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I’m off

This is a scheduled post

Inevitably, school has started. Thankfully the first week doesn’t require much so it’s been pretty idle. I don’t even have much to talk about.

All I have are some pictures from the first day

Outfit repeater and proud of it.

Somehow it also seems that my hair isn’t growing very fast from the last time I cut it.

Morning eyes…

I painted my nails pastel purple tooIt’s mostly for the occasion of going to Tokyo.

And I saw something mildly disturbing at the school library.

First impressions count for dvds too.

Another outfit

I’m going to be leaving for Tokyo soonIt’s a night flight, so I get dinner at least. I’m looking forward to getting on a plane by myselfThe good thing is that I have a window seat! The bad thing is that there’s no window.


Still, it’s going to be funI’m up for the challenge of making my way out of the airport without getting lost.

Over the past week I’ve been having a lot of second thoughts because I’ve made a lot of sacrifices for this trip. But then it’s silly, because what’s done is done right? I have my plane ticket, and I’m headed to one of the best places in the world. And I’m having a whole lot of independence that I’ve never had before.

But independence isn’t just the actions you take—it’s also about taking on the consequences of those actions.

So I’m going to enjoy myself fully while I’m there

See you in a few days!


iQON ☆

There are only a few more days of holidaysThat’s the sad news for today.

Recently I’ve been using the iQON on my phone to make outfit coordinates. It’s a way to pass the timeAlso ever since I started school I’ve gradually become more fashion conscious. Not that my fashion sense has gotten any better, mind you. But when there are no uniforms to wear at school you eventually get the idea that you can’t avoid thinking about your clothing choices. Or at least, I can’t

It’s become my habit to take a picture of my daily coordinates. It’s really just so I don’t end up wearing the same thing too many times

iQON’s fun because they let you put together any sort of outfit you want, even if it costs more than a house

This is the first one I made

Guess how much the whole outfit costs? ¥117,645. That’s over a thousand dollars here

This one is only ¥45,610 in total.


¥127,725, give or take a heart attack or two. I have expensive taste

But I’m not the one buying all those stuff, so I’m just making heaps of coordinates because I genuinely enjoy looking at clothesAs far as my style goes, I love Japanese fashion because there’s just so much of it.

There’s definitely been a shift in my attitude for the coming trip to Tokyo. Just last year I went there with the intention to raid all the idol goods stores I could hit. Four years ago, I was still looking out for everything related to manga and anime and I wore the same pair of bell bottoms every day.

Same pair.

Bell bottoms.

I don’t know which one is worse, but I certainly won’t be repeating that anymoreThis time my agenda is to come home with lots of cute clothesAside from, you know, lots of cultural and social experiences and everything else that doesn’t sound superficial. Because really, it’s euphoria just to be in the country itself

Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Miyako-san again

That’s all for today’s post

This is the second volume of the Chaos Walking series, I’m reading it nowHighly recommended.

Going to Tokyo ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

That’s right ☆

I’m going to Tokyo in two weeks time! That’s my big announcement today

I’m so happyFor this trip I’ll be there for four daysIf only I could stay longer…but I have school. Holidays will have ended by then. It’s sad because the long break is finally over after so many weeks of freedom

But it’s going to end off with a trip to Tokyo so I’m not that glum over it

Last December I was fortunate enough to go to Japan with my family, and I blogged about each day too. This time, there’s something special about the trip

I’ll be travelling there by myself!

Since my father will already be there for work, I’m going to take a plane by myself and find him. And then during the times when he’s busy, I’ll travel solo too(Okay, this isn’t actually confirmed at all yet. I need mom’s approval first.)

There are lots of different places I want to go and different things I want to do. For example, I’m going to save some money for when I go to Shibuya 109, since I’ve never been there beforeBut there are places I’d really like to return to, like my beloved Nekobukuro

Well that’s that I wanted to say today! I’m really grateful that I have an opportunity like this. I’ll make use of the time wisely, and not do anything stupid like last time

Two pictures today:

Really colourful ice cream! They called it Superman flavour but it’s actually raspberry.

A caricature someone drew of me (*^▽^) I can’t decide if it looks like me or not.

Tokyo Girls’ Style in Singapore

The week ended on an amazing note

I went out with Bon (she studied, I read a book), made a nicer batch of muffins, met a good Japanese friend of the family’s, and saw one of my favourite groups from Japan. Everything added up to hours and hours of euphoria

Thursday was the date with Bon

On Friday I didn’t do anything relevant so I’m just going to skip that.

As for yesterday, many very relevant things happenedThe day didn’t start out well at all. I had a problem of wanting to be in two different places at the same time—Mieko-san (remember her?) was in Singapore, and so was Tokyo Girls’ Style. I badly wanted to be there for both, but my mom insisted at first that I shouldn’t go to see TGS at all. And I admit I kicked up a fuss because of that

In the end, everything was fine. My mom and I went out with Mieko-san for lunch, and after that I went to find TGS. It made me feel stupid for being such a whiner about everything, and I decided Mieko-san should always have the first priority. I accepted that I may not get to meet TGS at all, but guess what? Mieko-san said she wanted to take nap back at her hotel before dinner so I was free to go off on my own. Yep

She’s really one of the nicest adult friends I’ve ever had

And so kind too. She bought me a yukata as a gift

We went to her hotel room to try it on because I didn’t know how to do it properly.

Thank you so much I’m really glad I got to go out with her because she comes to Singapore so rarely, and she’s one of the few adults that I actually have fun with.

After meeting Mieko-san, I went to catch TGS’s live event Since I missed the first performance, I was rushing so that I could see their second and final one.

And you know what? Something amazing happened!

During my walk to the shopping centre…

I walked past Tokyo Girls’ Style and their manager

They were on their lunch break, so they were walking away from the shopping centre. It took me two seconds to realise who they were, and then because I was too excited, I backpedaled and followed them My friends came over after I told them, so we waited outside the café they were eating at.

We’re such stalkers.

But they noticed us, and they turned around to smile at us a few times

When they came out we approached themThey were rushing to get back in time for the performance, so they couldn’t sign anything or take photos. But they were still really kind to us

I said to Hitomi “ganbatte ne!” and she replied me with a smile and “arigatou!” It was especially great because she’s my favourite member, and she had such a sweet smile.

They hurried off (actually, they jaywalked haha) and we rushed back as well.

So that was the incredible encounter we had with them exclusively

Their live performance was brilliant. They sang and danced so well that I was really impressed and proud of them Proud, because there were many people who stopped to watch them! Also, thank you so much Bon, Michi and Ame for saving a seat for me~

They sang five songs, including my favourite Ganbatte Itsudatte ShinjiteruDuring Onnaji Kimochi the fans got up to dance along. And we yelled all the way

The best part was the contact TGS made with all the fans. They smiled and waved, and not just at us in front of them but at the people on the upper level as well I managed to get waves from Hitomi and Mei and Yuri, because I was on their side of the stage. Hitomi waved at me and Michi several times! I think they remembered us at the stalkers from earlier.

When the performance finished they went around the stage giving out flyers for the Budokan live to everyoneThis helped the fans to have a lot of direct contact with them. Mei gave me my flyer During this time, I took pictures of Hiichan, Mei and Miyu! They posed for me when I asked, so I thought that was really nice of them. They’re incredibly cute

At the end of it all, we managed to send them off all the way to the taxi stand. Yuri and Miyu had already left, but the others were still waiting. Even in the taxi, Hitomi and Mei waved at us and let us take more pictures.

Ayano was also waiting with her managers, so I got a picture as well

I think I said “otsukaresama deshita!” and “bye bye!” to the girls way too many times. But I wanted to send them off with a warm feeling

I’m so glad that I was able to see them in the end. I’ve liked them a lot since their debut, and now I love them even more. Especially because they were so friendly to us

TGS〜 I love you


That was a long postIt reminds me of the time I met S/mileage. Now I just hope I’ll be able to meet all my other favourite groups, especially ℃-ute.

There’s hope

See you in the next post!

Updates ♪

Somehow I can’t really remember what happened in the past week I’ve spent the whole time floating around and being in my own idyllic bubble of a home. Vacation is great, isn’t it

For the past few days I’ve just been reading lots of books and watchings lots of movies.

They were really good In that pile there’re about four different genres, so I think it’s a pretty good balance of reading material. I need more books Sometimes it’s frustrating because the library doesn’t have the books I want. Or the system tells me they do have it, but I still can’t find it on the shelves.

Besides the books, I also watched a few movies I’d never seen before. Like Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Now that’s a fun movie It was hilarious and I really enjoyed it, except that kind of love story wouldn’t ever happen in real life, as far as mine is concerned. There’s no way I could ever land such a great guy the way Georgia did 

But I guess I shouldn’t be so concerned about that now

Anyway, I made muffins with my mom Personally I think they’re the ugliest muffins in the world, but they tasted good so I tried to do them some justice with as flattering a photo as I can get.

That’s all for now

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