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Lots of Food (again)

The weeks have rolled from a busy one back into a quiet, idle week

On Thursday I went to the bookstore with my friend We got books and ate at a café and walked around the shops—a relaxing sort of outing. It’s a simple itinerary, but I like it

And that day’s outfit:

I bought a ring (←How girly) I don’t usually buy stuff like that, but it caught my eye so I decided to get it in the end. Sometimes I surprise myself. But anyway, I’m glad I got myself books to read too Recently I’ve been going to the library and the bookstore frequently, so I’ve got a good supply of reading material. The great thing about libraries is that I can keep going back without spending any money

Some of the books I got

Anyway, on Friday I went for a Japanese buffet with a group of friends We ate a lot as expected. Before that we had to queue for an hour though, because apparently it’s a really popular place to eat at But the food was worth it.

They had great sashimi

Every time I’m at a buffet the food looks more appealing than usual. Maybe because I’m a glutton We all had a portion of everything, and there was dessert too. At that point I was too smitten with my food to take pictures

My outfit of the day:

I realise that when I try to write something substantial I end up talking about food instead. Unfortunately right now I’m having a bit of a writer’s block so you’ll have to excuse me

Boooo. For now here’s another food picture—it’s the prata I nipped downstairs to eat with my friends earlier.

Well then, till the next post when I’ll probably be able to write about something other than food


Movie, Camp and a Coordinate

Sorry for not posting for a week I had a camp for the last three days. As of now, I have a month and three days of vacation left. I’m thinking of how I should spend it Sometimes I wonder if I should’ve gotten a part time job, but then I didn’t find any that I really wanted to do. This makes me feel uneasy, so I hope it’s okay if I don’t work this time

Last Saturday I went to watch a movie with my friend We watched Wolf Children (Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki). It was a really sweet and well-made movie, I enjoyed it

My coordinate of that day:

It was inspired by Mai

Speaking of Mai, she cut her hair short! Her short cut looks so good, it makes me want to try cutting it like that one day. But I’m a coward when it comes to my hair, so it won’t be for a very long time until I decide to do such a drastic chopRight now my hair is still kind of short from the time I cut it, and I want to grow it back long again

Well then, it’s a short post today

I’ll update again during the weekend! On Friday my classmates and I are having a Japanese buffet together. What a busy week unlike the past few

Lunch at the Bakery

I’m waking up an hour later than usual everyday. That’s nice

Yesterday I went to eat lunch by myself at a bakery café I’ve never tried doing that before, so I wanted to do it. I like the idea of going to a café alone and having a quiet lunch while reading a good bookThere’s something peaceful about that kind of atmosphere.

So I headed to a Japanese bakery called Mama Patisserie

I brought my book with me: Every Day by David Levithan. It’s about a person who wakes up in a randomly different body every day of his life. I like that kind of strange thought-provoking idea, and the story was really good too. Maybe I’d give it at least four stars out of five? I highly recommend it

My lunch wasn’t much of a lunch, because I had bread and drinks. But I like bread so it was good

The reason why I came to Mama Patisserie is because they have really good melonpan among others.

Slightly crispy crust but chewy on the insideTypical bread description but it’s just good like that.

Cranberry cheese bun It was like eating a very sweet pillow. I loved the cheesy part too, it gave a kick to the otherwise sweet taste.

Another pillow. Chocolate custard bun, or something like that I ate this kind of messily, because of all the chocolate. But I liked the custard. I like everything with custard One day I’d like to eat from a profiterole tower haha.

So that’s what I had for lunch

I feel like some sort of bread glutton now. But it didn’t cost me a lot, so all’s good. Somehow I feel proud of myself for eating alone too I’ve never gone all the way outside just to have a solitary lunch, so that’s what I did

Mama Patisserie was a good place to have a quiet lunch too. Nice bread, nice scenery, nice outdoor arrangement There were several office workers having lunch too, and they gave me looks every now and then. But whatever, I was just there to enjoy a peaceful lunch by myself

Yesterday’s outfit.

It’s an accomplishment!

Saturday well spent ☆

Another week has gone by Again, I didn’t have a lot of plans so I spent most days waking up late and relaxing at home with my mom.

Yesterday I went to karaoke with my friends though It’s a late birthday celebration, so before that we had our own mini party at my house.

My friend and I surprised the birthday girl with a little cake

Admittedly, we’re not fantastic cake decorators. But we did our best Also you know, I drew that panda up there.

Aside from cake, we ate prata (Indian pancake) too! The stall is just in front of my house so I go there often

We went for karaoke after that ☆ This time the karaoke was at a community centre nearby, so I was doubtful about how many songs they’d have that I would sing. But as it is, there were H!P songs there A small selection, but better than nothing.

Pyoco Pyoco Ultra

I want to sing karaoke in Japan one day Imagine having a huge selection of all the H!P and other J-Pop songs I want to sing I’d just go there myself and sing for hours if I could.


Anyway, I collected the clothes I bought on Taobao on the same day as well

I bought two WC t-shirts because they were on sale!

Maimai has this t-shirt too I really liked the way she coordinated it with her outfit so I got it too!

And then I also bought a long-sleeved Tralala t-shirt

Zukki has this one. Hehe

Lastly, a pink NY tee.

A day of cake, karaoke, new clothes and friends is a great day indeed

My coordinate for that day:

That’s all for today, thank you for reading


The week is over

On Friday I went back to visit my secondary school for Teachers Day. But the truth is I was more excited about seeing my friends It’s been a long time since I saw them, so we went for lunch together. I miss them all We used to see each other everyday in school, but now we probably only meet up once in a month or less than that. So I hope there’s another chance to see them againMy holidays end when theirs start, so. The timing’s not being very helpful.

Still, there’s hope!

My outfit of that day At some point I also tried doing the cat ears hairstyle for fun.

Actually three days ago but they don’t have stamps for that.

Saturday was pretty uneventful and I didn’t really go anywhere.

As for yesterday, my friend and I went to the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC)  I don’t usually go for these kind of events, but my friend wanted to see Piko, a Japanese singer she likes, so I decided to follow her  Piko had a live performance and signing session, so we bought his new album. I didn’t really know about him before that, but I listened to his songs and I liked them  I thought Piko was pretty interesting because he can sound like a female or male when he sings.  He did a great live! Somehow I feel sorry now for mistaking him for Maeda Atsuko.

After the performance and signing (and running into our old bosses) we went out to take pictures  My friend recently got a polaroid camera, so I bought some film for us to use. Instant cameras are so much fun to useNot always easy to manoeuvre, but worth seeing the picture come out immediately!

We signed them too


I tried to do my new dance cover at the venue too, but I botched the first attempt and there wasn’t time to try again But I got to take a lot of pictures with my friend, so that’s more important. Bon’s another friend that I rarely meet, so we make the most of our outingsIt’s always a lot of fun when I’m with her. It’s rare to know someone who has the same interest in Japanese culture (and H!P!) as I do, so I’m glad we were able to get close because of that

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