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School Bento


School has started. This time I’ve become a 2nd year, so it’s a lot easier getting back into the swing of things.

But I still get tired a lotshockTime to sleep more! I don’t even know what I do at night…if I’m not on the computer I’m doodling or reading or lying around or other things. Things that aren’t very relevant. But I suppose once all the assignments start flooding in that problem will be solvedalpaca


Today I brought a bento to school for lunch. I made it myself in the morningalpacaBut for a little lunchbox that I finished in fifteen minutes I took much, much longer to prepare it haha.

Still, the result was satisfactorykirakira


It was like that! There’s rice, bamboo shoot, peas, a sausage, and the brown stuff up there…

…well, it’s egg.


But don’t write off my cooking skills yet! Even though it’s (very) brown, it’s not actually burnt. I don’t have the usual sugar at home, so I had to use brown coconut sugar. Which is why the colour came out like that.

(First the panda sandwiches, now the tamagoyaki. Sigh)


Even though the colour’s a bit weird it’s actually really tastyyeyAnd coconut tamagoyaki sounds fairly revolutionary, if I may so.




Well thenkirakira



Collab ☆

good morning

It’s the last day of the holidays. I’m reluctant to let go of itneko

But it’s not really a choice so…today I’m going to get ready and have a good night’s sleep. I’m all about good starts. ☆

Yesterday after church in the morning I went out to meet Momo and Suzume to film our collaboration coverrabbitThe cameraman was Nakitty, who I met for the first time. Here’s the video ↓

Collabs are funhappyI’m always dancing alone. Aha. Momo and Suzume are really great dancers, I loved working with them♡ And of course dancing is always enjoyable, even though I’m by no means fantastic.

H!P oh yey ♪

One thing bugs me about myself though…I was smiling so much while doing it but my face is almost gloomy onscreengloomI came to the conclusion it must be my teeth. They’re so small they make any shape I make with my mouth almost imperceptible. Sigh. So if I don’t look like I’m having any fun, please know that I definitely didwakuwaku

At any rate, I really like how our cover came out. I’d be glad if you watch it (´ー`*)

This might be the last cover I can do for a while since the new semester is starting. Even though I have another dance that I’ve been planning to film for a long time. I can only hope I have a chance to record a cover before my bangs grow out.


Oh, macaronsup

They were a complimentary birthday gift for my dad from some company, but he doesn’t particularly fancy sweet treats like these. And neither does my mother, nor my brother.

So they’ve sort of become my macaronsneko

Since I’m still on my no-snack diet, I’m going to pick them off very sparingly. That’s real self-control on my part, because I adore macarons. I even opened the box to take a picture.


Also, this is unrelated but I had a haircut.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 9.31.07 AM

It’s refreshing (´ー`*)


From forever to nothing


As of today, I have six more days to the end of my long vacation. It’s bizarre how long two months felt back when it started, but now I’m already at the end of it. It’s starting to fizzle outalpaca

Last week was a bad one for me—I was at home the whole time and I spent most of the time being down. And even now there’s still some leftover gloom. But things are slowly starting to look up again, so I want to revel in the remaining days of vacation. Enjoy it while I can ♪

I’ve been reading Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute’s anniversary book!


…the fact is, I’m taking years to read it.


↑ The entire book is mostly like thisshockSo I’m having the worst time trying to read it.

But I bought it because I thought it’d be good Japanese practice. And of course because I love Berryz and ℃-uteheartI like how the two groups have a crosstalk with each other because it makes for long and interesting interviews. (and lots of vocabulary for me to learn. Sigh)

My goal is to finish this book. One dayhurhur


Also, did you notice I changed my banner?

I didsmile

Japan 2013


I’m back from Japan!

This time my trip was somewhat different, and thanks to my friends I had a really good time. For my last two trips I broke down the report by each day, but this time I think I’m just going to write about it all in one post. The reasons being I think some memories should be kept personal, and also I didn’t take enough pictures. Ahahurhur

I brought my DSLR along, but it was hard to take it out while rushing here and there so I had to juggle between it and my phone. It wasn’t a good idea for a fast-paced trip after allgloomBut I did manage to take some shots I really liked, so it was still worth it in the end.

The photo report shall start from herewaving


I’m off ♪ Being at the airport departure hall always makes me excited.

The plane ride was seven hours long, so I slept for most of it. When I went to sleep this guy next to me was playing solitaire, and when I woke up he was still playing it.

I finally landed in the afternoon, and there were clear skies and cool weatherrabbit

Although the cherry blossom season in Tokyo was already almost entirely over, I got to see a few trees that were still in full bloom!


I went to Lawsons and bought the yaki purin that I’ve always wanted to eat. It’s something like a baked pudding. Totally deliciousheart


I ate it on the bus to TsukubaeatingOn the way I took a lot of pictures of the scenery outside.


And Tsukuba is really beautiful!


That evening my dad and I had a dinner with Mieko-san and her family. It was really good to see her; Mieko-san’s like my Japanese mother to meheart

The next day we went on a trip to Shibuya, about forty minutes by train from Tsukuba. There was a bad storm that day, so I wore a coat made me really puffy. But better to be warm than be vain and freezing haha.



Oh~ Hachiko~

We had tea at the L’Occitane Café! I was surprised because I thought L’Occitane was just a beauty product company. But I adored the café’s charming setup; sitting near the window overlooking the Shibuya scramble crossing was peaceful. I didn’t take any pictures of the interior, but I did take one of the crème brûlée.


This is the one photo that’s unedited because I can’t bear to touch it. Haha.

After tea Mieko-san and I took purikura together in a game centre too! The new machines there have gotten scarier. They used to make my face look nice and shiny, but now they completely airbrush it.


Even though it’s mildly alarming, I think they made my skin look fabulous because there is no way I can look like that in real life.

After that we went to sing karaoke for an hourkaraoke

♪ Heavy Rotation
♪ Aitakatta

↑ the classic songs we always sing.

And then I also sang my beloved Hello! Project’s songsnekoMieko-san doesn’t know most of the groups, so it was her first time listening to those songs. She said ℃-ute was cute, so I was happy about that.

Japan’s karaoke places have an amazing ambience.


After karaoke it was off to Akihabara for a quick visit to the new Hello! Project store, and then we went to Ueno to meet Haruka because it was evening by then and I was supposed to go to Haruka’s house for the night.

Thank you for the day, Mieko-sanheart

Since we were going to Disneysea the next day Haruka invited me to stay at her house since it was nearer. And I’m so grateful for that because that night’s homestay was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in JapancryheartI’ve seen a lot of Japanese homes in photos and manga and stories, but this was the first time I’ve been to one. It was even nicer than I thought! And her family was so nice and welcoming I felt right at home. Since her sister and mother couldn’t speak English, we talked in Japanese. That was great fun for mepandaBut my conversation skills were still limited, so it motivated me to study the language even more.

By the way, Haruka’s neighbourhood is gorgeous. I’m not kidding, I wish I could have explored it more.

The city parts of Japan are great, but sometimes I think the residential areas are even more beautiful.


And then the next day: Disneymickey

I can’t put my love for it in words now so I’ll just put up some pictures and their captions.



We met MinnieminnieShe gave us big hugs.


Everyone loves Minnie.294281




Even the water stains are Disney-shaped.


Duffy shop!

photo (1)

I bought a Duffy pouch and Shellie May keychainkirakira


Disney night shows are always the most spectacular.

At the end of it all we rode the Disney bus back!


I love Tokyo Disney Resort, yepdisneyland

The next day Haruka, her sister and I went to Harajuku and met Bon there!


I was so glad to see her I ran up to her the moment I saw her haha. The two of us being in Japan felt kind of surreal to me, even though it was just for a couple of hours.

The four of us went shopping in Harajuku and took purikura (^-^)/


Quick 2-shot with Bonyey


Now I miss her tons againcryI can’t wait until the day I can meet her over there again.

Anyway, I bought nail seals produced by Popteen’s Mizukitty.


And did my nails when I got homekirakira


Yup. That’s pretty much itsigh

It was a short trip, but this time I got to discover the residential part of Japan which I’ve never really been to. I love Japan for it’s culture, so there’s no better way than to experience the everyday life of the locals ✿

At the end of it all I have to say is…


To a lot of people. ♡

And thank you for reading too!


Pancakes Day

good morning

It’s been a busy week. But sometimes being busy is better than doing nothing the whole time, so at least I feel like my tiredness is worth something.

On Saturday I went to Strictly Pancakes, which is this place which serves pancakes all day. As the name would suggest.

Anyway, my friends and I initially planned to go to a buffet on that day—that was the purpose behind my diet the whole of last monthkirakiraBut some couldn’t make it in the end, so the rest of us decided to have pancakes for dinner. I still ate a lot—I really love pancakes after allnekoIt was interesting because they had the usual sweet stuff like ice cream and strawberries, but there were also savoury pancakes that had garlic and prawns. After trying both I decided I still like sweet things moreheart

Strawberries & Co.

Garlic buttered prawns

Garlic buttered prawns

Potatoes Leeking Cheese

Potatoes Leeking Cheese

I shared all those with my two friendsrabbit

In the end my favourite was this one ↓

photo 11.22.10 PM



↑ technically Saturday’s


Cat shoes debutneko

They were a little too snug, but otherwise I survived a day in them. No one stepped on the little tails, thankfully.

Right—changing the subject:

Bon left for Japan today…I already miss her a lot. There’s something that feels so permanent when friends move overseas, especially because they’re so far away. But I’m really happy for her tooheart

Anyway, I’m not in total despair.

Because tomorrow I’m flying to Japan as wellsmile

Ah but I’m not moving there, I’m just there for four days haha. No matter how long or short, time in Japan is precious time.

I’m determined to go out with Bon on one of those days. Since we became best friends it’s been a dream to have a date in Japan together—we’re almost there! I just hope I don’t get lost trying to find herhurhur

I’m so excited~wakuwaku

I’ll come back with lots of pictures!



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