Saturday well spent ☆

Another week has gone by Again, I didn’t have a lot of plans so I spent most days waking up late and relaxing at home with my mom.

Yesterday I went to karaoke with my friends though It’s a late birthday celebration, so before that we had our own mini party at my house.

My friend and I surprised the birthday girl with a little cake

Admittedly, we’re not fantastic cake decorators. But we did our best Also you know, I drew that panda up there.

Aside from cake, we ate prata (Indian pancake) too! The stall is just in front of my house so I go there often

We went for karaoke after that ☆ This time the karaoke was at a community centre nearby, so I was doubtful about how many songs they’d have that I would sing. But as it is, there were H!P songs there A small selection, but better than nothing.

Pyoco Pyoco Ultra

I want to sing karaoke in Japan one day Imagine having a huge selection of all the H!P and other J-Pop songs I want to sing I’d just go there myself and sing for hours if I could.


Anyway, I collected the clothes I bought on Taobao on the same day as well

I bought two WC t-shirts because they were on sale!

Maimai has this t-shirt too I really liked the way she coordinated it with her outfit so I got it too!

And then I also bought a long-sleeved Tralala t-shirt

Zukki has this one. Hehe

Lastly, a pink NY tee.

A day of cake, karaoke, new clothes and friends is a great day indeed

My coordinate for that day:

That’s all for today, thank you for reading


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