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Meeting Spider-Man


The cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are in my country as I type. I never would’ve thought it possible that they’d come all the way here, and I still didn’t until yesterday. When I saw them in personhehe

(This is the first and one of the rare times I get so excited about a Hollywood actor on my blog)

I had access passes, so I was able to go for the red carpet event and press conference. It was extremely crowded, especially because it was inside a shopping mall, but I still had a decent vantage point. Close enough to stare at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, anywayhurhur


There were so many people and so much waiting that after a while I sort of lost track of time. The whole event was just a blur of screaming, cameras and expensive designer suits (I think the cast wore those).


Red carpet event at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

It was surreal seeing the cast in front of me, especially Andrew Garfield. I’d liked him a lot since I watched The Social Network, and it never really occurred to me that he was actually real because I was so used to seeing him in his gloriously attractive pixel form. And it turns out people like that are about a thousand times more charming in real life, so I was blown away.


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone is another case of such people. She was so gorgeous it’s insanelove rabbitAnd she floored the questions at the press conference too.

Journalist: In biochemistry, what is an activated complex?


Can’t handle the sass.

I love Emma’s razor-sharp knack at delivering comebacks—she still thinks of a good way to answer ridiculous questions, but even the lines she gives while deliberating are funny. Her expressions are gold.


Jamie Foxx and Marc Webb

And of course, I wasn’t just there to ogle at Andrew and Emma. Jamie Foxx and a few of the filmmakers were there too, and they fed a lot of interesting answers to the press. I loved hearing the director Marc Webb and what he had to say about making the film toogoodStill, I was sitting in the middle of the theatre right with Andrew Garfield right in my line of vision so that meant I was looking at him most of the time.


I actually got a really good seat! Initially we were sitting at the back where I had a better view of the other end of the country than the cast, but a staff member came and said we could move to better seats. So down we went to circle around the theatre—we walked by the front row and there were empty seats so for a moment I wondered if we could sit there, though I decided it was probably already reserved.

It turned out those seats were for the cast when they came in. So it was a good thing I didn’t try to sit there. Or a bad thing, I don’t know. I could’ve either been sitting on Andrew Garfield’s lap or kicked out of the theatre.

The press conference ended late at about 10pm; I was exhausted. But! It was a great experience being at such a huge media event, and seeing the actors I admire so much in person on stage. No selfie with Andrew Garfield thoughcryI got a complimentary blu ray of the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, if that’s any consolation at all.

Photo 28-3-14 9 39 36 am

Oh, a Spider-Man mask tooneko(It’s okay if it’s unsigned. Really.)


There were hours of waiting and no break before the press conference, so we had a bit of a sushi picnic outside the red carpet for dinner. Fancykira kira

It was tiring, but I had a lot of fun! It’s not everyday a Hollywood actor comes here, much less the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man. I loved seeing them, and getting an insight into how these events workgirlUsually it’s the Japanese celebrities that I always go to meet, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are totally different. And I’m glad I finally got to see them!

But the inevitable aftermath—I have an endless pile of photos to sort through now.

Well thengirl



Chiso Zanmai: The Return


No, I’m not a food blog yet. I just wanted to share some pictures from when I went to Chiso Zanmai for lunch with my friendsnekoIt’s my second time going there to eat—the first time was for my school assignment (the one about cheap buffet places, hoho).

Photo 19-3-14 6 54 17 pm

This was my plate this time; there were new items like okonomiyaki and corn croquetteshappyI wanted to try more different things, but I couldn’t ignore the takoyaki so I took it again. And the green tea tofu.

Photo 21-3-14 10 55 31 pm

My beloved currygirlI wanted to eat it with rice but I didn’t want to be too full so went without.

Photo 21-3-14 10 49 50 pm

It’s a croquette mountain. I love croquetteslove rabbitWhen I first went around the plate was empty so I was disappointed, but then when I passed by again it was filled! Magic. Or maybe the chef just cooked a fresh batch. And there were so many of them! But I only took one. (I am now accepting congratulatory messages, thank you)

I tried to keep the main dishes to the minimum…

Photo 19-3-14 6 58 02 pm

Desserts! Desserts! Otherwise known as the priority.

Most of them were still the same as the last time I went, but there were some that I’d never tried before like the sweet potato pudding and strawberry swiss roll. So of course I ate them (all)love girl


Photo 19-3-14 7 13 29 pm

This was really interesting! Matcha egg tartnekoAlthough think I was the only one who enjoyed it, because my friends aren’t crazy about the green tea flavour. But I thought it was delicious. Egg tarts have the best combination of flaky crust and soft puddingheartThe green-ness of it just made it stand out even more.

Photo 19-3-14 2 07 00 pm

Standard mochineko

Photo 21-3-14 11 42 03 pm

And its cross-section.


I had a good time at Chiso Zanmai againkirakiraFor such a good price, there’s a lot of food and nice ambience too. We got a table overlooking the river this time, so at least there was something else to look at besides the food.

Photo 21-3-14 10 52 55 pm

Next time I’ll blog about something other than food for a changeneko

See you next post!


Pizza and Slappy Cakes!


This week I ate a lot again! But that’s because I was spending time with my friends (social eating is sort of justifiable).

Photo 12-3-14 9 33 01 pm

Pizza. When was the last time I even ate this stuff? Years ago, maybe.

My friends came to my place and we ordered pizza delivery. We didn’t know much about the portions so a personal size pizza came, and it turned out to be a bit small (as pictured). Which we probably should’ve guessed, considering it’s called personal size. But. The pizza came with deal coupons! So we ordered one more, and garlic bread too because there was a free promotion.

Photo 12-3-14 10 00 49 pm

The outcome: impromptu pizza party. Yaylove girl


And then on Thursday (yesterday, actually) I went to eat pancakes with my friends from school! We ate at Slappy Cakes, which is that place where you make your own pancakes on a griddle at the table. I’ve always wanted to goLoveBecause I love pancakes but I always get stressed when I try to make my own from scratch and the batter turns out to be this unpromising liquid that can’t be flipped and dribbles everywhere instead.

The solution is then to go to Slappy Cakes and use their pre-made batter. You’ll get all the satisfaction and more because there’s little to no chance of error. I’m not saying they’re better than the ones made from scratch though! It’s only because I lack the pancake-making talent and a functional spatula.

Photo 14-3-14 9 57 12 pm

This is the set-up! We ordered two flavours of batter—chocolate and buttermilk—and a bunch of toppings that came in these cute things that looked like Aladdin’s magic lamps. Make a wish for nicer pancakes.

Photo 14-3-14 10 11 28 pm

It workedneko

They were so easy to make I didn’t have to worry about messing anything up. It was just like painting on a canvas, except these paintings could be eaten and tasted good too.

Photo 14-3-14 10 21 13 pm

Initially I wanted to plate everything nicely so I could take pictures but after a while it became evident I was only piling up a motley collection of oddly shaped pancakes. There were animals and flowers and words and even a certain teenage male singer in the mix.

Photo 14-3-14 10 29 55 pm

No, don’t guess whohmm

My creativity mostly went as far as all the cute animals I could think of. I drew lots of bears and cats and various domestic animals, but one of my favourites was a bear I drewbearIt was the only one that had a recognisable face. The ears went a bit lopsided though, so it became a bit of a bear-rabbit hybrid.

Photo 14-3-14 10 38 00 pm

Photo 14-3-14 10 43 11 pm

These are just some of the ones that we made! It was great sitting at the table and doing it ourselveshappyThere’re lots of pictures of vaguely shaped pancakes in my phone to prove it. And I’d actually wondered if I should bring my camera out, but in the end I decided it’d just get in the way. I’d probably end up cooking it together with the pancakes.

Anyway. So I finally got to go to Slappy Cakes!

I’m thankful for my friendsheart

the end

Homemade Bars ☆


And how has the week been? I’ve been waking up and taking pictures of random things around the house. Getting my photo kick early in the morning or something like that.

Photo 1-3-14 9 04 00 am Photo 3-3-14 9 13 56 am Photo 2-3-14 8 12 28 am

I really didn’t do much during the week, actually. Downtimehmm But I did do useful things once in a while! Like these bars. I made themkira kiraAnd they actually tasted good! They were just like the ones I brought to school everyday (Larabars and all that).

Photo 3-3-14 5 02 15 pm

Describing them in a few words…

kiraEvidence of my productivity despite my vacation-borne tendency to idle around

They were easy to make—the recipe’s essentially just blending the ingredients together into a tight mush and shaping them into bars. And there were only a few of those ingredients—a cup of dates, one third cup of nuts (I used macadamia) and a sprinkle of coconut flakes. The macadamia nuts were rolled around in a bit of honey to make it sweetergirlThat’s all! I just had to throw everything into the food processor.

There was a chunk that got left out because it was too small to turn into a bar, so I made it into a cookie. And then I thought that I should just make them all into cookies the next time.

Photo 3-3-14 7 25 15 pm

Because it was so goodcry

I mean, of course it tasted the same. But there’s just something about eating food in small circular form. They magically become better. The rest was just as nice too though! So I successfully made my own bars (and cookie)alpaca

Now I think I’ve figured out how to do a raw cheesecake, using the same ingredients as the bars’ for the crust. But I’m not entirely sure about the actual cheese part so I’m just going to look at some recipeshanaIt’s probably safer than to try being inventive on my own.

But I’ll get there, eventuallyalpaca


Anyway, here’s a picture of my lunch today.

Photo 7-3-14 3 30 37 pm

I made it myself toolove girlOkay—scrambling a bunch of eggs is easy and the pesto wasn’t anything complicated. I wouldn’t say I’m on my way to getting a Michelin star, but it’s a start.


P.S. I made these new greeting pixels! I drew them on paper and then scanned them in and made them jiggle about so they’d be less boring.

Happy March


I bring good news today. Exams are over! The semester is over! My bleak studying life is over (for a month, anyway)! These exclamation marks are products of my overwhelming joy.


A celebratory muffin.

My monthlong vacation has startedhappyThere’re lots of things I’ve been wanting to do, but I’m starting out with dramas that have been waiting on my laptop. Priorities and all that. The library and bookstore are next—I need to catch up on lots of reading.

Recently I’ve gotten even more into photos toocameraThough it’s not just photo-taking, but editing too. Whether it’s on Photoshop or playing with different apps on my phone I can’t let a picture go untouched. I edit lots of pictures especially on my phone because it’s always easy to do it there.

photo divider

Photo 26-2-14 5 24 56 pm

There’re lots of pictures of this—I eat it almost every week. It’s my standard Saturday lunch because I’m always in a hurry to go to class. There’s a whole box of English muffins in the kitchen specially reserved for me that I pinch off on the way outneko

Photo 27-2-14 5 40 29 pm

Scrambled eggs and toastnekoIt was around the time of exams and I was in the mood for something breakfast-y that day. And eggs are the quintessential breakfast. I always like scrambled the bestheartAnd I know it’s popular, but poached eggs are my least favourite because once they burst they get all gooey over everything else.

Photo 27-2-14 6 17 46 pm

Homemade banana bread, yum. Comfort cakessmile

Photo 26-2-14 2 59 01 pm

Mom’s curry! This is really just a random picture because she makes curry at home all the time and we eat it almost every week. Rice + curry is my prize combination.

Photo 28-2-14 7 23 07 pm

Something inedible at last.

Mieko-san gave me a Shellie May dollblushIt seems like it’s from the Valentine’s Day limited season goods at Tokyo Disneysea! It’s too cute. Too cute. I’m full of thanks to her once againcryI wanted to pin it to my backpack but I’m scared it’d get lost. My little LINE bear dropped off my bag twice (faulty keychain argh) so now it’s forced to stay at home on my shelf where it’s safe and stationary.


Tonight I’m going to read myself with sleep! With a good book and not my notes, finally.

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