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Natsu Matsuri 2013


Exams are still not over yet, but I finally have something besides food to blog about.

Last Sunday I went for Natsu Matsuri with Ju Eun! It’s the annual Japanese summer festival in Singapore, and every year there are (I think) a few thousand people including tons milling about in yukata. I went in yukata this year too. Yayhappy


It was the gift from Mieko-san!  Since it’s a rare opportunity I decided that I definitely wanted to wear it when I could. I couldn’t put it on properly myself, so I queued for half an hour to have the volunteers at the festival help me.


There were so many cute Japanese kids that I felt I had to take pictures of every one of them. Just as well that I was in yukata too, because it made it hard for me to chase them around with my camera. I got plenty of back shots like this one thoughhappyI did approach some to ask if we could take their pictures, and they agreed. Yay! Except for the pair that just gave Ju Eun and me blank stares as we awkwardly backed away in case their parents were around.


Taiyaki was fabulous as usual230358I didn’t eat much that day. Too busy looking for kids to capture (with my camera) and trying to walk as well as I could in the tight yukata.

It was a good day and break from studyingyeyI really enjoyed being a part of Japan’s festival atmosphere with Ju Eun; nothing beats cultural events like this. With so many Japanese people around I ended up practising the language a lot too! And got a picture with one of their soccer players. (I was invited to)


That’s all for the festival report! Moving on.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of my blogalpacaTwo years! Wow.

(In all honesty I forgot about it until WordPress kindly sent me their well wishes. I’m not usually attentive to details like that but these days I have little enough things to talk about)



My blog!

I’m not sure how many people actually read it, but my views counter isn’t a total flatline so I’m comforted in knowing that at least one person comes to read a post. Unless the site statistics count spam bots too.

That being said, I blog for myself too. My blog isn’t just an online diary but also a home for all my photos, ideas and pieces of what I hope is my individuality. It’s kind of a digital scrapbook for me to look back on anytime I wantheheAlthough now when I read my early posts from two years ago all I do is get embarrassed at myself.

Still, here’s to more years with this blogkanpai

thank you for visiting


Back to the books! Studying is a literal pain.


I mean, I write all my notes by handcry

While my writing is one of the few things I appreciate about myself, the unfortunate drawback is that I won’t actually use this notebook after the exam is over. I almost wish I could sell it or something.




Study Week

good morning

The long semester has ended! We’re having study week now before our exams, and then it’ll be vacation. I can count the days to freedom on my hands.

I already went out to eat thoughsweatBut I studied after that, so it’s okay.


I love azukilove

mentaiko pasta

They called it mentaiko pasta, but it turned out to just be that little red pile in the centre. At any rate, it still tasted good. Anything with mentaiko is nicediet neko

This is just another short food post prior to my exams (sorry). It’s become full-on study mode, so I’m waiting for the storm (that is said exam) to pass before I blog properlybowThere’re lots of things that I want to do during vacation; I’m looking forward to it!

see you


Mini Food Diary


I’m taking a break from doing my assignment now so here’s a mini food diary from this weekyeyWhen vacation starts I need to start blogging about things other than food.


My beloved taiyakiheheWhen I went to the airport to study with some friends I discovered a new store that sold them. There used to be one near my house but it disappeared one day…so I’m glad I found a new place, even if it’s an hour’s train ride away from my home.


This was the second time in a week I ate taiyaki. Because I was alone doing my assignment outside and so this became a mini dinner to munch onhappyMatcha taiyaki with red bean inside—why is it so perfect?! Recently I’ve been having a bit of a matcha craze, and when that combines with taiyaki I simply swoon. And eat.


Spongy and sweetneko

curry bun

This one was a curry bun at school! Really simple stuff. It costs less than a dollar, too. Sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than curry in a soft bunnekoSmall and tasty lunch, yum.


I had this sandwich for lunch at school today and I didn’t expect it to be so huge. I don’t know, I thought it was bighmmMaybe I’m only used to eating small sandwiches. But it was nice anyway!

That’s all for today’s picture roundupkirakira



(Small) Weekly Slice


It’s been busy as usual. The final wave of deadlines has come and I’ll be rushing to complete assignments for the next two weeks. And then I can finally get down to studying for the final examnekoIt seems like it’s coming soon.


Today I just have pictures from last weekhehe

Recent coordinates:



They’re all recycled, haha. It’s been months since I wore that sailor sweater to school.


An apple pie snack from Japan that I got as a souvenir! Soft and flaky, yum.


More pretty food—sakura mochi bunlove


And a picture with my friends. Aha.

When vacation comes I really want to spend my days going to the library and taking more pictures of food and then (I hope) blogging about all thathmm


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