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Bringing the cats out

good evening

(It was meant to be an evening Friday post, but I went to sleep halfway through)

I’m here to show my coordinates of the week again! Sorry this blog’s become a bit of a bore with all the same kinds of posts, but it’s been getting busier and busiergirl cry

Outfit pictures are slowly replacing all the food that used to be all over my posts. I haven’t been eating many interesting things lately, except the odd desk lunch here and there. There’s a set of drawers where I keep a supply of energy bars so I’ve been munching on them a fair bit.

Photo 22-4-14 7 49 50 am

The top is a sheer white pullover from LOWRYS FARM; I love anything sheer because they’re so light and fluffy. I popped this one over my dress because it’s sleeveless and I don’t like going out without sleeveshmmToo much of my skin for my liking (short sleeves already push the limit enough).

You probably can’t see it, but the dress is covered in cats! It felt like carrying hundreds of tiny kitties on me everywhere I went. There’re even two cats on my feet.

Photo 26-4-14 9 06 42 am

Cats are always staring up at me when I look down.

Photo 24-4-14 7 58 00 am

It’s the blue blazer againkira(I know it’s more of a minty colour, but the truth is I have a deep, deep aversion to mint so I don’t even like using the word—sorry, pointless trivia) That day I had an interview, so I thought having an adult-like jacket would make me feel a bit braver. It didn’t work, but I liked wearing it anyway.

Photo 25-4-14 8 01 22 am

It’s a Dip Drops coordinate! More than half of it, at least. The tank top is from Muji and I took the belt from some other dress set that I found in my wardrobe.

Photo 23-4-14 7 45 38 am

After trying all week to be creative, it comes back to the same outfits again. Outfit repeater at school, outfit repeater at workhurhurI did try though—for this one I zipped up the jacket in a feeble attempt to have some variety.



Dress Season


The past week I’ve been wearing nothing but dresses, which probably makes for the first time in my entire life (school uniforms are discounted because they weren’t voluntary). Sudden change of heart?

Anyway, I’ve changed the location of my outfit shots! It’s a step up from standing in front of the mirror. The only thing is I’ve gone from posing with my phone shielding my face to not knowing how to pose at all.

Photo 14-4-14 12 39 15 pm

Everything—the jacket, the dress and those good old shoes I never change—is from Dip Drops! The jacket was a bit of a winner for me. I wanted to look for something a bit more mature because I didn’t think it was a good idea to start my first week of work in a hoodie, but I didn’t want to look ten years older or anything either. Dip Drops solved my problem as always; I found this blazer in the sweetest colourkiss girl

Photo 16-4-14 7 35 33 am

On my second day I loosened up a bit with my comfy red cardigan. It was like being cuddled all day (by a piece of clothing, but still). The dress underneath is a monotone one piece from LOWRYS FARM that I got last year. It’s a similar idea to the pastel blue jacket—I wanted to mix both mature and girlish styles into the coordinate. The classic black and white colours were set off with the cute flower print, and the cardigan’s red colour topped it all off like the cherry on a black velvet cakegirl

Photo 17-4-14 7 45 25 am

Getting more toned down towards the end of the week! Denim jackets and white chiffon are a quintessentially charming combination, and the dress gets bonus points from being so swishy. You can’t see it clearly (or at all), but the jacket cuffs have the most adorable floral print lining.

Bye, vacation!


Last week of vacation! I always say this during around this period of the holidays (actually every other day) but time flies. Thank you, most useful cliché. March turned into April faster than I’d liked it to. But no complaining from me this time! Because I feel like this one was one of the nicest vacations I’ve had. I didn’t do anything groundbreaking—just lots of me time and family time and friends time.

Next week I’m starting the new semester, but things are going to be different because I’m not going to school. Work experience here I comerabbit

It’s been a good month! The strongest memories I’ll have will probably be of all the eggs I had for lunch every week. Making eggs turned into my new hobbycookingIt started out with omelettes.

Photo 11-4-14 9 47 01 pm

And then scrambled eggs.

Photo 7-4-14 9 23 20 pm

And then I revisited tamagoyaki.

Photo 4-4-14 7 25 42 pm

And then the cycle repeatskira kiraI love eggs because they’re so easy to make. Just pop them into a pan and then they’re done in minutes! There’s something especially fun about scrambling them all up.

When work starts I don’t know if I’ll have time to make food for myself again…maybe not. But I enjoyed it while I couldcryThis time round I don’t think I wasted the break! Vacation well spent.

But I guess it’ll get busy from now on. It’s going to be a long, long couple of months and I’m just sitting here on the brink of it all split between my nerves and the anticipation of a new lifestyle.

I’m trying to look forward to itneko

March Outfits ☆


Today’s post is a small round-up of a few of my coordinates from this month! There isn’t actually a lot because I spent a lot of time at home, which means just T-shirts and shorts and occasionally staying in my pyjamas.

Photo 19-3-14 6 22 33 pm

The combination of a jacket and skirt is simple, so I like using it as a template and just changing it up with different pieces each time. I wore my prized denim blouson from Lowrys Farm. It was 70% off when I got it! Hooray for end-of-season sales. And then there’s my black skirt from Taobao. This one’s easy to mix with anythinggirlFlare skirts are my favourite because they’re cute the way they stick out.

Photo 4-4-14 3 49 28 pm

This was from when I filmed my last dance cover (here!). For once I decided to have a change from my black shoes, but I wore the same skirt. In Japanese magazines they always use the term kimawashi (着まわし), which is when you keep one piece of clothing while changing up the rest of the outfit. For someone like me it’s probably just a nicer term for outfit repeater.

Photo 25-3-14 7 09 10 pm

This time the kimawashi point is the cardigan (it’s become like a game of clothes tag). I was in the mood for knee-high socks that day—so on they wentkiss girlI don’t often wear them because it’s so hot out and kind of mad to wear them around in oven-grade weather. But knee-high socks are great way to dress up a bit more without being tacky.

Photo 3-4-14 7 35 03 pm

And back in the blouson! This time it went with a dress, which is full of flowers and also from Lowrys Farm. A clean, monotone print for springhappyIt’s been a long time since I wore a dress out. Once in a while I attempt to make more girly choices (Skirts and dresses are different. They’re different).

Photo 4-4-14 2 14 35 pm

But the best is still this one, I think. My cat sweater!

Photo 4-4-14 1 24 52 pm

Cutest sweater I’ve ever owned. It’s so warm and cuddly, like a real cathappy nekoI fell in love the moment I saw it. Because there really isn’t anything more adorable than a kitty wrapped around your shoulders, even if it’s made of wool. Especially if it’s made of wool? Of course I love real cats, but you can’t wear them out to the shopping centre. This is the next best thing.


Those were what I wore out during my vacation month! During school time I wore shorts almost everyday, so I’ve been trying to wear more skirts to change things up a bit.

I know a lot of of my coordinates look like they shouldn’t be worn out in the kind of weather we have here (i.e. summer). But there’s also air-conditioningnekoJackets and knits are still my best friends. On the other hand though, I can’t wait for sweater weather to return.

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