the occasional glitter pen (ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆

It’s slowly coming to life!

If I count up the total time taken, I think it took me more than 2 hours to finish. I’m just really picky when it comes to things like this ( ̄▽ ̄) But in the end, I think it was worth it.

Here’s the scan!

100% hand drawn by me ☆ There might be a tad too much sparkles here and there, it’s because I didn’t want to have too much empty space. Since I’m always a fan of bright colours, I made it as colourful as I could!

Also, yeah, the girl in the apple suit is meant to be me. See the little notebook? (´▽`) I know I’m supposed to be Apple Cake but…I don’t know how to draw myself as an apple cake (´・3・)

Japan: Day Six (Final) ☆

Five days in Japan already? Felt like five seconds to megirl cry

Day Six was going to be spent in Odaiba before heading to the airport! As I mentioned in the previous post, I’d never been to this part of Tokyo before so I was looking forward to going around the attractions.

Odaiba is famous for their modern attractions like the Venus Fort shopping mall and Joypolis!

They have fantastic views too.

We headed to Aqua City, a huge shopping mall, in the morning.

The first thing I saw was the Statue of Libraryneko

What’s it doing in Tokyo? It’s a replica! Good enough for someone like me who has never seen the original before.

Venus Fort was spectacular! It’s made in medieval style, so you feel like you’re in Rome or somewhere similar when you enter. The ceilings are all decorated to look like a sky.

Before my trip, I’d discovered a service where you could rent dogs at Venus Fort and I was extremely excited about that…until I found out that the service no longer existednekoVenus Fort had a large section on the first floor devoted to pets, but only a pet store, a pet clothing boutique and training park remained. I’d gotten more and more excited as I saw more designer puppies trotting down the shopping mall with their humans, only to discover I couldn’t rent any.

Oh well, I had a lot of fun at the pet shop looking at the puppiesheheIs there a reason why the puppies and kittens I saw in Japan were infinitely cuter than any others I’ve ever seen?

(This was the same place Mai, Chisa and Nakky visited in Hello Pro! Time)

Tiny puppies sprawled all over their compartments!

I LOVE THIS ONE. Before this it was being dried with a hairdryer after its bath.

It kept trying to lick me through the glass ♥

This is the second time I’m spamming photos of animals. But they’re cute, so it’s okayshyThe puppies were the cutest things ever. I spent a good half hour there looking at all of them and wishing I could just pluck one out.

Even though I couldn’t rent a dog, I loved seeing the puppies.

Our train to the airport was due in a short while, so we didn’t have time to shop around for much longer. There were so many clothing stores, but everything was so expensivemehSeriously, one day I have to save up and go to Tokyo purely to shop. (and sleep in hostels and eat cup noodles)

We said goodbye to our hotel and headed to the station after that! I felt pretty sad because in a few hours I wasn’t going to be in Japan anymore. Nostalgia was hitting me hard, and I hadn’t even left the country yet.

Dad’s proof that I eat like a pig even on the train.

At the airport, we did some last minute gift shopping! There was a Tsutaya there selling loads of magazines and CDs, but I had majorly overspent on this trip so I didn’t feel like I should buy anything more.

When we started boarding the plane, I didn’t feel like flying home at all. The past six days had been insanely fun, extraordinaryーeverything that I expected and more. I spend so many days at home living at the Internet and wishing I could be in Japan; spending a week there was a huge blessing and I’m hugely grateful to my parents for bringing me there. There’s just so many things in Japan that I love, and breathing in their culture for myself is one of the greatest experiences ever.

S/mileage, the maid cafe, cute animals, Kyoto and everything and everyone else that let me enjoy myself so much…I’ll always remember everything!

Next goal: Save up for my own trip there!

See you again, Japan!


Thank you so much for reading my Japan ☆ posts! Even though I took so long. Really, thank you!

Japan: Day Five ☆

After spending a day and a half in Kyoto, it was time to go back to Tokyogirl tongue

This time we weren’t going to stay in Ikebukuro, but my dad got a place in Odaiba instead. I’d never been there before, so it felt really different.

Today’s outfit! ☆

Before setting off for Tokyo, I had breakfastgirlBreakfast is important. But because we had to rush for the train, I only had time to buy onigiri to eat.

It was nice though.

We were so early that we ended up waiting a while for our train while I browsed through magazines.

The train journey took about 2 hours this time! I basically slept and ate the whole time. Train journeys can be pretty entertaining though, as long as I have music to listen to.

We arrived in Odaiba in the afternoon!

However right after dropping our luggage at the hotel, we headed to AkihabaralaughI was looking forward to going there! Akihabara is the place with all the fun stuffーidol goods, maid cafes and all the other weird and quirky things.

Behold Electric Town!

The streets of Akihabara were full of activity and amazing sounds.

On the way to lunch, we passed by Don Quixote! It’s where the AKB48 theatre is located ♪ Even though the theatre only took up one floor (plus the shop on the 5th floor), almost the whole building was decked out in AKB48. Outside the building there were lots of fans sitting around and trading photos of the members.

Besides the AKB theatre, there are discounted goods and really fun novelty items, like costumes and games. Also the @home maid cafe.

After lunch, I convinced my parents to let me go to a maid cafe by myselfnekoFollowing a round of interrogation and map-sharing, they deposited me at Maidreamin 2, one of the most popular maid cafes in Akihabara.

(I chose Maidreamin because Risako and Maasa went to Maidreamin 3 on Hello! Pro Time)

Everything at the maid cafe was as I expected, only cuter and even more fun. When I opened the door a maid immediately showered me with greetings (‘Okaerinasai, ojou-sama!’). She was a bit puzzled at first when I told her it was only me who wanted to go in, but then she told my mom and dad that she’d take care of meneko

The maid introduced herself as Yusa-pyon—I told her my name, and she proceeded to write it out on a little card, adding ‘-ojousama’ to it.

Yusa then showed me their menu, with adorable characters all over the pages. I decided on the recommended setーdessert, drink, a try at the lucky draw and a polaroid photo with my favourite maidneko(obviously Yusa because she was the only one that attended to me)

Only allowed to take photos of the food and nothing else!

Usagi parfait! Yusa-pyon was happy because she said she was an usagirl.

I had one hour to spend inside the cafe, and I was determined to take my time. Usually I’m a really fast eater, but I only allowed myself nibbles so that the whole parfait wouldn’t just disappear in a few seconds. Surprisingly, I really did use up almost the whole hour eating that parfait. It was deliciousdiet nekoThanks to Yusa-pyon’s Moe Moe Charm Spell?

Every now and then there would be a maid calling for attention, and then everyone would start staring as she danced and sang for some customer who ordered the special set.

When it was my turn to have my photo taken, I (naturally) asked Yusa to take it with me.

Yusa-pyon and me ★

And then concludes my solo maid cafe experiencenekoIt was really fun! I want to go again, because the maids were all so friendly to me. The cafe was really cosy too! The only thing is that I wouldn’t advise  a girl my age to go alone. I had my parents pick me up when I was done because I was paranoid.

When I got out of the maid cafe, I spotted Tsunku’s Akihabara Backstage Pass cafe! It was in the building opposite.

Having spent several hours in Akihabara, it was time to go to Asakusa for a nice evening stroll! Asakusa is really different, because it’s rich in old-fashioned culture like Kyoto. We went down Nakamise-dori, where there were lots of amazing stalls selling Japanese snacks and toys.

Kaminarimon Gate

Even though it was cold, walking down the street was relaxinghappyBeing able to see so much of Japanese culture is really an eye-opener.

I bought my favourite ningyoyakiーa small cake filled with bean jam!

A bird-shaped ningyoyaki!

We went back to Odaiba after we had dinner at a ramen restaurant.

The night view at Odaiba is gorgeous! The Rainbow Bridge is an excellent contribution to the wonderful scenery.

The next day would be our last…somehow the Japan trip went by so quicklycryTime flew by so fast! I genuinely was having a lot, a huge lot of fun and I’m thankful for the many days I could spend in my favourite country.

Last day or not, I was going to make full use of it.

Japan: Day Six ☆ will be the last post in this Japan trip series!

Japan: Day Four ☆

Tomorrow I’m getting my O levels results. The O levels that I wrote/whined about for months last year. I have no idea what to expect…but whatever it is I’ll still post about my Japan trip tomorrow!

Back to Japan!
(I wish)

Day Four was spent in Kyoto! Mieko-san and her friend brought us aroundlove girl

Today’s outfit!

Breakfast first!

I had scrambled eggs, potato salad and…what’s that? Squid ink bundiet nekoThe black part of the bun was coated in squid ink or something. But it tasted absolutely normal.

Day Four was going to be purely sightseeing! I didn’t do as much research for Kyoto as I had for Tokyo, because Mieko-san and her friend were taking us aroundneko

The first stop was Kinkakuji…the famous Golden Pavilionkirakira

It really was golden! I mean, I knew that. But it was even shinier than I expected. People were crowding all over to take pictures. I took lots of shots too! (of the same thing, but still)

I received a mini history lesson while I was therehurhurThe place is huge! I can’t imagine one family living there. Mine would probably go nuts.

After Kinkakuji, we visited Kiyomizudera Temple! It’s stuck on the mountain, so we walked all the way up because there were really interesting and old-fashioned streets leading up to it. It was cold, so Mieko-san bought hot senbei for us to crunch onheart

Warm and crispy

We had lunch on the way! Mieko-san’s friend knew of a tofu restaurant, and it was supposed to be good fine-dining. That’s how I knew it was going to be a small lunchlaugh

‘Fine’ dining has a double meaning.

It was fun though! The tofu came in its own bathtub ♪ We scooped them out for each other. Somehow I think it made the tofu taste nicer.

There were several tiny courses, and the tofu dishes were even more delicious than I thoughtI’ve never gone to a restaurant like this before, so it was really interesting. It had a traditional setting too, with tatami flooring and all. It made me feel like I should kneel and eat, but Mieko-san told me I didn’t have to.

After lunch, we continued on to Kiyomizudera! Mountains have great ambience.

Sun rays!

After walking around the temple, we went back down again the lovely shopping streetkiraCome to think of it, the shopkeepers have to trek up and down the mountain everyday. Oh my.

Spotted a giant Totoro and Jiji!

And something else very cute…

Samurai dog?

It actually had its own mini sword. The owner let a lot of people take his picture, so I snapped lots of photos of him too.

Japanese pet owners can be really interesting when it comes to kitting their animals out. I just hope that sword wasn’t too heavy for the dog’s back.

Our party visited Shinkyogoku after that! Shinkyogoku is a great shopping street with lots of modern shops and arcadeskirakiraI went to the arcade and took purikura with Mieko-san and her friend!

Outside the arcade we found AKB48 gashapon too. Mieko-san helped me get a Mayuyu badgeShy

Individual member gashapon machines

Shinkyogoku had a great selection of Japanese street food too…takoyakiLove

The takoyaki chefs are really good at doing itkira kiraOver the takoyaki batter just sort of dribbles and remains like that…the Japanese chef tucks everything in until the takoyaki are round and perfect.

*tuck tuck*

More shopping at Shinkyogoku! The fashion stores are amazinglove rabbitI love everything about Japanese fashion. I mean, everything except the prices.

A long sleeved T-shirt from CHU XXX ↓

A hair accessory that’s suppose to curl the tip of your fringe upwardskira(The model reminds me of Takamina)

I also managed to find those big clips that I’ve always wanted ♪

For dinner that night, we had ramen! Bamboo shoots and wakame seaweed, yum. The portion was really generous too; even I got full after finishing it.

With extra bamboo shoot slices!

And that was Kyoto! Kyoto’s really different from Tokyoーa lot less busy, with a simple and rustic atmosphere. Even though I’d never been there before, I fell in love with its charm ☆ I didn’t see any maiko or geisha, but I was able to see many other beautiful things that belong only to Kyoto. For that, I’m grateful to Mieko-san because she brought us around and it made a huge differencegirl

Day FiveーBack to Tokyo! And a maid cafe…?

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