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Tokyo Food Diary

Sakura trees are losing the pink and sprouting the green—the season’s crossed over the threshold of spring and said goodbye to those photogenic flowers for another year.

Here’re the last of my sakura food snaps—if I wasn’t taking pictures of the flowers I was walking around Tokyo looking for everything pink and limited edition, like this cupcake I found in a bakery cafe at Nishi-Ogikubo. It’s amazing how much difference one sakura leaf makes to a plain cupcake. Really though, it was salty and sweet and an unforgettable ten minutes spent on a dessert.

Something homemade for a change! Except the pasta. When you walk into a store and see a packet of pastel pink sakura-shaped pasta, there’s no question about it—it sails straight into your basket and then you litter it all over your bento later because it’s just so cute.

A rare choice of drink: Pricey, hyped and taking over my Instagram explore feed, but if there’s anything that can make me go to Starbucks it’s a domed pie crust over a frappe. Creativity right there! The American Cherry Pie Frappuccino came out last week in Japan, and it’s already become a star. I liked the drink okay enough, but the real satisfaction for me was in breaking up that crust and scooping up with the drink.

On to a tale of more humble beverage. I went to the supermarket and saw all these boxes of soy milk, so I swiped them off the shelf and finished them in two days. It’s easy to become a serial soy milk drinker when they come in packaging and flavours as fabulous as the Kikkoman range. I mean…mango soy milk? It was calling my name!

Getting some egg action with the most beautifully constructed quiche. I don’t actually love egg’s benedict—I’m not usually a fan of gooey food that runs all over the plate and leaves a mess, until it comes protected in a buttery quiche crust. This was at Quiche Yorozuika in Omotesando! They just don’t do anything but make really good quiche.

All filled up and ready for the new week!

Cafe itonowa

Cafe itonowa! It’s been making its rounds on Instagram and their seasonal strawberry cakes are something of a poster child so I went to try it for myself. Twice, in fact.

It’s one of those small, Instagrammy cafes where everything is in shades of white and tan and customers walk in with little else but a camera. It was near Asakusa and a bit far out from the city centre, but at opening time there was already a queue. It’s popular!

Their menu is pretty uncluttered, with just a few main items and drinks. And lunch sets, to coax customers into getting a dessert along with their food.

I had the toast set which came with cream of spinach soup, so that was healthy.

On my next visit I tried the curry rice, and that was satisfying too. Brown rice doused in grainy curry with a half-boiled egg cracked on top. And a broccoli for some greens, yum.

If you search itonowa up on Instagram, this is the one that’ll probably show up the most. I’d gone all the way there with the intention of getting their famous strawberry roll cake, so I had it with a cup of hot houjicha milk (hooray for lunch sets). Expectations met

These cafes really make you work; travelling there and looking for them in the maze of streets they tend to hide in takes effort, but so far they’ve been worth the trip. I even went to itonowa a second time! It’s a special kind of joy going to a cafe alone and seeing you’re not the only one alone (ha, the irony).

Cake and Peaceful Days at Cafe SOROR

Recently I’ve been on a hunt for small cafes with pretty desserts so it’s a good thing that there are so many hidden around the streets of Tokyo. Everything is designed with heart, from the interior to the beautifully plated desserts.

I went to SOROR, a cafe in Shin-Otsuka near Ikebukuro. It’s tiny, so sometimes people have to wait outside for a table (I waited). But since it was cold out the staff gave us blankets to keep us warm. So kindPlus the storefront is adorable. I want to sit out there!

Lunch plates are one of my favourite things about Japan. Cafe SOROR had the typical sets with soup and drinks, so I had their bibimbap with apple juice.

Their quiche plate was also good

We finished off with dessert and were completely satisfied with the aesthetic and taste of their homemade cakes. Everything was so pretty! There was also a vase of dried flowers conveniently placed on our table that became a prop for our pictures.

It’s the kind of place that I would go to even by myself—a cosy and unassuming space that lets you enjoy cake in peace.

Christmas Sweets in Tokyo

Christmas Taiyaki

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas wherever you are! Winter break has come and I’m feeling warm and cosy spending time with my favourite people in the world and forgetting about finals just for a while. So I hope the holiday season gives you some joy toochristmas

Every year Christmas gets more and more quiet, but there’s nothing I need more than going to church with my family and appreciating God’s blessingshappyPlus there’re so many Christmas snacks around. I’m so happy and well fed right now.

Christmas Santa Donut Japan

I had a Santa donut from the convenience store the other day, and it’s cute how festive they’re able to make a simple donut with packaging alone. Shoutout to 7-11 for having such an adorable (and cheap) line-up of Christmas sweets.

Snowman Mousse Japan

They also had a snowman mousse which I got yesterday—it’s not snowing in Tokyo but at least I can still enjoy the cold winter with appropriately seasonal sweets. 7-11 has been having the best Christmas sweets among all the convenience stores so far this year.

Reindeer Cake Japan

Christmas in the Forest cake from Crayon House! I went there again the day before and they were having a whole bunch of holiday-themed cakes. There was the typical log cake too, but I went with the cuter one. It’s a good time of the year for special dessertskirakira

Enjoy the last few days of the year!

BAKE Cheese Tarts fresh out of the oven

Hello! School is so busy as of late I don’t have time to sit down at a cafe and have to make do with takeaway sweets. But I’m not really complaining when I can walk away with some of the best cheese tarts in Japan.

Bake Cheese Tart

Look at these two beautieskirakiraSo golden, so perfectly puffed, so photogenic even with a huge bite taken out of it. I’ve never gushed this much about a mound of baked cheese. And each of them was just a little over ¥200! Just being easy on the wallet alone is enough to make me buy more than one (I ended up with three).

Bake Cheese Tart

I passed by the store in Jiyugaoka; it’s a cute space but also grey and nondescript—nothing to distract from the hundreds of cheese tarts filling the up the counter. How they all look so flawless?

Bake Cheese Tart

Okay, it might have something to do with them being made by machines, but it’s so satisfying watching that little steel arm dollop piles of cheese and cream into the tart crusts. And it’s an excellent way of passing the time if you’re stuck waiting in the queue, which is honestly more than likely to happen. People just love these cheese tarts! (and so do I, which is why I willingly joined said queue)

Bake Cheese Tart

I’d been wanting to try BAKE’s cheese tarts since forever, and I finally got to go with my friend when we were in the neighbourhoodsmileIt was as good as all the hype and Instagram pictures made it out to be, so that’s one craving fulfilled.

Pompompurin McFlurry!

Pompompurin McFlurry

More character sweets in Japan! This time it’s a Pompompurin-themed McFlurry courtesy of McDonaldspompompurinAnd by themed I mean it comes in a cup with the character printed on the front. (But you know it’s enough to make me and a few hundred thousand other people buy it anyway)

Pompompurin McFlurry

Since it’s Pompompurin it makes sense for it to come in a caramel flavour. There were little marshmallow chunks hiding inside, and even more caramel sauce just to make it even sweeter than it already is. A good treat to myself! You know Sanrio’s power is strong when they get you to buy a McFlurry for the first time in almost a decade.

Kapibara Cafe!

Kapibara-san Cafe

I visited the Kapibara-san cafe in HarajukukirakiraIt’s another one of those character themed cafes that only open for a limited time, so I hustled over as soon as I had an afternoon off. Who knew capybaras could be so cute?

Kapibara-san Cafe

I had the Kapibara-san pancakes. Of course. They came with apple jam and vanilla ice cream (that little round bird up there), so it was a good combination of sweetsgirl loveThe pancakes could’ve been a little fluffier, but that’s when whipped cream saves the day.

Kapibara-san Cafe

Kapibara-san omelette rice with stew, yum. Just what I needed on a chilly fall day (especially after that ice cream). Now that I look at it it’s probably pretty easy to recreate at home—how hard can it be to wrap a mound of rice in egg and stick Kapibara-san’s expressionless face on? Inspiration comes at a price.

Kapibara-san Cafe

But the cafe interior exceeded my expectationssmileIt’s a collaboration with the Tokyu Hands cafe and they’re using the place as it is, which means everything has already been nicely done for them haha. But there were lots of Kapibara-san decorations around so that was a cute touch.

Kapibara-san Cafe

They really tried their best with the Kapibaras.

Kapibara-san Cafe

Honestly one of the things I liked the most about this cafe was the lack of queue. Kapibara-san doesn’t quite have the cult following that the Sanrio characters have, so it was highly refreshing to arrive and get seated right awaysmileBut still, it’d be nice if they got more appreciation because they’re genuinely adorable. Give Kapibara-san more love!

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