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Hoshino Coffee


It’s seems like today’s post is more pictures and less words.

Last Friday I went on a shopping date with Bonheart

We had a little meal at Hoshino Coffee—a Japanese café that has really sweet desserts. One of their most popular menu items is the double soufflé pancake and I’ve been longing to try it for ages because pancakes are an all-time favourite food of mine. When we went there I finally got to eat itheheIt lived up to every expectation I had of the fluffy stuff.

The only downside was that it was pretty priceycryBut for a once-in-while treat, I thought it was worth it. I’ve never seen such fat pancakes in my life. They were on my table twenty minutes after ordering and ready for me to eat, oh yay.

I can’t think of a detailed explanation for the fabulous eating experience I had so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Just look at thatshock

Please look at it again.


The best part was that there were twohurhur

Bon ordered french toast and it was delicious too!

Photo 2

The whipped cream was so huge it fell off soon after arriving at our table.

And a close up shotdown


Needless to say we had a fulfilling time at Hoshino CoffeerabbitHeavy on the filling.

After tea time we went shopping! And got good bargains at the Japanese fashion storesalpacaThe both of us found tops that were all at least 50% off.


(L-R: JRunway, Uniqlo, Lowry’s Farm)

I especially like the starry tank top for its design (and half off price tag)neko

starry details

So with that I’ve satisfied my shopping desires.

That day’s coordinate:


I’m still thinking of things to do during the holiday! Aside from writing, I definitely want to take my camera out more often. Since I’m always at home I want to go out and hunt for the more photogenic places in this countrypanda



It’s Minnie Mouse


On Tuesday I went grocery shopping with my momsmile

We unexpectedly found cute things at the supermarket.


It’s a biscuit spoonshockIt’s probably meant to be dipped and eaten with a cup of something, but I got too excited and just ate the spoon by itself…the purpose was totally missed.

At least I took its picture.

The other cute thing we bought was this!


Minnie Mouse kamaboko!!

It’s a special fish cake with Minnie’s face on it271779When we opened it it was like this.


Ah, cute294281

(although the eyes turned out a bit funny)

It took a good few minutes of begging to get my mom to buy it. She’s highly against the evils of artifical chemicals in food and the Minnie Mouse happens to look suspiciously colourfulhurhurIt’s not like I enjoy eating such vividly printed foodstuff either, but this time I just really wanted to eat Minnie. As a fish cake.

It was fun cutting it up though, because my mom and I decided to get all RRcherrypie about it and film a video of us slicing it up. Needless to say we were way off the mark.

And then we boiled the Minnie slicesneko


After all that my mom realised she didn’t know where to put it in. So we dumped them in a plate of broccoli to make up for the health. You know.

So that’s what we bought at the supermarketclap

Changing the subject, I got my fringe cut as usual.


That’s all for todaymickey


Valentine’s and the End of the Semester

It’s three days late but…


I wonder if you received lots of chocolates?tumblr_inline_mi7ttrCLSY1qdlkyg

I didn’t. (lol)

We’re not that big on chocolates here—I should think the weather is so hot they’d likely melt before you actually give them away. (excuses, excuses) But I got lots of Valentine’s wishes from my friends insteadheartAnd also lovely presents from Ju Eun! Including this Korean treat.

Photo 1

Thank youheart


The first year of school is over as well.

We had the last test on Friday and then it ended just like thatwakuwakuMy friends and I had pizza after that to celebrate, yey.

Photo 2

I’m relieved it’s the holidays, but it’s also a little lonely because I know next semester my class will split up. At any rate, I’m grateful for the past year I had with themsmile

From now until April I’m on break. Two months is a long time so I’m thinking of getting a part time job or something. Most of the time shall be for me to sleep and relax thoughnekoIt’d definitely be nice if I could go out with my friends more too.

Yesterday a few of my classmates and I went out for a moviepandaWe shopped around for a bit too, but I didn’t buy anything.

Even though I really wanted tocry

All the Japanese clothing stores had lots of pretty items on sale, but they were still so expensive. Though I reasoned the quality would make them a good investment…I couldn’t do it after allrabbitAnd so I didn’t buy anything.

But if I get a part time job I’ll certainly go back thereangry

For now I’m just recycling my coordinates over and over again.


I kid you not. If you scroll down a bit you’ll see the exact same pictures but with a different top. (I still shamelessly uploaded this anyway)

That black jacket is just my wardrobe staple because I really like itcryBut I wash it. So I still maintain my hygiene.

It’s okay, I’ll go shopping again and by the time school starts I’ll have a fresh round of coordinatesalpacaSo it’ll be a good idea to start stocking up for the new semester.

Starting from tomorrow I’m going to properly enjoy my break!

And I expect I’ll be blogging more too. Haha.


Chinese New Year

Good Evening

It’s Chinese New Year’s eve todayalpacaMy family did a lot of spring cleaning in the day, and then at night we had two reunion dinners—one by ourselves and another with the relatives. Every year I get stuffed.

Now that I’m home it’s a quiet night, so I’m relaxing for a bitneko

I had my first test yesterday! One more next week and then I’m done with my first year in school.

How faststunned

Coordinates from last week:



upThis isn’t really a proper coordinate shot. It just had a bit of a cat feeling so I sort of liked it.


Yesterday I also bought the February issue of Nylon!


…it really isn’t my kind of magazine after all. One of the two reasons I got it was because of the pretty cover (though I’m not really a fan of Tsubasa). The other reason is because I figured I should try and expose myself to more kinds of magazines, since I want to work in the industry when I’m older. Magazines like Nylon are full of adult fashion and makeup, which is totally irrelevant to me now. But there are some good feature articles that are worth learning from, so that’s something ♪

I’m usually a Japanese magazines kind of person—Popteen, Seventeen, Cutie, etc…and Nicola even though it’s for middle school girlsyeyBut since I’m getting older, I guess I should try reading more beyond my colourful stack of girly magazines. Not that I’ll stop reading what I likekirakira

Changing the subject, I’m listening to Hey! Say! JUMP’s songs now.


Honey Castella


The worst week is over.

I mainly got a big assignment over and done with—it took me forever to write a thousand word article because I had no inspiration whatsoever. But I got kittens to help me with my motivation fixnekoTo help me hit me reach my word quota, I used an online word application that gave me a fresh kitten for every hundred words I wrote. If you like cats and are in need of serious productivity, I recommend this one →

So I got my ten kittens and finally finished it offneko

I’m going to relax today before I start studying for my tests next week.

My family received some honey castellakirakira

Photo 2


I’ve had matcha castella, but this was my first time trying a honey one. The bottom had a sugar coating too (as if it couldn’t be sweet enough).

It tasted really goodheart

And I even made a gif of it.


It was like that.

When vacation comes I want to eat at the all-day pancake placeeat←a sudden thought

Changing the subject, I got a cardigan from Dip Drops yesterday. It was on salehehe


I think I’ll end up wearing this all the time, but that’s the point of buying something anyway.

see you

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