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Saying goodbye to ℃-ute and my childhood

It’s rare for me to talk about things like this, but let’s do it!

℃-ute! My favourite girl group of all time and one that I’ve followed for nearly ten years. I first discovered them when I was in my first year of secondary school, so it’s pretty odd to think about how much time has passed since that one random song I stumbled on that got me into them. The members are all around my age and it kind of felt like I was growing up together with them, awkward stages and all.

I vaguely knew it would happen someday but at the same time I never thought about them disbanding until they announced that they would this year, after working for 12 years.

So two weeks ago I went to their final concert! And cried. A lot(In my defence so were a lot of people, and the girls themselves) My friend Reira and I went together, and I’m really glad I did because we became such good friends through our common love for these groups in the first place. Being together made the day a lot easier to survive too—we took the first train out and began queueing at the venue from 6am for goods lolIt was hardcore and I got completely roasted under the sun.

That was my first time ever seeing my favourite group live, and the last time. Obviously I wish I could’ve had the opportunity to see them in person much earlier…but at the same time, I’m also sort of glad that this became my one and only live memory of them. ℃-ute disbanded at their peak, so I think I saw the very best of them at the end.

I cried a lot but it wasn’t so much from sadness as they were from being moved by the sheer power of their performances. Also, have you ever been to a concert in Japan? No cell phones, no recording. Just fans and their light sticks and coordinated cheers. It’s a truly magnificent organised chaos and I love it. Goosebumps! I highly recommend it

There’s something about seeing artistes you admire so much in person. There’s something else about watching your childhood come to life for a fleeting moment. I spent my school years watching them, listening to them and occasionally trying to be like them (honestly if it weren’t for ℃-ute I would still be walking around in sweatpants and a centre parting).

Watching this group disband was a little like watching a part of my childhood disappear. But as hard as that is, seeing them move on gave me some motivation to grow up too. So like I said in my last post, I’m going to properly focus on what I like to do

At the end of it, I’m just really glad that I had something I could love and enjoy so much. ℃-ute is always going to remain my favourite


EOY 2014 ☆


I’m back, but I’m not back at the same time. My laptop broke, so while it’s getting patched up by the trusty repair people (I know nothing of its ailments except that it’s dead) I’m using the family computer. Which means that I haven’t been able to edit my photos on Photoshop—important event photos, no less. But no matter; I’ll just post the pictures from my phone!

Last weekend was the EOY event, and this year it was spread out over two days. The event is typically a festival of stage performances, cosplay and other sub-culture fun, and this is the third year that I performed. It’s becoming an annual thing, I should think. But this year’s event was the first time I got involved with the event team!

It’s a long story (or at least it would be if I told it)—at every EOY festival there’re usually a guest or two from Japan, and this time round it was Nico Nico Douga dancers Penta and Marice. This is the part where I restrain myself from unnecessary emotional display, because they’re two of my favourite dancers on the Internet. Penta is even my number one favourite (she ties with @Azuki), so having them come down was a big deal.

But there was another bigger deal!

I went for a group dance rehearsal with them, and after that got to accompany them throughout the two-day event.

Photo 9-8-14 11 54 15 pmPhoto 9-8-14 11 51 50 pmPhoto 10-8-14 12 05 51 am

I’m gratefulcry

Talking to them was easier than I thought because they were so friendly. We spoke in Japanese, so it was an extra fun conversational practice for me too. During their post-performance autograph sessions I helped out at their booth—that is, I manned the coin boxes and fanned them in the heat. The joys of fanning cute Japanese girls on either side of you…neko

Photo 10-8-14 4 19 44 pm

I took polaroid pictures with them! One of the three of us on the first day, and then on the second day I took some with each of them again. Marice was especially sweet about it because there’d been such long queues at the booth that I didn’t get the chance to take pictures with her, so at the end of the day I asked her about it and she took my hand and brought us to a nice spot further away from the booth to take one before the sun went down.

Why do you do this to my heartneko

Photo 10-8-14 4 15 12 pm

On the last night of the event when it was all over, we were all sitting in the room waiting for dinner. It was air-conditioned, everyone was lolling around, and pizza was coming. Couldn’t have been a more perfect way to end the long weekend. I got Penta and Marice to sign my passes, so we spent some time doing autographs! Penta even drew me outnekoAnd it only took all of five minutes.

That night was probably the best of all, because that’s when we talked the most about all sorts of things.

Photo 10-8-14 4 15 57 pmPhoto 10-8-14 12 43 54 am

That’s Penta’s T-shirt on the left that I got from the goods table! I made sure to buy it on the first day when it opened, because I was certain the S size would sell out fast (and it did). The design is an original art drawn by her!

The smorgasbord on the right is the dinner we ate on one of the nights. It was at a popular bak kut teh (pork bone tea soup) stall, with rice and lots of different dishes for everyone to share. Since it was a large group of us there was lots of food. During the event days I got to have a lot of good foodneko

Photo 10-8-14 2 24 25 pmPhoto 10-8-14 1 47 33 pm

One of the more interesting ones was the chocolate xiao long bao! The steamed dumpling had chocolate and red bean paste inside, which was the cutest change from the usual soup dumplings. Penta and Marice were fairly fascinated by this, and so was Ineko

It’s a pity I can’t put more pictures up, but these are some of my favourites. The highlight of the whole event was really meeting Penta and Marice, and being given the chance to be close to them. By the way, did you know they’re about a hundred times more adorable in person? I do now. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but I want to meet them again one day!

There’s a video of the group dance rehearsal we did last Thursday for the song Viva Happydown

We did this performance on Saturday! Penta and Marice were doing their set, and the rest of us just scuttled on stage halfway during the song. I really liked dancing up there with everyone. The other performance I did was a solo of Suki Yuki Maji Magic, which was choreographed by Penta herself. It was a bit funny doing a winter song in the middle of the summer, but the performance itself was the greatest fun. I hope I’ll find a video of that floating around sometime soon, but for now I’m having fun looking at all the pictures from last weekend.

I’m thankful for all of it!

EOY ☆ 2013


It’s been a while again! The previous week was full of so many things I didn’t have the time to blog. There were the stressful bits as always, but I had fun too. Last weekend there was EOY! It’s an annual Japanese culture event, and this year there was a lot of excitement.

Firstly, Wata was invited down as the guest artistehappy nekoShe’s one of my favourite dancers on Nico Nico Douga, and I’ve been watching her videos for a really long time. I never thought I’d ever get to meet her but I actually did.

This is her Twitter! → @wata0w0


She was too kindnekoI went to the airport to meet her, and it was so fun meeting her for the first time in real life. I think she was surprised by how many people came to fetch her too. She had dinner with the event organisers and some of the fans, but I couldn’t join them because I had to meet my parents for dinner. Ju Eun joined megirl tongue


The next day was the actual event. This year I performed again, so I had to put on makeup and bring along my costume to change into. It was like this ↓

EOY 2013

It was extremely hot that day. The white sailor blazer absolutely fried merabbitIt might have been a mistake to change and put on makeup early because by the time it was my performance I was a sweaty mess.

But the performance was still the most fun bithappyIt was all thanks to Wata.

I’d chosen Gakuen Invisible to dance, and it was choreographed by a NND dance group that Wata is in. That was way before it was announced that she was coming, so it was the perfect coincidencelove girlI asked her if she would watch my performance and she very kindly promised to do so.

The best part though, was after I got on stage—and noticed that she’d come all the way down to the audience to cheer for meshock

I was touched…cry

There’s a video of her cheering ♡ (←though I’m yet to find a video that actually shows me)

It makes me really happy to watch her and the audience cheering. When I was on stage it was all a bit of a blur because everything went by so fast.

EOY 2013

2-shot in the dressing room with Yushan and Momo who performed tooneko

In the evening there was a flashmob for Gravity=Reality together with Wata! She’d just finished her second set of dances, so a big group of us went to the back of stage to join her for that last song. I was able to be next to hershy

(The videos above were taken by Resonate Visuals)

I got kind of shy dancing so close to her, but I loved every second of it. Dancing together with so many people (including one of my most admired dancers!) had a different kind of enjoyment from being a solo act.

It was a great weekendhappy


J-Melo Fan Meeting ☆


Yesterday I went for a J-Melo event in town!

It was a fan meeting for Japanese music lovers, and the guest hosts were Joe Inoue and Sea☆A’s Valerie. It was my first time going to something like this, so I had a really good timepandaThere were around 40 people; so it was a smaller gathering than I thought.

My friend and I took a bus to town right after school, so we went to a supermarket to have our dinner earlysmileWhich consisted of ramen and a lot of desserts. Pictured below ↓



And I feel like I should turn this into an announcement…


I ate apple cake for the first timelove←It’s like eating myself. Haha

So it’s not a cake sort of cake…but they called it a cake so it counts. Wao ♪ I’m fulfilled now. It was so fluffy and delicious.

Also, there was a really good daifuku but it seems like I forgot to take a picturecry

Anyway, that was our little Japan food festival for dinner. ☆ After that we met my other friend and we headed for the J-Melo event nearby. It was about two hours long and everyone stood the whole time, but I was enjoying myself completely. I kept thinking “ah, this is cool” a lot of times, especially when Joe Inoue and Valerie were hosting. They were really good at itnekoI didn’t know about Joe well before, but after hearing him sing I came to like his songs a lot. He’s funny toohappy neko

There were song and dance performances by the local fans too.

Momo was there as well, and she did a remarkably cute performance of Momoiro Sparklinglove

And unexpectedly!shock

I got to perform. By chance.

Because I won a game of janken with a few other people who wanted to perform as well.

shock←time to enter janken tournament

I hope my reaction didn’t get caught on camera because it was something like thisshockbut not even nearly as flattering. I don’t have a good track record of winning games of chance, so I had a good shock.

And that’s how I was allowed to dance Watashi ga iu mae ni dakishimenakya ne at the J-Melo eventnekoI’m really grateful to the people who pushed me forward.

Since I was the last item for the event, it closed with refreshments and photo-taking.


Joe Inoue and Valerie ☆

joe inoue

2shot. Aha.


With Momohehe

And of course, Ju Eunheart


Thank you to the coordinator who invited me to the event! It seems like J-Melo will air footage from the event in July, so I’m looking forward to it.

thank you

Last night I pushed all the stress and work to a pile in the corner. So I’m going to crawl back to that pile now.



From forever to nothing


As of today, I have six more days to the end of my long vacation. It’s bizarre how long two months felt back when it started, but now I’m already at the end of it. It’s starting to fizzle outalpaca

Last week was a bad one for me—I was at home the whole time and I spent most of the time being down. And even now there’s still some leftover gloom. But things are slowly starting to look up again, so I want to revel in the remaining days of vacation. Enjoy it while I can ♪

I’ve been reading Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute’s anniversary book!


…the fact is, I’m taking years to read it.


↑ The entire book is mostly like thisshockSo I’m having the worst time trying to read it.

But I bought it because I thought it’d be good Japanese practice. And of course because I love Berryz and ℃-uteheartI like how the two groups have a crosstalk with each other because it makes for long and interesting interviews. (and lots of vocabulary for me to learn. Sigh)

My goal is to finish this book. One dayhurhur


Also, did you notice I changed my banner?

I didsmile

Tokyo Girls’ Style in Singapore

The week ended on an amazing note

I went out with Bon (she studied, I read a book), made a nicer batch of muffins, met a good Japanese friend of the family’s, and saw one of my favourite groups from Japan. Everything added up to hours and hours of euphoria

Thursday was the date with Bon

On Friday I didn’t do anything relevant so I’m just going to skip that.

As for yesterday, many very relevant things happenedThe day didn’t start out well at all. I had a problem of wanting to be in two different places at the same time—Mieko-san (remember her?) was in Singapore, and so was Tokyo Girls’ Style. I badly wanted to be there for both, but my mom insisted at first that I shouldn’t go to see TGS at all. And I admit I kicked up a fuss because of that

In the end, everything was fine. My mom and I went out with Mieko-san for lunch, and after that I went to find TGS. It made me feel stupid for being such a whiner about everything, and I decided Mieko-san should always have the first priority. I accepted that I may not get to meet TGS at all, but guess what? Mieko-san said she wanted to take nap back at her hotel before dinner so I was free to go off on my own. Yep

She’s really one of the nicest adult friends I’ve ever had

And so kind too. She bought me a yukata as a gift

We went to her hotel room to try it on because I didn’t know how to do it properly.

Thank you so much I’m really glad I got to go out with her because she comes to Singapore so rarely, and she’s one of the few adults that I actually have fun with.

After meeting Mieko-san, I went to catch TGS’s live event Since I missed the first performance, I was rushing so that I could see their second and final one.

And you know what? Something amazing happened!

During my walk to the shopping centre…

I walked past Tokyo Girls’ Style and their manager

They were on their lunch break, so they were walking away from the shopping centre. It took me two seconds to realise who they were, and then because I was too excited, I backpedaled and followed them My friends came over after I told them, so we waited outside the café they were eating at.

We’re such stalkers.

But they noticed us, and they turned around to smile at us a few times

When they came out we approached themThey were rushing to get back in time for the performance, so they couldn’t sign anything or take photos. But they were still really kind to us

I said to Hitomi “ganbatte ne!” and she replied me with a smile and “arigatou!” It was especially great because she’s my favourite member, and she had such a sweet smile.

They hurried off (actually, they jaywalked haha) and we rushed back as well.

So that was the incredible encounter we had with them exclusively

Their live performance was brilliant. They sang and danced so well that I was really impressed and proud of them Proud, because there were many people who stopped to watch them! Also, thank you so much Bon, Michi and Ame for saving a seat for me~

They sang five songs, including my favourite Ganbatte Itsudatte ShinjiteruDuring Onnaji Kimochi the fans got up to dance along. And we yelled all the way

The best part was the contact TGS made with all the fans. They smiled and waved, and not just at us in front of them but at the people on the upper level as well I managed to get waves from Hitomi and Mei and Yuri, because I was on their side of the stage. Hitomi waved at me and Michi several times! I think they remembered us at the stalkers from earlier.

When the performance finished they went around the stage giving out flyers for the Budokan live to everyoneThis helped the fans to have a lot of direct contact with them. Mei gave me my flyer During this time, I took pictures of Hiichan, Mei and Miyu! They posed for me when I asked, so I thought that was really nice of them. They’re incredibly cute

At the end of it all, we managed to send them off all the way to the taxi stand. Yuri and Miyu had already left, but the others were still waiting. Even in the taxi, Hitomi and Mei waved at us and let us take more pictures.

Ayano was also waiting with her managers, so I got a picture as well

I think I said “otsukaresama deshita!” and “bye bye!” to the girls way too many times. But I wanted to send them off with a warm feeling

I’m so glad that I was able to see them in the end. I’ve liked them a lot since their debut, and now I love them even more. Especially because they were so friendly to us

TGS〜 I love you


That was a long postIt reminds me of the time I met S/mileage. Now I just hope I’ll be able to meet all my other favourite groups, especially ℃-ute.

There’s hope

See you in the next post!

Saturday well spent ☆

Another week has gone by Again, I didn’t have a lot of plans so I spent most days waking up late and relaxing at home with my mom.

Yesterday I went to karaoke with my friends though It’s a late birthday celebration, so before that we had our own mini party at my house.

My friend and I surprised the birthday girl with a little cake

Admittedly, we’re not fantastic cake decorators. But we did our best Also you know, I drew that panda up there.

Aside from cake, we ate prata (Indian pancake) too! The stall is just in front of my house so I go there often

We went for karaoke after that ☆ This time the karaoke was at a community centre nearby, so I was doubtful about how many songs they’d have that I would sing. But as it is, there were H!P songs there A small selection, but better than nothing.

Pyoco Pyoco Ultra

I want to sing karaoke in Japan one day Imagine having a huge selection of all the H!P and other J-Pop songs I want to sing I’d just go there myself and sing for hours if I could.


Anyway, I collected the clothes I bought on Taobao on the same day as well

I bought two WC t-shirts because they were on sale!

Maimai has this t-shirt too I really liked the way she coordinated it with her outfit so I got it too!

And then I also bought a long-sleeved Tralala t-shirt

Zukki has this one. Hehe

Lastly, a pink NY tee.

A day of cake, karaoke, new clothes and friends is a great day indeed

My coordinate for that day:

That’s all for today, thank you for reading

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