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Good Morning

It’s the start of the Chinese New Year today! Which means lots of visiting and eating and getting red packets. Sometimes I think the good thing about being Chinese is celebrating the new year twice. Although this year it’s mostly over the weekend, so I only get a Friday off schoolhmm

Anyway, a slice of life from last weekcakeToday’s just a quick update!

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Photo 4

My brother made me spaghetti for dinner. He had too much of it so I got the leftoverslaughBut even so they still overflowed. Just look at that heap of pasta. It’s like a mountain.

Photo 5

Café day with my mom one school daylove girlI ate it for the first time in a long while. There’s nothing more comforting than rice and curry, really. I mix them around and it tastes like pumpkin-flavoured goodness (that was a pumpkin curry).

Photo 3

My school coordinates have been getting plainer. The temperature in the studio hovers at 15℃ and I whine about it every week but still wear shorts because I’m that sensible. But hoodies are the answer to everything, so there you go.

Photo 2

It’s white and fluffyRabbit

Photo 6

A wild nasi lemak appears!neko

I’m in the car on my way to the next house for visiting now. This year I’ve just eaten a pineapple tart from the pool of new year goodies.


But I’ll expect there’ll be more to follow. Well then!



Tsukada Nojo & their Hotpot


Recently I went to Tsukada Nojo, a Japanese restaurant that’s famous for its beauty hotpot. There was a lot of hype about it; it sounded interesting so I went to try it with my family.

And it was tasty!girl tongueI’ve been there twice now.

The bijin nabe (美人鍋—beauty hotpot) is so named because of all the ingredients that supposedly help beautify a person. I don’t know how well that works, but I ate it more for the fun of seeing the pudding-like lump of collagen melt.

Tsukada Nojo

That’s collagen from organic chicken bones all piled up in the potdiet nekoI know some people might find it alarming, the way it’s piled up like that—but I’m being honest when I say it’s delicious.

Tsukada Nojo

When all that collagen melts, the result is an extremely tasty soup (really, I could’ve just come for that alone). The waitress then comes back to pop all the ingredients in. They follow a specific order of putting them in to make sure the hotpot’s as delicious as possible. Such carehappyIt looked gorgeous with all the vegetables and mushrooms and tofu and everything else propped up in the bubbling pot.


Noodles come with the hotpot, so we got egg noodles.


Bijin nabe is the signature dish, but there were other yummy side dishes. The nikumaki was amazing—fat, fluffy rice balls wrapped in baconlove rabbitIt was like biting into sauce-drizzled happiness.

They did a really good job at presenting the food! And I like Tsukada Nojo even more because of how fun they are with customers. They have a loyalty system that treats customers like office management—on the first visit you get a mock Assistant Manager business card with your name on it. After another visit, you’re promoted to Manager and get a new card. And then it goes on and on as you keep visiting—if you visit enough (i.e. lots of) times, you eventually become the President. Not for real of course, but I thought it was a cute way of getting people to come back.

On my second visit I got promoted to Manager! I’m doing wellhurhurAs reward for getting a promotion, there were appetisers on the house. We had edamame and fries.

34077ea1-a7f4-46ba-a5f8-3332c3c27d4c a9a19a81-f390-4354-bf69-46359d080c68

They were delicious toolove

The service was great. We were served by a young Japanese waitress who was went out of her way to be friendly and chat with us as she set up our dinner. At the end there was a complimentary dessert plate too!

IMG_4257 2

The dessert was just tiny jelly cubes, the main point was the message and illustrations drawn on in chocolate sauce. They really put a lot of thought into details like these to make customers happy. It was adorablecryheart

If you live in Japan or Singapore I hope you’d try out this placeheheIt’s good for a treat once in a while, and to have fun during dinner with friends or family.

the end

Weekly Slice


Happy Sunday! The week went by quite quickly, I should think. I went through several projects, particularly bigger ones like the radio and TV studio practicals. They were worrying, but I’m glad I had the weekend to loaf around a bit.

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This is the last of the pound cakes! I took it out and spent a while taking pictures because the Keyuca gift box of cakes are splendid works of art. Sometimes I think they ought to be put up in museums instead of sold and eaten.


This was part of my project at school. We took pictures of toast being eaten up to use as stop motion footage in our videocameraIt was hard keeping the toast in the exact same position every time we took a picture, so we stuck the plate to the table with sticky tape.


During school my friend played a little with my hair and did a waterfall braid for me! I’m highly impressed because when it comes to hair styling I am an absolute amateur. I’ve tried faffing about with it but a ponytail’s just about the only thing I can do.


Recently I’ve been bringing bars for a quick bite during school because there isn’t time for much else. They’re actually pretty fillingnekoLarabars are quite my favourite. They look like that because they’re essentially fruit and nuts smooshed together to make a bar. Totally nutritiouskira kira


Though on Saturday I was busy too, so I had another small lunch. But I like plain English muffins. They have a vaguely comforting tastebearSometimes I stick some butter in if there’s time, but usually I have to dash off so they just become take-aways from home.


And then it was my brother’s birthday sometime during the weeknekoThere wasn’t a party or anything, but I got a cake so we ate it as a family (in celebration of him). My brother’s already 22, but he’s had the same birthday cake since foreverkiraHe only likes pandan kaya cakes. It’s something of a traditionsmile(unlike me who doesn’t get cakes unless they come complimentary from the bank)


Yep, that’s a digest from the past couple of days. I’ve been more and more preoccupied with taking pictures, so my camera roll’s already a bit stuffed with irrelevant pictures. Maybe I can beat my personal record from last year—I think I had over 3,500. It’s a bit of a bother since I only have so much space in my phone, but I like scrolling through pictures when I’m bored. Something to keep me going! As I always say.

I haven’t been taking coordinate pictures though…it’s come to that time of the semester when I start wearing the same clothes repeatedly without realisinghmmBut. Chinese New Year is coming soon! That means new clothes, so I’m eagerly awaiting the end of the month.

I’m ready for the new weekcry



good evening

Last week I received souvenirs from several people! It seems like a lot of my friends went somewhere during the short vacation. I ended having something of a present exchange with my friends and I giving each other little souvenirs. I didn’t go anywhere, but I gave cookies and New Year greeting notescookie


Bon got me personalised Peter Rabbit chocolates from London! This one’s actually just one piece out of a whole set with my name spelled out in chocolate squares, but they’re too cute that I don’t want to eat them all yetShy


Nameko biscuits from Esther who went to TaiwanloveShe gave me other small treats too—Taiwan always strikes me as a place with lots of really good snacks (my kind of place).


Gillian, Jialing and Nigel at school gave these to me! Thank youhappyI received a lot of alpaca-related things. My friends know me well.


My teacher went back to his hometown in Japan for the new year, and he brought these Kansai souvenirs back. Raccoon manjuu and okonomiyaki-flavoured senbei, which were both very tasty.


Ju Eun also brought me back presents from her two weeks in KoreagirlShe got me this lovely black dress but I can’t post a picture until I wear some leggings underneath because it’s a really short dress (although I sent her a picture privately lol).

So here’s some pictures of when we went to eat dinner insteadbear


We had our beloved curry.


We had a fun time catching up and talking lotsshyIt was a good thing we managed to meet up last week, because this week’s going to be even more hectic. I’m still doing my countdown to the next vacation! It’s not that I don’t like school or anything—quite the contrary—but I feel better when I think about finishing the school semester quickly.

I should get on with my assignmentcry

Before that, I’m just going to drop this here…

It’s my cover of Morning Musume’s “What is LOVE?”. Morning Musume ’14, I mean.

See you next post!


Hello, 2014!


It’s the new year! And how was the first week of 2014?

On New Year’s Eve I went to school in the morningalpacaIt got so cold in the studio that I bundled myself into a hoodie for the rest of the day. Better to be a dumpling than frozen. At night I went to church and we counted down to the new yearkiraWhen it was over it was already late, so I stayed at a friend’s house together with a big group of people. I managed to stay awake almost the entire night, somehowsmileThough maybe it doesn’t really count because my mind felt like cotton wool.

But it was a great day and night even if I was exhaustedlaughIn any case it was better than the previous year when I spent the countdown in the bathroom.



It’s the first cake of the yearcakeA tiny one to bring me through the day. The year just started, but it’s going to get busy now. Since I’m in the middle of the semester, it’s peak season for all the projects and assignments. I need occasional sweetness to keep me going—visions of late nights are dancing in my head right now.

I’ll do my besthurhur


Here’s to a good new year to everyonesmileOne of my resolutions was to stay in good spirits as much as I can and be more appreciative about everything and the people around me. That’s a standard one for sure, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be happy!

Also I want to keep up with blogging throughout the year. I’ll work towards getting better pictures and better contenthappy

Happy New Year

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