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Sketching, sketching ~ ♪

no school again today! technically it’s a school day, but i don’t take the physics exams so i don’t have to go. whoopee-doo ヽ(´▽`)/

so i just went for my boring old tuition again.

but before that i got to do more drawing! did three sketches, i’m pretty proud of them ~ i don’t usually colour in my sketches because i’m terrified of ruining them. so i just leave them as they are, i think they look better in black and white anyway. here are the three i’ve done so far ☆

a sketch of yukina and mami from watashi ni xx shinasai

these are from mamacolle.

and then from tooyama ema’s oneshot.

i ended up making the dresses a lot plainer than they’re supposed to be in the original picture, because i have no idea how to draw all those frills and lace thingamabobs. i did try a lame attempt at lace, but it doesn’t make much difference.

still, i’m happy with what i did! it’s been a long time since i did proper drawing, drawing makes me happy ~ and it’s a mom-approved pastime too. it’s just that i’m very, very slow at copying out the picture.

oh, i got a birthday present for my friend too! pink marshmallow bunnies. but they’re so freakishly pink and sugary that i’m not sure if she can eat them. still they’re cute and that’s what matters (  ̄ 3  ̄ )

“i can always eat them for her…”


Looong Day

the day’s finally (almost) over, and i’m back home now!

tuition in the morning again, wheee. but this time my tutor gave me tomato seaweed snacks, so it was okay for me to munch along as i did my math.

after that i didn’t really have much to do today, except study a bit more.

haaaa but at the end of it all i’m tired. so is toto.


going back to MSN(^O^☆♪


another lazy day today, but i managed to study more than yesterday! clocked in sufficient hours, so my mom took me to the bookstore as a treat.(^O^☆♪

kinokuniya’s by far one of my favourite places to go to. it’s one of the biggest bookstores here, and it stocks english, japanese and chinese books. normally i go there to read/buy novels, but i regularly visit the ‘idol shelf’ as well, where you see a small selection of idol photobooks and magazines. there’s a fairly big section of AKB stuff, but there’s also a single shelf dedicated to H!P photobooks, so i like going there just to stare wistfully.

today i just went to peep at the idol shelf again, and read. managed to finish one novel before i had to go home! that’s the great thing about kino, they pretty much let you use the place as a library, and most of the books are unwrapped so you can just sit down somewhere and read.

after leaving my cosy home-away-from-home, i went home again and saw my brother bought a new toy on a whim.

he’s not showing it, but he’s really scared to death.

a watermelon ball from the market.

Buono Concert!

i watched the live buono! concert streaming on youtube today! i didn’t really like the song partenza much before, but then after seeing them using it as an opening, i’m hooked. because the opening was amazing.


live concert streamings are fun ~ it’s a long shot, but i really wish they’d stream aichan’s graduation ;__;

toto watched the concert with me.


on a less exciting note, i got new clothes!

a (really short) pink ribbon skirt, a strawberry t-shirt, and a cat t-shirt. so much pink…but i really love them, especially the strawberry shirt. yum.


i love saturdays because i get to wake up at 9am. there’s just this relaxing feeling i get when i wake up and realise it’s the start of the weekend.

i don’t joke when i say i don’t have a single free day though. i had chemistry tuition this morning, so i had to go there for ‘fun learning’.

but it wasn’t that bad, my tutor gave me jagabee!

toto wants it.

om nom(^O^☆♪

i guess that’s all i’ll write for now.

oh, right…the last s/mileage event just ended. sakichy ;___;

It’s Apple Cake.

hello! this is my personal blog, and this is the first post.

*cuts ribbon*

i think this is my 8th blog or something, because i’ve had several over the years but they all died. except my other personal blog which i used for 4 years, but i decided to stop using it because the blogging trend in my country also died.

i don’t need to introduce myself or anything because there’s already a little chunk in the sidebar, and more in my about me ☆ section up there! if you can’t remember, i’m either Apple Cake from H!O or PurinLoveXO from Youtube!

as for my name, i don’t know what people normally call me. sometimes i’m Miu, and sometimes i’m called by my real name. it depends where you come from i guess.

so yes ☆

more introducing below…


this is Toto.

▷ . Cheryl

A university student in Tokyo who takes pictures and puts them on the Internet

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