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Late at night

I just got home from a musical at my old school (●´□`●)

It’s rare for me to be back home at this hour (´・ω・`) So I’m really tired now. But it’s worth it because I had a good time going back to my secondary school and seeing my close friends. Also, I willingly wore a dress for the second time in my life.

I really am not good at this.

The school musical is staged only once in four years, so it’s pretty special! The next time I can go for it will be when I’m 21 years old. Huh ( ̄∇ ̄;)

So it’s a good thing I got to go for this one today ☆ Going back to school feels just right.

Now that I’m home, I’m really hungry (・_・。) I had a lot of good food the past two days, and now I want to eat them all over again.

Just today I had a red velvet cupcake ♪

Red Velvet Cupcake

It was my first time eating something that’s red velvet flavoured! I still don’t know why it’s called red velvet. But it was really good so that doesn’t matter, the cream cheese icing on top was excellent. ★

For dinner I had vegetable pot pie. It’s a fast heat-up-in-the-oven meal because I had to go for the musical, but it still came out well (*・∀-)

And then yesterday I ate even more. I went out with one of my best friends so we had to have a good meal together ✿ A good but cheap meal, so we had oden.

When I was in Japan I got oden a lot of times from the convenience marts! They were really the best thing back then because getting something hot and nice-smelling is fantastic in the cold weather. I want to go back there! Of course, I still enjoyed my oden here with my friend (*´ー`)

We had egg sushi too!

And banana chocolate crepe for a small dessert.

I also bought my beloved milk toast, but the picture I took came out really unattractive so I don’t want to post it. Next time I’ll definitely buy some again anyway (`▽´)



June 16 2012 – I’m 17 years old today. ☆

Again, I want to say I’m thankful for everyone’s wishes and gifts. I’m really happy that there are people that remember something like my birthday, so seeing all the birthday wishes is truly great (*´ー`) Thank you!

I always get excited on my birthday, and then when it’s nearing the end of the day (like now) I get a bit down. But since time flies so fast, I guess it won’t be long till it’s my 18th birthday ( ̄0 ̄) It’s weird enough to think of myself as 17.

Now that I’m at the slightly older end of my teenage years, I think I should grow up a bit more (。・д・。) There’re still lots of things I need to change about myself, so I hope I can fix them by the time I’m 18! Which is next year. That’s fastヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ

But I’m still young (´ω`。)


Signing off as a 17 year old Apple Cake ♪
(well that sounds awful)

Thank you ♪

My friends from school surprised me with a cake and flowers when they came to my house today (´ω`*) I was really happy, because they put a lot of thought into it. I’m grateful that I can have such good friends.


Thanks for the handmade giftsヽ(´_`) /♡

I got a cake too! The four of us ate it together.


It was so good that I had an extra small slice yup.


It was a good early celebration d(≧▽≦*d)

After that we went to the local TV station to participate in a show taping! (as the audience, of course) It was an activity for my coursemates and me. Since it was my first time being on a TV set, it was interesting (^-^)/ Except it ended pretty late so I’m tired now.

Time to sleep now (´・_・`)

I’m thankful for my friends today(♡^▽^♡)Thanks to them I’m able to enjoy my last few days of being 16.


Sweet Desserts & Lego

Yesterday was a bittersweet day.

Sweet = Tests are over and the 2 week holiday has started (^∇^)

Bitter = The test was terrible.

But it’s okay, it’s a thing of a past now (until we get the results back, anyway).

After yesterday’s test, I went out with some of my classmates to eat!

Seafood for appetizers ( ・ ω ・ )

The lobster looks some prehistoric shellfish ( ̄〜 ̄ ) The sashimi was really good too! The piece at the bottom was half cooked and half raw. And I wanted to bring the mussel shells home but I didn’t because they were kind of slimy.

Carbonara with some seafood that I added ♪ There was a choice of cream or tomato, so I picked cream because I like it a lot better than tomato. There was cuttlefish inside too (*゚Д゚)


Strawberry, mango, oreo, tiramisu, raspberry and matcha! They were cute. The oreo one tasted funny though.

A waffle and a crepe and two scoops of ice cream ♡ I scooped the ice cream myself( ̄▽ ̄)Looking back at it, I really should have taken more waffles. I feel like eating them now.

There was this really funny jelly on the dessert counter. They came in little cups and literally glowed. I liked them even though they didn’t have much taste.

That pretty much sums up what I ate, save for a few things I didn’t take pictures of d(´▽`)

After lunch we wandered around the department store for a while, then we discovered a Lego event space where you could go and play for free. So we did.

I picked up an abandoned Lego house made by a little kid who went home and wanted to renovate it. But when I tried to fix something to it the whole house exploded (´・ω・`)

I can rule out architecture as a possible future career now.

(I’m sorry to the little kid whose house I destroyed)


(It was a good house)

Yup ( ・ ω ・ )

We walked around for a while more before going home.

I have two weeks of break now, but I think I’m going to spend more than half of it doing projects and assignments.

But a holiday’s still a holiday, so I’ll make good use of it!

Anyway, I uploaded a dance cover after a long time.

Morning Musume’s One・Two・Three ♪

I think I have to find a new place to dance, because my bed seems to be getting smaller by the video. The quality wasn’t good in this one (´^`) But still, I hope the dance itself is okay! I had a lot of fun learning it, so maybe I’ll film it again somewhere else next time.

I’m really grateful for the kind comments now ♡ And I know now that criticisms are important. I’m going to take them all seriously so I can improve myself! The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s because of it that I know how I might be able to do it better ( ‘ – ‘ *)


I just came home from schoolヽ(*゚▽゚*)ノ It’s test week, so I haven’t been able to post for a while. Nothing really interesting has been going on either.

Since I already studied for a few hours today, I’m just going to take a break. Thankfully I managed to study properly at the school library. When I’m at home I just get distracted by everything (like my bed), so it’s a good idea to stay in school sometimes.

Studying is a lot better than last time. It still isn’t easy, but now that I’ve gotten math out of the way, it’s a lot more tolerable to read about subjects that I (sort of) like (・U・)

But sometimes I’m still lazy (´Д` )

Gotta work hard ♪

Anyway, here’s an outfit I wore a few days ago to a wedding dinner.

It’s a bit tacky, but I really wanted to wear those boots (o゚▽゚)o I still don’t have a proper dress to wear to a wedding, so I’m always in skirts instead.

Speaking of the wedding dinner, my mom’s vegetarian meal was kind of odd.

That’s a bit extreme.


Dinner time soon ♪ For the rest of the night I’m just going to study (ノ∇・、)

Holidays, please come quickly.

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