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Nana’s Green Tea

good evening

I studied with Ju Eun today! We worked on an assignment together.

As usual we messed around and laughed a lothappyBut it’s all right because we did get our work done. Study dates aren’t conducive without a bit of fun, anyway. Otherwise we’d just be a pair of stressed out bricks.

It rained in the afternoonrain


Before dinner we made a quick stop at the Kumamoto Fair in the supermarket. I adore these food fairs because they’re like a little festival and during the Japan ones they bring in Japanese chefs who smile and welcome you to their stall while they do things like chop tuna up in front of people. I ate nishime manjuu—steamed bun with my beloved bamboo shoots as a filling.

We headed to a Japanese café called Nana’s Green Tea for dinner after that!


The two of us shared everything just to be kinder to our stomachs and our wallets.


Curry udonheheSomething warm to start us off. There’s always some sort of cosy feeling with curry udon.

And then there was this.



It might possibly be the best dessert I have ever seen.

So it deserves a close up.


There’s a cake in it. A cake.

And a blizzard of matcha ice cream, whipped cream, cornflakes, vanilla ice cream and a lot more sweet stuff (plus guilt) stacked on top of each other. This is the kind of thing that I’d use the word fantabulous for. A good point was that the ice cream stayed frozen for quite a long time, which was just as well because we took forever to take pictures.

Then we scooped it out bit by bithappy neko

It was a sweet addition to our study date. Even though we were doing work it was still funheartI think we took a lot of pictures. Haha. It’s a requirement between the two of us.

But of courseneko



Chiso Zanmai


The week is over. But the semester still rages on, so I barely even have weekends to take a breather. Two more months till the holidays! ← kinda sad countdown

Last weekend I went to a Japanese buffet place called Chiso Zanmai with Ju Eun to do coverage for another article. Yay, more good foodhappyKeeping in line with our theme of affordable eating, we scoped out the (relatively) cheap restaurants to check out. I wouldn’t say Chiso Zanmai was cheap, but it was pretty affordable compared to others for that quality of food!



They also had matcha tofu as one of the appetizers, which I thought was pretty unique because I’d never heard of it before. I wasn’t sure how it’d actually taste, but it was really good!happyThe tofu part might make it sound sloppy, but it had more of a pudding texture. The green tea taste wasn’t that strong either so it all ended up yummy.


And of course, desserts ♪ You know how I love my sweet things.


I liked how everything’s always bite-sized so you can try out different things and not get too full on each onehehe

It was a fun dining experience with Ju EunheartIt’s a good thing the prices weren’t too high because we’re clearly on a tight student budget haha. It’s too bad we went in the middle of the school term though…I want to go again during the holidays when we’re able to relax completelyheheAnd not have to worry about getting good photos for our articles. It took us more than ten minutes of snapping from different angles before we let ourselves eat.

Still like the last time at Hatched, it was nice stress relief for the time being!

The rest of the term is going to charge by. I hope I can hang on to it.


Some Kaya toast I had two days ago ↓


Yay for Singaporean food toolove



Eggs at Hatched

good morning

It’s so rare for me to blog in the morning. Something to start the day!

Recently I went to an all-day breakfast restaurant with Ju EunyeyWe were actually there to cover for a school assignment (a food magazine!), so went to review the place. I think we ended up enjoying it a lot more than we should.

The restaurant was called HatchedchickIt’s cute because eggs are their specialty and the menu is based on them. Ju Eun and I had a hard time deciding between all the different eggy dishes.



These were the two main dishes we sharedhappy nekoIt think it was too much for us…but still yummy.

And as a treat, dessert.


It was my first time eating a lava cakeloveI got really excited about it. Haha.

Even though it was for schoolwork, I’m glad I got the excuse to go out for a rare dinner! Sometimes these things come in useful, though I end up relaxing more than I should be doing my work. But we all need some leeway once in a while anyway.


I had a great timeheartLet’s go out again! In September when school ends haha.

Recent coordinates ↓



They’re completely different stylesneko

Although most of the time I just wear the same jacket-tshirt-shorts combo to school. Since I spend a lot of time in studios (basically lots of air-conditioning) I feel better about keeping warm so I wear jackets and stuff. And then I go outside and start sweatingnekoIt’s tough.

Well then!

I’ll end it hereneko


P.S. I created Bloglovin, so I’m trying it out here

Weekly Slice ☆


Suddenly I really want to eat taiyaki and custard buns. There’s a Hokkaido food fair at the supermarket near my school, but I’ve been too busy to try going there. I think it’s ending on Sunday…

The school semester is pretty mundane, so my blog posts haven’t been much latelyneko

There’s a lack of inspiration in writing tooshockI’ve had to do a lot of that recently for creative writing class. Since the assignment is five journals on a topic of my choice, I wrote about things like languages and my sport. I was halfway through my last journal about growing up, but during dinner I happened to eat my rice with the Genie spoon I got in Tokyo and I decided to write about Disneyland instead.

It’s a bit of an irony.

This is the spoon that led to my change of heart.


It’s the Genie from AladdinloveIt’s my most treasured spoon now.

I really love Disneyland after all ♪ Although I bought this one from Disneysea. At any rate, I love the entire Tokyo Disney Resort and their beautiful presentation in everything. The details.

Changing the subject…

I’ll post this week’s picturesneko


This was yesterday’s outfit. The top is a box logo tank top from snidelhappy nekoIt was a supplement that came with July’s ViVi magazine. It might be the nicest free gift I’ve ever had.

cat bag

I bought this one from Taobao. Those sleeping eyes are irresistible.


A cupcake I received as a treatnekoAnd alpaca.


The turtle melonpan that was so cute it took me ages to eat it.


This one’s a gift too. Macarons! Amazingly they’re covered in goldshock

Those are the pictures from this week!

Well thenshockI’m sorry my posts are getting shorter. I need to do something interesting other than getting cute food and taking pictures of them.


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