The week is over

On Friday I went back to visit my secondary school for Teachers Day. But the truth is I was more excited about seeing my friends It’s been a long time since I saw them, so we went for lunch together. I miss them all We used to see each other everyday in school, but now we probably only meet up once in a month or less than that. So I hope there’s another chance to see them againMy holidays end when theirs start, so. The timing’s not being very helpful.

Still, there’s hope!

My outfit of that day At some point I also tried doing the cat ears hairstyle for fun.

Actually three days ago but they don’t have stamps for that.

Saturday was pretty uneventful and I didn’t really go anywhere.

As for yesterday, my friend and I went to the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC)  I don’t usually go for these kind of events, but my friend wanted to see Piko, a Japanese singer she likes, so I decided to follow her  Piko had a live performance and signing session, so we bought his new album. I didn’t really know about him before that, but I listened to his songs and I liked them  I thought Piko was pretty interesting because he can sound like a female or male when he sings.  He did a great live! Somehow I feel sorry now for mistaking him for Maeda Atsuko.

After the performance and signing (and running into our old bosses) we went out to take pictures  My friend recently got a polaroid camera, so I bought some film for us to use. Instant cameras are so much fun to useNot always easy to manoeuvre, but worth seeing the picture come out immediately!

We signed them too


I tried to do my new dance cover at the venue too, but I botched the first attempt and there wasn’t time to try again But I got to take a lot of pictures with my friend, so that’s more important. Bon’s another friend that I rarely meet, so we make the most of our outingsIt’s always a lot of fun when I’m with her. It’s rare to know someone who has the same interest in Japanese culture (and H!P!) as I do, so I’m glad we were able to get close because of that


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