Sakura Snacks in Japan

Hello friends! I’m sorry I missed last week’s post…two good friends from Singapore are visiting Tokyo and staying with me, so I’ve been doing the whole Tour Guide by Day, Student by Night thing for  week (I earn my playtime during the night when I study).

Sakura Japan

This taiyaki in front of a cherry blossom sums me up well. Gin no An was having a special sakura flavour for the spring season, and I ate it twicegrinThe cherry blossoms in Tokyo are mostly gone but I’ll still eat anything sakura I see.

Sakura Japan Taiyaki

Look at all that sakura an paste inside. With mochi! They stuffed it in along with the leaf so it’s sweet and just a little bit salty at the same time. (Also I have a lot of appreciation for fallen sakura petals and their bokeh potential)

Sakura Japan Senbei

A simpler snack that was passed around during one of the many hanamis. I don’t usually eat senbei or crackers, but it had sugary sakura all over it and got me into the picnic mood (i.e. I couldn’t stop snacking on them).

Sakura Japan Pancakes

This might be the most elaborate one out of all the sakura food I’ve tried. I already love pancakes, but cover them with sakura cream and chocolate hearts and I’ll gladly queue half an hour for it. It was a fat stack of three pancakes and I had it together with my friend because it was so fillingdiet neko

Sakura Japan Pancakes

There was mochi and sakura an paste wedged inside!

Sakura Japan Cake

Ginza Cozy Corner also had a series of sakura cakes, but I only ever got to try this shortcake. It was really pretty and surprisingly not expensive for a cake like thislove girlThis one had strawberry and mochi inside too.

Sakura Japan Ice Cream

A lot of parks were selling this sakura soft serve ice cream. I later found out the mystery green bits were little specks of shiozuke (preserved cherry blossoms), which makes an interesting decoration for an otherwise normal ice cream cone.

Sakura Japan

My friend and I also made our own sakura lattesmileWe just added whipped cream on top and bedazzled it with iced gems and pink chocolate swirls but it looked pretty cute and we agreed we’d pay for a drink like this at Starbucks (though we do say so ourselves).

And so I think I’m done with my sakura obsession for now. I’m satisfied and ready to move on with the rest of the yearsakura


2 Responses to “Sakura Snacks in Japan”

  1. 1 Marina April 17, 2016 at 6:08 PM

    Everything looks absolutely delicious! Especially the Taiyaki (*o*)

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