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Panda Snacks in Ueno

Hello! I’m going to write about Ueno today, but it’s not going to be a travel guide telling you where to go or what to do.

Panda in Ueno

It’ll be about where to find panda-themed food insteadpandaThe Ueno Zoo is a famous attraction, and the panda is a pretty iconic mascot for Ueno. So you can find it in lots of places—on signages and street decorations and logos and all over the restaurants and cafes.

This is the Panda bun from Wholesome Bakery in L’UENO, which is right opposite the Shinobazu exit of Ueno station! They have a lot of other cute animal-shaped bread too and I did buy a chocolate bear bun, but I think I’ll just keep it to pandas today.

Panda in Ueno

Inside the station itself (near the JR tracks), there’s a big shopping area called ecute that has lots of restaurants and souvenirs.

A bento shop called Tsukuasa sells this adorable Panda Bento for when you’re in need of lunch to go on a long railway journey. Remember how I always raved about ekiben? I wish I could get on a shinkansen from Ueno just so I could buy this train bento. It’s a panda. Complete with a torso and little seaweed armsheart

Panda in Ueno

Soft Panda cheese cake from Boul’mich! This was so delicious I almost want to include the picture showing the cream cheese and sponge cake oozing out after I cut it openhurhur

Panda in Ueno

This was my favourite! Quatre, a patisserie that sells amazing pastries and sweets, makes this Panda Purin that’s exclusive to their Ueno shop. Pudding just feels so much more complete when it’s capped off with a little panda head.

Panda in Ueno

Anya Hiyoko sells obanyaki, which is another one of my favourite Japanese snacks because it is essentially taiyaki but just not in the form of a fish. It’s just a simple, round pancake and not as sophisticated as a taiyaki might be with its scales and tail, but these have a panda on them. So they’re greatgirl loveThere are different fillings, but I got custard!


I saw a number of other panda-themed snacks and food around Ueno (like udon and steamed buns), but I still haven’t gotten the chance to try them yet. If I can round up enough I want to make a part two! For now, these should be plenty if you want to get as much panda as you can out of your Ueno experiencekirakira


DIY Cute Food!

I’m going to recommend more food!



On Saturday my friend came to visit me at home and keep me company! Thanks ManatsuheartWe both love cute food and taking pictures of them so that’s exactly we did. Except we took it to the next level and made everything ourselveshappy


We started off with the sweet stuff, and this is probably my favourite from the bunch. A panda lying on top of fluffy star-shaped pancakes surrounded by bananas (what a mouthful to say)pandaManatsu worked her magic and painted the panda’s whole face with chocolate. That’s some serious art skillkira kira


We made heart pancakes too! It’s the thick sort so it took a long time to cook, and got really brown haha. And then after that we just artistically placed a lot of candy around it to make it look prettygirl


There’s never been a cuter baumkuchen than ours. It took a long time to think of how to decorate them but eventually they turned into a bear and Totoro! There were only marshmallows and chocolate sauce on hand, so we had to be resourceful. Still as long as you can tell what they are I think they turned out goodsmile


This is a polar bear sitting in a pool of curry. He kept tilting dangerously backwards, so we had to be perpetually stuffing more rice behind to give the poor bear some back support.


We turned my favourite Sumikko Gurashi character into curry rice too! Since I ran out of plates it became a bento haha. But I think it looks cosy this waygood


By the way, it took us five hours to make all of thishurhurIt was supposed to be for lunch, but then it ended up as early dinner. Though that’s also because we spent a long time arranging everything and taking pictures; the pictures were getting darker and we realised the sun was setting haha. Which was actually okay because it just meant we saved on lunch to have a big dinnerdiet neko

And it was a lot fun making everything together! I think we made it pretty cuteloveSo if you ever want to do something like this you can look at these for ideas! You just need a few ingredients and a good friend who shares the same patience as you.

Back to the Shirokuma Cafe

Remember this place?

Shirokuma Cafe

I came back to the Shirokuma Cafe! The first time I went was back in May during vacation—this time I came after school with my friends. We had Saturday class so this is how we decided to make up for it. By going to a cute cafehappy

Shirokuma Cafe

It’s starting to get chilly (about time, really) so I got a hot matcha drink with Panda-kun staring up at me. Also next to that is the free coaster that I got to take homesmileThe characters on the design are random and I was hoping for the panda one, but I got the grizzly bear instead…I guess I can only try again the next time I pay ¥600 for a drink here.

Shirokuma Cafe

Last time I had Panda-kun Hayashi Rice. This time I shared a plate of Penguin-san’s Seafood Mixed Fry! Breaded squid, yum. Also the penguin looks like something I want to try to recreate at home.

Shirokuma Cafe

We finished with dessertkirakiraPanda-kun roll cake! It’s such a simple roll cake but just adding a panda face to it makes such a difference haha. But to give it some credit it was actually delicioussmileThe cake was fluffy and the cream inside was even fluffier. Eating that much fluff just makes you feel like floating awayneko

Shirokuma Cafe

My friends let me take pictures of their food too! There’re other main dishes and desserts that aren’t dolled up with the characters, but they look just as attractive on cameracamera emoji bearA big chunk of the dessert menu is made up of parfaits and ice cream.

Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe

Choosing what to eat is always a problem herehurhurWhen I came here alone it was hard because I could only try one item on the menu by myself. But since I came again with friends I got to see what the other dishes were like, and it was a lot more fun being with everybodyheart

Shirokuma Cafe

The start of university in Japan

Exactly one month ago I moved to Tokyo! One month down, 47 more to go. Maybe 48 if you count in a leap year along the way. But yeah, I think I can safely say I still have a long way to go (and lots more desserts to eat).

Everyday life in Japan is lots of fun and I still haven’t gotten tired of taking the trains and going to the conbini and listening to the people around me talk in Japanese (dream country and all). Sometimes I do get homesick, but it’s been better since school started because they’ve been keeping us so busy.

Japanese School Lunch

Also, cafeteria lunch = comfort foodhappyMy meals here usually cost around ¥200-300 (maybe a little more if I really load up the tray), and since I have a few discount coupons from the student co-operative I’ve been paying almost nothing for the past few times I’ve eaten there haha. There’s a good variety of Japanese food, and the salad bar is a lot of fun (by the way I never had this kind of cafeteria in my schools so I’m just kind of fascinated by everything).

Apart from food and all that, I’ve been getting a kick out of every other new experience at schoolkira kiraThere’s a lot of freedom to explore and most of the classes are keeping me entertained. The only thing that’s being difficult with me is the timetablerabbitThe class scheduling process has been heinous and I had some trouble with the course registration…but it should be getting settled soon, so hopefully the dark days are over.

Anyway, I guess one of the more exciting parts of starting school has been meeting a lot of peoplenekoSince the orientation weeks I was able to make new friends who are all really great people. Thank you for talking to me and being coolcryIf there’s ever a time to grow out of being shy, it’s university. There’s a different group of people to meet in literally every class I go to, so during the first week I had to start over again and again. Speaking up in a big group is hard for me; it just feels easier to open up in a smaller space. I really hope I can get to know people bettergirl shy

Japanese Toast

And I really need to break up the text. Look at this toast! It only cost ¥50 plus jam!! If you ever need to find a cheap meal, just head to the nearest university.

Getting back to the topic.

I’m still getting used to university life, but being in school and meeting people and eating good food on a budget is working out pretty wellgirl loveThe campus is huge so it’ll probably take a while if I ever get tired of it.

Also, my friends back home have been talking to me the same as usual so I still feel as close to them as always. Thank you technology, for letting me communicate instantly with my best friends and sending them awkward faces on Snapchathappy

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