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The exams have ended! 

I immediately felt refreshed when it was over ☆ That’s a huge load off my shoulders. Now I think I can spend more time relaxing. There’s no school until the second semester, and that’s a month or so away What a fabulous feeling.

It’s the end of the first semester in this school. Four months have gone by—it feels like it’s been forever even though time passed so quickly. (tsk such a cliché feeling) In four months I was able to make great friends, and get exposed to a different sort of school culture. I’m enjoying it Of course there were a lot of things I didn’t enjoy like the mad rush of assignments and exams and whatnot, but you can’t ever have an easy life anyway.

After the exam, we went out to eat at Chomp Chomp, a food centre near my home 

We shared the food. I also bought tapioca for myself because I love tapioca.

After that we went to eat ice cream and just chill out  We went to Udders, where my friend previously had a part time job at. It’s a pretty nice place, and there were walls for us to draw on. So of course we drew on them.

It was good ice cream, haha. Now I feel like I ate a lot today  But I think it’s okay to be a glutton when you eat with friends  During the holidays I’d probably stay at home most of the time, so I’d just be eating home food. That feels safe.

Good times with good friends! (There were only five photos with friends so I just put mine there, sorry.)

I’m going to sleep now. During late nights I always get a book to read myself to sleep, it’s comforting.And since there aren’t anymore exams, I can have a peaceful sleep too ♪ Tomorrow is the first day in a long while I can sleep in and not do anything! But I think I’m just going to watch Pretty Little Liars. Guilty pleasures that I don’t have to be guilty about anymore

During the holidays I’m going to try and blog more



Study break at 11.35pm

It’s amazing how I was able to study until now. Usually I K.O. after a short while  But then again, the subjects I’m studying this time aren’t entirely dull. Better than equations, I always say.

Today I had my first exam! It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t fantastic either. It felt like a B—but then when I feel that way I usually end up getting something worse. I’d like a B at least, please My GPA hasn’t been in good health lately.

I studied relatively hard for this exam tooYesterday I went back to school just to study in the library again. This time I picked a quieter spot, so it was nicer to study in. The best part is I eventually got the whole row to myself.

And I discovered a way to get myself to concentrate…I listen to the rain Not literally. I go to Youtube and listen to 75 minutes of thunder and rain. Maybe it sounds strange, but it really does work for me because I feel like I’m in my own cosy world. And then if I want to feel melodramatic I just open a new tab and play some depressing piano music over the rain.

So far it’s working out fine for me

After today’s exam, I stayed back in the library to study with my friend for a few hours ☆ We found a somewhat dark corner for ourselves, so it fit great with my rain and thunder. Fabulous study environment, really.

The photo with her was botched, but it turned out surprisingly cute and she liked it

Ah well. Wednesday is my last exam, and then I’ll be free for a while I’m already getting into the holiday mood because we’ve ended lessons for the semester. Sleeping in is a beautiful process.

For now I have to keep studyingstudy

Study Week

I shall try posting with emoticons today

It’s Study Week—the school gave us the time off to study for our exams. It’s been hard for me to study at home, so I tried going back to school to study. At home there are too many distractions

The school library’s a great place to study when there are few people, because I like being in a quiet and empty environment. Unfortunately it seems like during study week everyone comes back to the library to study

Still. It’s more conducive than home

For today I went to Bon’s house to studyIt’s been a long time since we last saw each other. She gave me souvenirs from Taiwan and I gave her a belated birthday present that I made myself. She loved it, so I’m really glad

Thank you so much ♡

We ate a lot of snacks while we were studying too.

I think I ate the most

There were caramel corn, Pepero biscuit sticks, and some pastry biscuit stuff from Taiwan…

Vanilla Ice Cream and Almond ☆

And then Bon’s dad gave us zong zi (Chinese rice dumplings) too. Gyaaa It all tasted so good and now I don’t think I have much space for dinner. I keep eating too much, oh well

Recently I got some new H!P goods

A good friend gave me this as a birthday present a while ago…an amazing Zukki keychain ☆ I clipped it onto my bag immediately. And I have friends who ask me who she is and said she was cute, so I’m glad

Another friend gave me all his Maimai photos—it’s a lot of photos! That’s really generous, so I’m grateful too.

All gifts are precious to me, and I appreciate every single one of them. It’s not just the gift itself, but the thought that started with it. Knowing that someone would think of me enough to give me something makes me gladThat’s the kind of feeling I hope I can give to others too.

Yup. Study time again! Boo. Hiss.

(good grief what an emoticon-spammed post)

Seishun Domannaka

In the midst of youth, the lovely teenage years
We live each day without worrying
I keep my dreams big and glorious
But right now
My stomach is growling~

Morning Musume – Seishun Domannaka

The stomach growling part is true (・ω・`)

Hello again!

Next Friday I’m going to have my first exam. In the blink of eye, the end of the first semester is approaching. It’s really fast…there are different feelings to it.

This is reality though( ´д`)

But reality has good food too, so that’s fine.

I still have 3 years in school to enjoy this wahoo

My teacher baked cupcakes for the whole class. How nice (´ω`。)


Everyday feels the same in some way to me—school, eat, sleep, school, eat, sleep, repeat until semester ends.

I think I’m slowing down in everything else (*´Д`)

I haven’t been writing in this blog, writing my stories, keeping up with all the H!P news and whatnot…and whatever else I usually did in my free time. It’s not like I don’t have any free time at all, but when I have the opportunity I just go online or flop onto my bed. I procrastinate even when it comes to things I love (ノ∇・、)

Still, exams are coming soon. When they’re over, I can relax a bit(*´ー`)

In the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of ups and downs (a euphemism for mood swings, ho-hum) and it’s made me think about a lot of things. Sometimes I felt grateful for everything, and sometimes I just felt like setting something on fire. Everyone gets like that, don’t they? (´・_・`)

I won’t let anymore people decide what I should do, or how I should behave. I’m not saying I won’t try to please everyone—but if it still isn’t enough, then that’s all I can do. I want to do things because I want to do it for myself or others, not because I’m forced to.


Enough babbling anyway, it’s a bit irrelevant but I just had to get it all out.

Highlights of the past weeks ☆

My friends and I went to Gardens by the Bay again to take pictures for our assignment σ(゚ー^*) Since I borrowed my brother’s DSLR, it was fun taking pictures.

I’m still an amateur, but I really liked the feeling of snapping away with the DSLR (*・∀<*) It makes me want to go out during the holidays just to take photos in random places. Yup, I think I’ll do that ♪

Also, did you know how fabulous the colour of cotton candy ice cream is?

It’s so pretty (⌒囗⌒) Initially I wanted to try the more uncommon flavours like peaberry or lavender, but cotton candy was too irresistible.

Mmmm (○`〜´○)

Going out for an assignment is a good excuse to relax too. Unlike Wednesday, when my class had our first formal presentation (゚д゚)

We had to speak in front of two teachers, so I was a little worried about how I’d do( ̄O ̄) In the end it was fine though. I’m glad I had a great group to work withヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)

That’s one big obstacle done with! Phew ε-(;-ω-`A)

Sooo. In today’s news…

I ate a butter and seaweed sandwich.

I know the ingredients sound questionable, but it actually tastes good. Two slices of bread, a lump of butter and some nori seaweed in the middle(*´▽`*)

Well then~ ヾ(*・∀・)/

▷ . Cheryl

A university student in Tokyo who takes pictures and puts them on the Internet

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