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BAKE Cheese Tarts fresh out of the oven

Hello! School is so busy as of late I don’t have time to sit down at a cafe and have to make do with takeaway sweets. But I’m not really complaining when I can walk away with some of the best cheese tarts in Japan.

Bake Cheese Tart

Look at these two beautieskirakiraSo golden, so perfectly puffed, so photogenic even with a huge bite taken out of it. I’ve never gushed this much about a mound of baked cheese. And each of them was just a little over ¥200! Just being easy on the wallet alone is enough to make me buy more than one (I ended up with three).

Bake Cheese Tart

I passed by the store in Jiyugaoka; it’s a cute space but also grey and nondescript—nothing to distract from the hundreds of cheese tarts filling the up the counter. How they all look so flawless?

Bake Cheese Tart

Okay, it might have something to do with them being made by machines, but it’s so satisfying watching that little steel arm dollop piles of cheese and cream into the tart crusts. And it’s an excellent way of passing the time if you’re stuck waiting in the queue, which is honestly more than likely to happen. People just love these cheese tarts! (and so do I, which is why I willingly joined said queue)

Bake Cheese Tart

I’d been wanting to try BAKE’s cheese tarts since forever, and I finally got to go with my friend when we were in the neighbourhoodsmileIt was as good as all the hype and Instagram pictures made it out to be, so that’s one craving fulfilled.


Pompompurin McFlurry!

Pompompurin McFlurry

More character sweets in Japan! This time it’s a Pompompurin-themed McFlurry courtesy of McDonaldspompompurinAnd by themed I mean it comes in a cup with the character printed on the front. (But you know it’s enough to make me and a few hundred thousand other people buy it anyway)

Pompompurin McFlurry

Since it’s Pompompurin it makes sense for it to come in a caramel flavour. There were little marshmallow chunks hiding inside, and even more caramel sauce just to make it even sweeter than it already is. A good treat to myself! You know Sanrio’s power is strong when they get you to buy a McFlurry for the first time in almost a decade.

Kapibara Cafe!

Kapibara-san Cafe

I visited the Kapibara-san cafe in HarajukukirakiraIt’s another one of those character themed cafes that only open for a limited time, so I hustled over as soon as I had an afternoon off. Who knew capybaras could be so cute?

Kapibara-san Cafe

I had the Kapibara-san pancakes. Of course. They came with apple jam and vanilla ice cream (that little round bird up there), so it was a good combination of sweetsgirl loveThe pancakes could’ve been a little fluffier, but that’s when whipped cream saves the day.

Kapibara-san Cafe

Kapibara-san omelette rice with stew, yum. Just what I needed on a chilly fall day (especially after that ice cream). Now that I look at it it’s probably pretty easy to recreate at home—how hard can it be to wrap a mound of rice in egg and stick Kapibara-san’s expressionless face on? Inspiration comes at a price.

Kapibara-san Cafe

But the cafe interior exceeded my expectationssmileIt’s a collaboration with the Tokyu Hands cafe and they’re using the place as it is, which means everything has already been nicely done for them haha. But there were lots of Kapibara-san decorations around so that was a cute touch.

Kapibara-san Cafe

They really tried their best with the Kapibaras.

Kapibara-san Cafe

Honestly one of the things I liked the most about this cafe was the lack of queue. Kapibara-san doesn’t quite have the cult following that the Sanrio characters have, so it was highly refreshing to arrive and get seated right awaysmileBut still, it’d be nice if they got more appreciation because they’re genuinely adorable. Give Kapibara-san more love!

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