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Paper Doll

Happy Saturday!

That should be a regular way of greeting instead of just hello. Because I take special occasions seriously, and everyone knows a decent week is worth celebrating when it’s over. My conscience is clear for the weekend!

Clean Lines of Summer

This coordinate’s all about clean fun. Rather than a beach style it’s more like a modest resort style; the blue and white colour scheme keeps it fresh but with brown sandals for a  casual dash of rusticity. The off-shoulder shirt is a favourite because I love sheer tops like that; it’s plain and pure but with the shoulders cut out for an easygoing kick.

Of course this was a weekend outfit from last Saturday. I can hardly imagine dressing for the pool to workhurhur

Knitted Blackberry

As usual I start Mondays off simplegirlA dark base with a solid black platforms and a black skirt for texture, and then it becomes light and soft on top. Sort of a juxtaposition of moods. On the whole it’s a docile set up for a new work week, but close up there’re little details like the kitty face on my shoes and the gritty pattern on the skirt. They’re the small things that add character, but get away with it on first glance.

The Honesty of Flowers

By Tuesday I’m ready for a crispier mode style. I wanted to have a sharper, more streetwise coordinate that day, but with a flower print dress for a tiny dose of A-line cutenessnekoSometimes black and white pop out in a way colours can’t.

Sugarcoated Denim

And then a sharp turn back to colour! This pink skirt from Dip Drops is fast rising up the skirt hierarchy in my wardrobe. I wish I could wear it all the time but it’s too bright and conspicuous to get away with repeating it. But my favourite piece here is probably the border top inside. White tops with thin dark border lines are some of the most adorable clotheslove girlAt the same time since the horizontal stripes make such a broad statement by themselves, I like to tuck it under a jacket for a visual balance of horizontal and vertical.

Some sort of aesthetic science I make up for my own coordinates, I don’t knowneko

Comfort Pink

My go-to hoodie for convenient comfort, and a monochrome colour scheme underneath for effort. There’s the outer juxtaposition of pastel pop colour and the black & white pieces, and it also goes on below with the black and white contrast too. It all comes together in neat layers that make up a structured outfit, softened by the pink hoodiealpaca


Recently it’s all been outfit posts because I really don’t do anything apart from going to work. But this weekend I’ll make an effort to get some new material (i.e. food) so I can break up the monotony.

Thanks for readinglove


Styling at rosebullet edit


It’s the weekend and I feel completely liberated. Life in the past one week was practically murderous, and I need this two-day pit stop before I get up and go at it again.

But to speak of happier events—


Last Saturday I dropped by the new rosebullet edit store and they were having an opening party! The store doesn’t just have rosebullet but also Dip Drops, LDS and other favourite brands. Basically it’s my Japanese fashion paradise condensed into a store right in my country. At the opening party they had this styling contest going on where you could dress up popular guest bloggers at the eventkirakiraI took part in this for fun because you know how I love me some Dip Drops.

I was able to coordinate an outfit for fashion blogger Yukie from Tokyo Mode Addict! And that’s sensational in my little world because I’ve read her blog for over a year and it was exciting getting up close with her on Japanese fashion.

I’m really glad I got to talk to her and style her on top of thatlove rabbit


I raided the store and came up with a 100% Dip Drops outfit for herlove girlThe knit cardigan, top, shorts, shoes, bag and beret are all Dip Drops. The point item is the striped top—the sole pattern of the outfit takes centre stage. It was inspired by the marine style that’s been popular in Japan lately! (And also I was wearing stripes too I’m sorry this is the only way I can get people to wear matching clothes with me)

So the nautical piece was the main point. For the mood of the coordinate I mixed it up between girly and mode. The black shorts rounded up the clean black and white stripes, and the light pink knit softened it up. I thought the beret gave some cute character, and the black cutout shoes added an edgy…edge. I don’t know. It just looked nice to mehurhur

Okay, if you skip everything I just wrote, it’s essentially the kind of style that I love—a neatly shuffled combination of sweet and sharp.

Rosebullet Outfit

This was my coordinate that day! Marine stylenekoThe jacket was kind of outstanding by itself (I guess it’s meant to be fashionably big that way) so I kept the rest of it simple with a monotone colour scheme.


Ahhh. Words. So many of them. But I’m done now!

Thank you for reading, please take a breakrabbit wave

Outfits of the Week


I’m back with more coordinates from the past week. I think wearing skirts has totally eclipsed my use of shorts, which is a little weird when I think about how I wore shorts everyday in school. But I’m not complaining, because I love having an excuse to dress up in skirts (anyway I’ll be back in shorts once this internship is over). It’s been getting harder to recycle my clothes in coordinates though, because I’ve already gone through so many combinations.


A simple look made sweeter with pastelslove girlThe cool colours gave it a sherbet-like image; I wore dark tights at the bottom for an edge and a gingham check tote bag for a dash of pattern. By the way, the bag is Snidel and I got it from the June issue of More! (My branded bags are the kind that comes free with magazines)


This one’s more of a strawberry sherbet. (By the way it just occurred to me—are sherbet and sorbet the same thing? Never mind, I’ll google that after this) The pink skirt is a new spring item from Dip DropsheartI adore barely-there pastel shades. Together with the cream knit cardigan it became a completely girlish look, but thankfully my black shoes fix everything so it wasn’t cringe-worthy anymore.


This jacket’s a clue! If I wear it that’s when you know I have important work that day that requires me to dress up and look less like a corporate baby. As an extra measure, I popped on the tights again! I’m fairly sure they can add at least a year to my appearance. A lot of times when I meet people they get shocked at how (relatively) young I am, so I’ve started rounding up my age. As much as it pains me.


This was not on a work day so here I am embracing all of life’s casual joys. I wanted to go with a cool summer sort of look with the yellow cardigan, which I really like because of the shade’s lightness. And also because it’s from Dip Drops.


That’s my outfit diary from the previous week!

Today I actually went for an opening event at the new Japanese fashion store in town. I got to do some fashion styling with my favourite brands for one of my favourite bloggershappy girlBut I don’t think I should clog this post up too much, so I’ll save that post for later this week and talk about it again.

Because it’s 11:48pm and in danger of breaching my bedtime.

See you!

The Intern’s Lookbook

helloTiny Me

It’s Friday again. I thought of sleeping away the weekend, but then I had second thoughts. I’m going to sleep and eat away the weekend. And, I don’t know, maybe do something useful in between if there’s time to spare for that.

Chocolate Cake

Last week we had a sweetheart of a strawberry shortcake with all its demure white came. This time it’s a chocolate shocker that arrived in all its gooey goodness. Just look at how rich it all is. The chocolate game is strong with this one. I felt the guilt before I even picked up a forkhmmBut even though I ate less than slice, I loved it. Even now it still looks delicious in pixel form.

By the way, these cakes came complimentary for my parents who had their birthdays in the last monthkirakiraMy family never buys cakes, but sometimes they come as a gift. So of course we eat them then.

Anyway! These were my coordinates for the week!


An appropriately sombre colour scheme to match the Monday moodlaughNot really, I just wanted to ease into the week with a simple look—you feel what you wear, so toning down on all the colours helped me to take it easy. And of course there’re my trusty black shoes, which I needn’t say more about.

Tuesday was an Outfit Repeater Day, so skipcooking


You can’t really see it—okay, not at all—but the tank top I’m wearing has baby pink and white stripes. It made a nice candy-coloured combination with the jacket, but if I wore another pastel item below the whole thing would be too sickly a serving. The black skirt served as a crunchy base (like an ice cream cone supporting all that sugar overload) and the rough pattern gave some texture to the coordinate since the pink stripes were barely perceptible anyway.


By Thursday the days were already starting to drag on. I needed something comfortable to cocoon myself in, so out with the red cardigan! The red’s kind of striking enough on its own, so I always go with something easier on the eyes below. Black and white’s the quintessential marriage of simplicitykira kiraAlthough the top was more grey than black.


Friday at last! At this point I am already completely, thoroughly, ripe-ready for a weekend of downtime, so on with the pillow-soft hoodie and easy one-piece dress. I adore this dress from Dip Dropsgirl (I adore anything from Dip Drops but this is a necessary special mention)It’s a pullover with no zips or hooks whatsoever so it’s basically one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear. Perfect for winding down the end of the weeksmile

And that’s a wrap!


At least I’ll always have cake.


(Warning: Words. Lots of senseless ones.)
(My excuse: It’s been a long day)

May has arrived! It feels like a speeding train that I was unceremoniously tossed into, and then left in an awkward daze. That sums up the state of my mind for the past three weekshmm

Change is inescapable, change is adverse, change is suddenly having the need to stock up on the energy bar supply in my drawer at work for those (frequently occurring) days when time for lunch disappears faster than the last piece of cake at the table. This new life of mine will only last six months, but six months is also a long enough time for me to do more than just fidget in my place. There seems to be an infinity of new people and new work and new lunch cravings (I never even knew I liked veggie steamed buns).

Then again I’m a student intern, I’m 18, what do I know about life? (not very much)


Today I had my last Japanese lesson. Technically, it’s not my last—I’m still moving on to the next level—but I won’t have the same teacher or the same classmates again. It’s one thing to miss them, and also another to lose one of the few things that were constantly around every week among all the changes that I’ve had. During the week I’m in an unfamiliar place meeting unfamiliar people; going to class every Saturday and seeing the same people felt oddly like home.

As it is, good things come to an end—all the cliches say sonekoAnd I think the inevitable end of something is necessary to appreciate the goodness of what it gave even more. For 10 months I went to class every Saturday and sat in the same place and went through the same motions, and that wave of familiarity that I relied on so much has receded into nostalgia. (There is no more purpose to Saturdays! None!)

But everything is new at some point and old at another. This class of mine has ended its run; I couldn’t have thought about this moment when I began almost a year ago. And so—maybe that’s how it’ll be for these 6 months of work? It’s nice to think that when it’s all over I’ll be leaving with feelings of attachment for the job I had. With that end point in mind, the burden of change and unfamiliarity doesn’t feel so heavy after all.


…I’m sorry I rambledneko

If the word avalanche is too much, just look at the pictures of cake. Even though it’s essentially irrelevant to everything I said, it’s a work of art and therefore has a rightful place in this post. This is a birthday cake, by the waylove girlBut it’s not mine; my birthday’s next month.

On a Monday.

When I’m at work.

Positiveness plays hard to get with me sometimes.


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