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Shibazakura Festival: A Weekend with Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji Shibazakura

Last Saturday my friends and I went to the Shibazakura Festival in Yamanashi to see the pink moss scenery! But as you can see, nothing in this picture is pink haha. We went on the first day of the festival and most of the landscape was just green and stubby.

Mount Fuji Shibazakura

It wasn’t all for nothing though; we still got to see some of the flowers! The peak viewing period seems to be in May, unfortunately by which time my friends are already long back in Singapore and I’ll be studying for midterms with no time to shimmy off to the mountainside.

Mount Fuji Shibazakura

They had a lot of Mount Fuji-themed snacks at the festival tooFujisan(That sealed the deal for me, honestly. You know I only travel to places where I can get pictures of cute food) I’d get anything themed, even if it’s just this fish cake cut in a vaguely triangular shape resembling that mountain behind.

Mount Fuji Shibazakura

They had taiyaki—not just any taiyaki either, but taiyaki and Mount Fuji with sakura paste inside. Easily my favourite, and I’m not even being biased (maybe a little)taiyaki

Mount Fuji Shibazakura

We sat eating desserts with a full view of the mountain The only hiccup was that almost every dessert on the menu was already sold out—even though it was barely noon!—but we got this sakura roll cake and it was still tasty.

Mount Fuji Shibazakura

After that I got really full and couldn’t eat anymore, or I would’ve gotten these meat croquettes with sakura printed on themsakura

Mount Fuji Shibazakura

If you’re near the area or in Tokyo you should go see some really great scenery! Especially when everything starts to bloom in May. Please send me a postcard or some pictures.

My friends and I also stayed at a traditional Japanese inn by Mount Fuji while we were there! Ryokan stays are the best way to spend the weekend. Also an expensive way, but you can’t have everything.

Mount Fuji Ryokan

The ryokan was right in front of Lake Kawaguchi, and the three of us had a huge room to ourselves that overlooked the lake. The view was a solid 10/10goodEverything was, really. There’s just something about Japanese tatami rooms that make you feel like you can just roll around in them all day and be happy (like the fact that you actually can).

Mount Fuji Ryokan

In love with their hospitality as alwaysloveWe got a cup of tea and tiny chocolates at reception, and when we got to our room we had the usual tea and wagashi waiting on the table for us.

Mount Fuji Ryokan

This was my first time having traditional kaiseki food right in our own room. They came all the way and served it to us! All hundred courses! (Okay, maybe not a hundred courses but somewhere close like fourteen) It was highly impressive seeing the staff set out everything for us while making small talk at the same time.

Mount Fuji Ryokan

Ryokans getting details right. Every small dish was a work of artlove rabbitThe thing about Japanese cuisine is that even if you’ve never tried it or don’t like it you just end up eating everything because it’s so beautiful. Or at least, that’s how I ended up finishing my 14-course dinner.

Mount Fuji Ryokan

The dessert was kabocha pudding that week! We were all already in a food coma after two hours of working our way through the whole dinner but still had space for sweets.

After that we went for a soak in the outdoor hot springshappyAnd had a lot of light-headed fun later on back in the privacy of our room.

Mount Fuji Ryokan

Breakfast was another feast, almost overwhelming to wake up to. We might have actually still been full from dinner the night before, but the food was still delicious. Everything was Japanese-style, and they even had a little iron pot for us to cook our own meat with eggshappy

Mount Fuji Ryokan

My friends were enjoying itgirl loveIt’s not everyday you get treated like queens at breakfast. Probably a good thing, because I’d get seriously tubby. I think we almost took another two hours to finish off the whole shebang.

Mount Fuji

Our view from the ryokanFujisanThis might be the first time I’ve ever gotten to see Mount Fuji so clearly, because every time before that it was hiding behind a mass of clouds and I never got to see it fully. This time it was really good weather! It looks even better up close (actually 27 kilometres away, but still considerably close) than just on the postcards and stock images.


Sakura Snacks in Japan

Hello friends! I’m sorry I missed last week’s post…two good friends from Singapore are visiting Tokyo and staying with me, so I’ve been doing the whole Tour Guide by Day, Student by Night thing for  week (I earn my playtime during the night when I study).

Sakura Japan

This taiyaki in front of a cherry blossom sums me up well. Gin no An was having a special sakura flavour for the spring season, and I ate it twicegrinThe cherry blossoms in Tokyo are mostly gone but I’ll still eat anything sakura I see.

Sakura Japan Taiyaki

Look at all that sakura an paste inside. With mochi! They stuffed it in along with the leaf so it’s sweet and just a little bit salty at the same time. (Also I have a lot of appreciation for fallen sakura petals and their bokeh potential)

Sakura Japan Senbei

A simpler snack that was passed around during one of the many hanamis. I don’t usually eat senbei or crackers, but it had sugary sakura all over it and got me into the picnic mood (i.e. I couldn’t stop snacking on them).

Sakura Japan Pancakes

This might be the most elaborate one out of all the sakura food I’ve tried. I already love pancakes, but cover them with sakura cream and chocolate hearts and I’ll gladly queue half an hour for it. It was a fat stack of three pancakes and I had it together with my friend because it was so fillingdiet neko

Sakura Japan Pancakes

There was mochi and sakura an paste wedged inside!

Sakura Japan Cake

Ginza Cozy Corner also had a series of sakura cakes, but I only ever got to try this shortcake. It was really pretty and surprisingly not expensive for a cake like thislove girlThis one had strawberry and mochi inside too.

Sakura Japan Ice Cream

A lot of parks were selling this sakura soft serve ice cream. I later found out the mystery green bits were little specks of shiozuke (preserved cherry blossoms), which makes an interesting decoration for an otherwise normal ice cream cone.

Sakura Japan

My friend and I also made our own sakura lattesmileWe just added whipped cream on top and bedazzled it with iced gems and pink chocolate swirls but it looked pretty cute and we agreed we’d pay for a drink like this at Starbucks (though we do say so ourselves).

And so I think I’m done with my sakura obsession for now. I’m satisfied and ready to move on with the rest of the yearsakura

Hanami under the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Sakura in Japan

April has begun! Which means school is starting and spring break is coming to an end…but on the bright side the cherry blossoms are now in full bloom all over Tokyo. There is sakura filling up the country and I’ve been on a hanami high going for picnics under the trees.

Sakura in Japan

When it’s your first time in your life seeing the full bloom in Japan you get too excited and go out of your way to be as festive as possible. My diet for the past week has been entirely pink because of all the cherry blossom-flavoured food I’ve been gettingsakura

Sakura in Japan

A lot of people go for hanami (literally ‘flower viewing’) and that’s when the parks and rivers are packed because they’re prime spots for picnics with their mass of sakura trees. I’ve been going to some place or another every single day of the week and might have already done hanami seven timeshurhur(A public apology to all my friends on social media who have to endure my incessant posts of sakura pictures)

Sakura in Japan

But it really is beautiful! I’ve never seen so much pink and white on trees and it makes me feel amazed that I’m finally seeing something straight out of my desktop wallpaperssakuraThe flowers are actually the colour of cotton candy and it’s pretty fascinating.

Sakura Mochi in Japan

Sakura season’s got me craving all the hanami food like mochi and bentoeatingSome of the cherry blossom places have festivals with food stalls selling snacks and picnic food, so it’s easy to pick up something to eat. Like this sakura mochisakura mochiI’d never eaten one before so I asked my Japanese friend if I could eat the leaf too (she didn’t know and kindly Googled it for me), and it seems like it’s left to your discretion. So I ate it and it just tasted salty. But the mochi was sweet so I liked it! (Of course)

Sakura in Japan - Dango

This looks familiar haha. Throwback to 2015 when I arrived in Tokyo a little late for the flowers and went on a desperate hunt around the city for trees that weren’t already naked of their sakuranekoSanshoku dango is one of my favourites; they come in three colours that represent the pink sakura in spring, snow in winter and green grass in summer (literally just found that out while typing and Googling). Sometimes they come with anko inside too!

Sakura in Japan - Roll Cake

I got this matcha roll cake with strawberry cream in the middle from Family Mart! So simple but quintessentially Japan in springtime. Just look at all that beautiful green and pink.

Sakura in Japan

One of the food stalls at Ueno Park was selling these panda-shaped buns (because, you know, it’s Ueno). I’ll buy anything as long as it’s food and has the face of an animal.

Sakura in Japan

Everyone in Japan seems to be enjoying this very pink season and it makes me happy just to see people stop in the streets to look at the sakura or kindergarten kids playing under the trees.

Sakura in Japan

Even old couples go on walks and watch the scenery together.

Sakura in Japan

The flowers are just as pretty close up too; I’ve been picking up some of the flowers that fall on the ground just to send to my friends back home. I’m looking forward to when they’ve all fallen and I can just roll around in themhappy

Night Sakura in Japan

The night sakura is amazing too, when everything is illuminated and the trees just start to glow in the dark with lanterns all around. This was at the Meguro River, which is one of the most popular hanami spots in Tokyo and very densely populated all the time.

Sakura in Japan

The cherry blossoms were the best way to end the spring break and start the new year aheadgirl loveNow I’d say it’s the nicest time of year to come to Japan, because it just shows the best of Japan.

Now allow me to share something quick if I maygirl

My friend Manatsu and I made a video! It’s basically us eating lots of different sakura sweets, and we even have a new YouTube channel so from now on we’ll be posting videos about our life in Japan. New season, new startsakuraCheck it out if you’re curious about what cherry blossom tastes like!

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