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Back from Camp!

I’m back after three days (‐^▽^‐) I realised how much I love air conditioning and my bathroom. But then I also love trekking through the muddy forest and being around people, so that’s okay.

And breakfast was nice!

On the second day we went to Pulau Ubin for games, which is a little nearby island. I got attacked by mosquitoes (´ω`。) But it was still fun! There was a lot of running around and jumping across branches and mud, so it was perfect. The outdoors is really great fun ♪ And okay, I may have imagined myself being in The Hunger Games while weaving through a particularly dense patch of trees.

Area clear of tracker jackers, please proceed

It was a great experience! I really learnt a lot, and I was able to make new friends. That’s a relief, because I didn’t know anyone in my group at first ( ・ ω ・`) Also, when I returned home I opened the fridge to find a glorious array of flapjacks. MMMM.

Also as I write this, my dad just delivered a box of castella from his Japanese colleague.


It’s not a great picture, but that’s because 0.0001 seconds after this my dad hacked off a slice. So I did too (・3・) Castella is so fluffy and sweet, I could eat the whole thing if I wanted to! But I only ate one slice. What promising self control I have.

Yup ( ・ ω ・ )

After this is I have two more camps! They’re orientation camps at my new school, so I’m really excited to make friends and get to know the schoolヾ(*・∀・)/ With that, my loooong holiday is drawing to an end. It seems like years ago that I was still reeling from the happiness of finishing O levels. Now my precious holiday is finishing. But I’m looking forward to school, so it isn’t a bad feeling (・▽・) Also, April is going to a month full of ℃-ute MVs every day. What’s not to love? ♥

At any rate, please watch my new dance cover (> ▽・)/


Taobao Gets!

Tomorrow onwards I’ll be at a camp! It’s for three days and two nights, so I won’t be at home to update.

Meanwhile, I received two things that I ordered online from Taobao! I actually wanted to buy more, but I didn’t want to spend too much then. So I think I’m going to send in another order for some new clothes for school ( -ω-`)

Here’s what I got:

A sailor design sweater!

I find the design adorable(*^〜^*)There’s the collar print on the back too, like an actual sailor uniform. That’s genius ( ・ ω ・ ) The material’s kind of thin too, so I won’t roast myself outside or anything.

Gao! It’s a leopard hoodie vest thing. I saw this in Japan but I didn’t buy it because it was expensive. So I bought a cheap alternative from Taobao instead ( ・ ω ・`)

How entertaining.

Buffet Lunch!

Two of my friends and I went for a Japanese buffet lunch! In other words, we ate like a pig. I’ll go running tomorrow ☆

It was a one hour lunch special, so we got to save a few dollars at least ( ̄▽ ̄) There wasn’t any rush anyway. One hour is a lot of time for you to stuff in all the sushi and desserts you want! (cue eat-all-the-sushi meme)

The circuit was sushi→rice→seafood→dessert→soup→dessert.

Main plate!

Tamago sushi, unagi sushi, grilled scallop sushi, tako sushi, salmon sashimi, soft-shell crab, gratin and Japanese fried rice. That’s a lot. The fried rice was especially good (´▽`)/ It really went well with everything. Also, soft-shell crab is the best for lazy crab meat lovers like meーjust crunch and chew the whole thing without having to pick anything apart yay.

Creamy hokkaido stew (*´ー`*) Warm and richly flavoured so I washed almost everything down with this. There were calamari rings inside (● ̄□ ̄●

And then the best part.


Cakes, puddings, and a fantabulous fondue fountain. ☆ I think we went overboard piling it up with almost everything, but then for this special hour we were entitled to be pigs so whatever.

A cream and strawberry tart! Being the disgraceful patron I am I tried to pick up a slice and the cream dropped clean off. Still, it was delicious. (‐^▽^‐)

Strawberry and walnut cakes—they had alternating soft and crunchy layers, so it was really a piece of bliss.

MORE STRAWBERRIES. I don’t even know what this is called, but it was good! And whatever’s good goes into my stomach regardless of identity, end of story.

This is the magical fountain that turns everything into chocolate. Next.

Yummy pink things. The outside has a jelly-like texture, and the inside is soft! What is this remarkable flavour?! You guessed it. Strawberry.

And finally, the entire dessert plate…


There’s an eclair and a chocolate cake and a biscuit that I dipped in the fondue too. (゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

And one more.

Kakigori♥ I was really lousy at this. I turned on the machine and ice just splattered around for a minute. Then I doused it in syrup and stuff (`▽´)

As you can see, I ate a lot today. And I would make a poor food blogger because I always say everything tastes good. Which is trueヾ(*・∀・)/ And I really need to return to that dessert station one day.

Pocket Morning (Apple Cake Ver.) Vol 5


Tomorrow I’m going for a Japanese lunch buffet with two of my best friends for a treat ♡ Until then, here’re 10 questions again.

The festival season is starting. What kind of food will you eat at the food stalls?

Taiyaki because it’s my favourite ☆ In fact, I think I’d eat everything.

Please tell us your lucky number.

I don’t have one, but my favourite number is 15 ( ・ ω ・ ) I’m not sure why, but it sounds cool.

You’re two hours late! But if you apologize in a cute way, I’ll forgive you!

Yurushite nyan Somehow it might come out fake if I try that (´ω`。) Let’s go with plain old sincerity ♪

On what occasions does your tension go up?

It always goes up when I’m caught in the middle of something exciting! Laughing with my friends, standing in front of S/mileage…and then I’d end up going crazy and saying the stupidest stuff.

Imagine you’re alone in an elevator when it suddenly stops, the lights go down, and you’re left in darkness. What would you do?

I’d be scared but I wouldn’t freak out because that would look really unattractive if there was a camera. I think I’d just press the alarm button!

Has there been any moment that made you think, “Maybe I’m a genius?”

Whenever my prediction comes true!

What animal would you want to ride?

A flying horseヽ(´▽`)/ That’s more fun than a horse on the ground, right?

“These two things actually go well together!” Please think of a combination of two such foods.

Rice and gravy. Unless it’s yellow rice, I can’t eat it without gravy!

How do you cheer yourself up? If you have any good methods, please let us know.

Usually I just play happy music and dance. It makes me feel good. Or if it’s something troubling, I talk to a close friend and confide in her ( ´ ▽ ` ) When there’s something bad bottling up inside, it’s best to let it out to someone you trust.

Is there any situation or thing that makes you think “I’m still a child”?

When people don’t understand me the first time, I get impatient. That’s childish, and not a good thing (´・ ω ・`)


Today I went to sing karaoke with my friend ☆ It’s been a while!

We had lots of fun singing Hello! Project and other Japanese songs! I love singing, but I’m not good at it. I should sing karaoke more often to practise, but then it’s expensive (´_`。)


In karaoke, my favourite songs to sing are always Aitai Lonely Christmas (℃-ute), Kiss Me Aishiteru (℃-ute) and Natsu Dakara (Buono!) ♡ They’re actually just the songs that I tend not to butcher.


There’s still a few weeks before I start at my new school! Since I shouldn’t be wasting too much time, I’ve been doing SAT vocabulary exercises and writing lots. It’s not really much, but then it makes me feel better about lazing around for so long ( ̄▽ ̄) I’ve stopped my part time job for now, so I really have nothing else to do. Of course, I’ve been going out quite a bit ( ・ ω ・`)

It’s terrible how I spend my earnings so fast. I need to make sure I save most of it! (says the girl who has plans for a movie, a buffet, and more karaoke in the coming week)

Lunch Date ☆

Lunch date with one of my best friends Bon today!

We ate at our beloved yong tau foo stallヽ(^◇^*)/ And for dessert, frozen yogurt. Omnom.

Mine’s the one with chocolate wafers sunk in the cold glory of frozen yogurtヽ(´▽`) Froyo is delicious but not fattening, so it’s an excellent snack when you’re hungry. Of course, if you really want it to be fat-free then don’t put chocolate wafers in it ( ・ ω ・ )

Together we bought a present for our friend’s birthday!

Since we don’t often get to meet, I’m so glad that I got to have lunch with Bon(*^・^)It’s really fun to be able to laugh and talk together, and even go through embarrassing processes to buy a present together. But that’s just one of the many fun moments ☆ I want to go out together again soon!


Today I filmed another dance cover.

It’s a special one, sort of: Mobekimasu new members’ dance and Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku!

Since that was the opening of the Hello! Project 2012 WINTER concert (Funky-chan), the intense energy that the girls had inspired me. So tada, I tried my best to learn it (´▽`*;)

Annotations are fun.

Anyway as usual, it’s far from being technically perfect but I had fun with the dance and song sequence. Haha ★ It took me a lot of takes to get that final result too! I’m always messing up one way or another. In one of the takes I actually rolled over my ankle during the kick part and I became a foetus for five minutes.

Original footage has been discarded and burnt.

Other than that, everything went okay so please watch my videoヾ(*・∀・)/

Today’s dance outfit!

Deep into my Cave of a Bag

Someone on Formspring asked me what I had inside my bag, so here’s a post about it.

What a girly kind of post, except I’m not a very girly person. How unfortunate ( ・ ω ・`) No matter. Nothing much has been happening lately so I decided to use it as a filler post.

*tips out bag*

By the way, this is what my bag looks like! It’s scruffy.

It’s just white and black so I save myself the trouble of clashy colours (・3・)

And then what’s inside? Ho-hum.

Most important stuff. MONEY My wallet, with all the essentials. ☆ I bought it because it looked like a piano.

And then my journal and trusty pen. Occasionally I get the urge to write at the most random of places and times, so it’s good to keep it with me. Besides, this way I can be assured that there are no illegitimate readers ( ´ ▽`)/

An unattractive tangle of purple…

I bring scrunchies in case I suddenly need themヾ(*・∀・)/ These were exclusively selected for their appearances because I’m picky like that.

Precious Mapape clips! The only thing is that I’m terrified of losing them because there isn’t any way I can get them again. I’ve lost a lot of things before. My phone, my wallet, my house card, my brain…

And that’s all that’s inside my bag. Conclusion?

I’m not an interesting person. (;_;)

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