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Pancakes in Banana and Berries Paradise



I’m celebrating my own belated Pancake Day with a stack of whole wheat sprouted grain pancakesgirlMm, healthy. Until I pile on all the butter and maple syrup and sugary fruits. But the flour packet said 22g extra whole grains, so that’s got to count for some nutrition.

Then again I’m not highly qualified in the field of healthy eating, which is where my mother (a legit nutritionist) steps in. Which also explains why we have all these strange variations of flour like spelt and buckwheat and ground almond with a 40% blend of millet instead of just plain flour.

But they still produce pancakes, so that’s all I needhurhur

Photo 26-2-15 10 56 31 pm

Today’s post is a short one—student duty callscryThere’s a scary amount of studying I should be doing but my productivity inevitably wanders off course all the time.

Like you know, when I decide to make pancakes for lunch because they’re so quick and easy but spend almost an hour choosing toppings and artfully decorating them so I can take pictures later.



Chinese New Year 2015 ☆


It’s the first day of the Chinese New Year! Or the Lunar New Year, as it’s also called. It’s a huge occasion here, so there’re lots of festivities and tradition going on during this period. This year it’s especially good because the first two days of Chinese New Year are on a Thursday and Friday, which means we’ve got a four-day weekendhappy

Yesterday we celebrated the eve with the usual reunion dinner, so my family joined a gathering with all the relatives. We saw them again this morning, when we kicked off all the visiting.


Some cute traditional sweets! These aren’t actually the main ones though; there’re jars and jars of pineapple tarts, cookies, peanuts and all those dry snacks, but my throat decided to go all sore on me before I got to eat any of them.


Look at all the heaty snacks behind that I can’t have…I’m just going to eat all the healthy mandarin oranges instead.


This was my outfit for today! Since it’s Chinese New Year and all I went with the customary red, and wore something simple underneath my cardigangirlAs for new clothes for the new year, it’s just my dress. Which is from the kids section at Uniqlo haha.


I’m really worn out from the past few days of work and studying and today’s visiting, so I think I should just go to bed now. The second day of Chinese New Year isn’t so busy for me, so it looks like I’ll just be spending time at home with my familysmile(and studying. Sigh)

Happy Lunar New Year to you if you celebrate it! And to everyone else, have a good day tookirakira

Rilakkuma Macarons and Cookies

My posts seem to be alternating between food and fashion now.


The other day I had the most adorable macarons in the world. They were a special Rilakkuma shape with chocolate cream sandwiched in the middleheartThere were other characters like Doraemon and Hello Kitty that I debated hard over, but at the end of it I had to play favourites and Rilakkuma won. By the way, I bought these macarons from a stall at school! I liked them so much I wanted to buy the other characters the next day, but they were all gone.

Speaking of school, it’s the last week of lessons before our exams! And today was the presentation for our final year project; with that we concluded over four months of hard work. Now it feels kind of surreal and like I’ve lost my purpose in life.

But I’m sure I’ll find it soon again since exams are in a few weekshurhur

For now, I’m just relieved that the final project and everything else is over! It’s been so many months it’s almost unsettling to not have to do it anymore.


These cookies are representative of my three group members, because I’m full of gratitude to them for the past semester. Except I’m too shy to say it directly…so I made cookies in their likeness instead. (Sometimes I think I have dodgy ways of showing my affection)

But really, I’m thankfulcryheart

Today’s Outfit Menu: Girly Casual


Busy day, busy week; I’m here to drop off another round of outfits! This time the coordinates are made up of a sweet style with lots of pastels and light colours. I’ve been in a bit of a girly mood the past week or so.


This coordinate’s a little of a girly Liz Lisa style—without all the frills and lace. I’m wearing a pale pink knit top with my white tulle skirt, and softening the look even more with brown ankle boots. It’s a sort of fluffy, demure look, but with cut-out shoulders and ribbons for some extra character.


I’ve been liking this kind of outfit a lot recently. A white top, black shoes and socks topped off with a berry red beretkirakiraThere’s something endearingly cute about these items together, so I keep going back to them when I feel like dressing up a bit girly.


The hoodie adds a touch of ruggedness, but it’s still soft and pale grey and has a relaxing charm to it. Together with the pastel pink skirt, they make up a girly-casual coordinategirl


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