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Pre-Monday Blues

Weekends feel shorter and shorter as the year goes by ε-(´・`)

I’ll have to cram my assignments again (・o・*) Still, I’m glad the past week is over because it means my individual presentation is done with for a while. I had to give a speech on the topic of my choice, so I spoke about gymnastics and why it deserved appreciation. I’m not good at speaking in front of people, but thankfully it went well (´ ▽`; )

I think it wasn’t that bad because I actually enjoyed it. Lame as it may sound, gymnastics is special to me and one of the few things I’m proud of(*´ー`) Hopefully I managed to convince my tutors and classmates of that.

Irrelevant picture of the ramen I ate last week

Yesterday after my speech my friends and I went to Gardens by the Bay! It’s a new attraction here, and actually pretty nice. Since we’ve been basing our graphic design assignments on it, it feels good to see that it exists in real life and not just on a computer screen d(^^*) We were there for inspiration, and lots of photo taking.

Taken by my friend!

Even the train station was artistic, there were murals everywhere (o゚▽゚)o

Which, of course, were just giant opportunities for photo taking.

Oh what pointless fun I have.

It was a great way to end the week. I’m not looking forward to all the deadlines this week, but at least I’m closer to my vacation now! And I should start writing more often again.

On a side note, I watched The Amazing Spider-Man sometime ago. Andrew Garfield is cute


Hi again

Nine days since I last updated, that’s not good (*´ο`*)

Ever since the second term started we’ve just been getting more and more assignments. I don’t think I’ll ever get a day off at this rate. Even if I could slack off, I’d feel bad because my results don’t seem much more than average to me. The only good thing is that I’ve gotten a few As recently, and I’m doing okay for everything in general. The bad thing is that here ‘okay’ never seems like it’s enough.

(´・ _ ・`)

Studying is tough because I’m the kind of person that gets distracted way too easily and ends up cursing everything that comes from school. I think I shouldn’t have an excuse because this is the course of study I chose myself, but then again I never believed it was going to be easy either. Everything needs effort (´ω`。)

Still if I want to graduate nicely, I should just suck it up and keep studying.

The semestral exams are coming next month. That was fast?! Time flies too fast, and deadlines die too fast.

Yup. I’ll make sure I stay alive.

Anyway, I cut my hair again. It was the last time I chopped off my hair until it grows long again ☆

Bangs and shoulder length hair, how very ordinary. But a good change, so I’m happy with it for now. ☆ It’s not quite a short cut, which is good because I can never look good in short hair. When I was younger I looked like a mushroom until I was about 10 and began insisting on my rights to longer hair.

In other news, I ate soap, earwax and booger flavoured jellybeans today. Uh.

Time for dinner (o゚▽゚)o

I should start finding more things to blog about since my social life doesn’t really exist these days.

New week!

It’s the start of a new week! The past week wasn’t good for me, especially the last few days. I became really moody because a lot of things frustrated me (・_・;)But a lot of things have already cleared themselves up, so I’m in a fairly good mood again.

School started again, and there are still more assignments for me to do…resolution for the rest of the semester is to not procrastinate! (needless to say, it’s already falling apart)

This week’s highlight is…


I wore a seifuku (Japanese school uniform) to school. ☆

It took me a lot of guts to actually wear it because I’m extremely self-conscious out in public.


The stares were worth it( ̄▽ ̄)I made myself stop caring for just a little while about what people may think about me, so in the end wearing this to school was fun.

On Wednesday I went to Ikea with my friend to eat lunch before writers’ club! More food pics as usual…

Ikea meatballs


Apple pie~

Yesterday I went to Chinatown with my two friends! Before that we had lunch at a restaurant. It was funny because I had a birthday dessert to redeem, so we went in to eat a free dessert and left (;∇;) We’re such cheapskates.

Free chocolate banana sundae!

We had more good food after that too ♡

And then we went shopping around Chinatown. A lot of shops were selling 3 items for $10, so we bought some things together.

I actually bought a kiddy tiger watch. Gah (*゚O゚)ノ There were lots of animals and shapes around, and I couldn’t decide between getting the tiger or the snail or the cat. But yup, the tiger came home with me.

I bought this cheap bracelet too (^-^) There was another one with silver roses, but the stars looked nice on this one.

That’s all the pictures I have off my little shopping time. As for today…

I cut my hair again ( ̄ω ̄;) Initially I intended to just cut my bangs, but then I decided to chop off a chunk of the length too. Now it’s a bit like a bob.

I definitely won’t cut it anymore! While I enjoy my short hair, I’ll wait for my long hair to grow back again(゚∀゚*)

Yup ( ・ ω ・ )

Time to do my assignments. I’ll do it properly and sleep early, so that I can start the week on a good mood! It’s really important, because being in a bad mood really isn’t fun at all. Always good to cheer up! \(^o^)/

P.S New cover is up ☆

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