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Another Year in Tokyo

You really don’t get triggered to bring your blog back to life until you realize you’re about to break your monthly blogging streak for the past 6 years.

Snowman donuts are here in Japan! It’s Christmas! Before I knew it the seasons shuffled right past and it’s already down to the last week of 2017. That’s crazy. And so am I, a little bit, after the chaos of the past few months. Between school, moving, work and an assortment of miscellaneous happenings, my mind’s been everywhere except this blog. And that makes me sad

But! That leads me to my New Year’s resolution—not giving up on blogging. Even if no one’s reading this anymore (except you, kind visitor), I still want to keep this space of mine going for as long as I can write. I have pictures to show, thoughts to share and words that can’t fit in an Instagram caption. I mean, this blog is handy.

My surroundings have changed a little bit and so have I. One post can’t fit every gritty detail in a nutshell, but as long as I continue writing I think it’ll all work out. I’m still going to cafes and finding new places in Japan and taking pictures of all of it! Time management may not have been my strong trait this later half of the year, but I think I can let myself restart with the new year.

See you in 2018—I’ll still be here


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