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It’s cat again

good evening

Last night was agony.

I was up at 2am trying to finish an assignment and the pressure stayed with me all nightarghSomehow I did manage to survive all that, but when it was time to go to school in the morning I couldn’t open my eyes much.


upIt was a situation like this.

That’ll teach me not to manage my time properly. So after writing this I’m going to get started on the other assignments and ease the workload a littlecryNext week is test week, so I should study for that too.

How very stressfulcry

Today I had a video camera skills test where we had to set up and film under an 8-minute time limit…I didn’t finish in time. And at some point I forgot about the whole battery and got into a panic about why the camera wouldn’t turn on. It took a witty remark from my teacher about solar energy before I realised what I’d forgotten. Conclusion: I still can’t work under pressure (x_x)

So that’s my story about todayneko

today's photo


It’s みうねこ again today. Haha.

Back to workdiet neko



J-Melo Fan Meeting ☆


Yesterday I went for a J-Melo event in town!

It was a fan meeting for Japanese music lovers, and the guest hosts were Joe Inoue and Sea☆A’s Valerie. It was my first time going to something like this, so I had a really good timepandaThere were around 40 people; so it was a smaller gathering than I thought.

My friend and I took a bus to town right after school, so we went to a supermarket to have our dinner earlysmileWhich consisted of ramen and a lot of desserts. Pictured below ↓



And I feel like I should turn this into an announcement…


I ate apple cake for the first timelove←It’s like eating myself. Haha

So it’s not a cake sort of cake…but they called it a cake so it counts. Wao ♪ I’m fulfilled now. It was so fluffy and delicious.

Also, there was a really good daifuku but it seems like I forgot to take a picturecry

Anyway, that was our little Japan food festival for dinner. ☆ After that we met my other friend and we headed for the J-Melo event nearby. It was about two hours long and everyone stood the whole time, but I was enjoying myself completely. I kept thinking “ah, this is cool” a lot of times, especially when Joe Inoue and Valerie were hosting. They were really good at itnekoI didn’t know about Joe well before, but after hearing him sing I came to like his songs a lot. He’s funny toohappy neko

There were song and dance performances by the local fans too.

Momo was there as well, and she did a remarkably cute performance of Momoiro Sparklinglove

And unexpectedly!shock

I got to perform. By chance.

Because I won a game of janken with a few other people who wanted to perform as well.

shock←time to enter janken tournament

I hope my reaction didn’t get caught on camera because it was something like thisshockbut not even nearly as flattering. I don’t have a good track record of winning games of chance, so I had a good shock.

And that’s how I was allowed to dance Watashi ga iu mae ni dakishimenakya ne at the J-Melo eventnekoI’m really grateful to the people who pushed me forward.

Since I was the last item for the event, it closed with refreshments and photo-taking.


Joe Inoue and Valerie ☆

joe inoue

2shot. Aha.


With Momohehe

And of course, Ju Eunheart


Thank you to the coordinator who invited me to the event! It seems like J-Melo will air footage from the event in July, so I’m looking forward to it.

thank you

Last night I pushed all the stress and work to a pile in the corner. So I’m going to crawl back to that pile now.



Being a cat would be nice.

Tomorrow there’s a big assignment to hand in that I haven’t finished, and yet I’m sitting in front of the computer blogging and eating salty almonds.

Once in a while you need a breakalpaca←Recently I’ve been using this alpaca a lot. Maybe it’s because it fits my emotion so perfectly sometimes.

It’s the start of another week!

Some recent school coordinatesneko


I go between being a black cat and totally pastel.

Since I spend a lot of time at the studio in school, I get a good time of being chilled there. So I can wear my layers and stay as un-sticky as I canyeyThe weather has been even more scorching than usual. Sometimes the temperature gets so high I get really vexed about how it’s possible for the country to be 33℃. I think May is the hottest month of the year or something (;_;)

But at least I can cool down in school and at home in front of the fan, so I’m not in complete despairx_x

And once in a while there’re sweet treats too.


A complimentary birthday cake my mother receivedhappy nekoEven though her birthday was at the beginning of the month lol. But strawberry shortcakes are always timelessly fabulous.

I feel like eating more sweet stuffneko


Kind of weekly update

It’s been a while (´ー`)

School is in full force now, throwing deadlines at me left and right. I’m not particularly enjoying making a rush for all my assignments at the same time, but the one redeeming thing about all of this is that I get a nice satisfaction every time I finish a piece. Which, actually, is not very oftenrabbit

I’m not even sure what I’m talking about anymore, my mind is muddled nowadayswaving

Recently I’ve been wanting to go the school library more.


It’s quiet and almost empty during the early mornings, so I like going there by myself before my class starts. Somehow I’m able to get more work done therealpacaIt’s probably because it’s nice and cosy and I have no choice but to behave in public. Sometimes at home I start moaning a lot when the stress comes inneko

Anyway, last Friday I did a lot of photo-takingcameraAs the photographer, not the subject.

I did several shooting jobs for school, and it was fun because I got to take a lot of different kinds of photos. On that day there was a big school carnival too, so it was extra busy that day. And at night I took photos at an education seminarnekoIt was my first time shooting that sort of event, and I butchered the unspoken dress code by wearing shorts without realising it wasn’t a good idea to.

But it went well in the end, and I brought back free ice creamheheI actually enjoyed it a lot because I was free to walk anywhere I wanted to take pictures. I felt so important



I uploaded a new cover yesterday.kirakira


Rain (´ー`*)


↑This is my face right now.

It’s still early for class, so I’ve parked myself in the school library for a while. I’m guessing I don’t have time for a decently long post, but I just felt writing something in my blog (nothing in particular, really).


It’s come to Friday—the end of the first two weeks in school. By this point I’ve already slipped into another dreary routine of getting my work, procrastinating, finally doing my work and then pausing for occasional eating and sleeping in between.

It’s just a thought, but I miss the vacation times and being able to be myself at home.




I made it again last weekrabbit

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