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Almost a bento


Recently I’ve been collecting bento making toolsnekoI’ve always liked bento because of how packed and colourful the lunch boxes are, but I’ve never really tried making them. So I’m starting now ☆

There was some sort of bento fair at the department store, and there were so many cute tools that I took forever to decide. In the end I got three thingsrabbit


A mold for making tamagoyaki, which is pretty useful since I don’t have those rectangular pan things.


A panda sandwich maker called ShokupandapandaIt’s supposed to be a pun on shokupan, which is that fluffy white bread you get in Japan. I don’t have any shokupan, so my pandas didn’t turn out particularly desirable because of the flaky loaf I used.


And a Rilakkuma rice ball setrilakkumaI like this one a lot because I had first-time success with it unlike the panda maker and my unfortunate sandwich.

I never thought I’d ever shop voluntarily at the kitchen department, but there’s a first time for everything. And it’s all cute characters and stuff, so it still makes senseneko

Anyway, I tried all the tools I got! Except the tamagoyaki mold, I’m still clueless about that one.

When I made the panda sandwiches I had this fancy idea to turn it into a video like the ones RRcherrypie makes, but it seems like my pandas turned it into a joke instead. And I still uploaded ithurhur

Without normal white bread, I only had my rough (and lumpy) wholemeal bread to use so they came out kind of weird. I tried asking my mom for lighter-coloured bread but she wouldn’t get any because the brown stuff is healthier.

However, howeverkirakira

My friend brought me a few pieces of white bread from her home so I made them again!


This time I succeededalpaca

And then there’re my little rice Rilakkumas…

photo (2)

They turned out as the box said they wouldstunned

They were so cute I couldn’t bear to eat them. (ha, ha, ha, pun)

I wouldn’t mind taking a whole bunch of these to school in a lunchbox to eat, but I have no idea how much time I’d need to make so many. Three alone took me long enoughwavingBut it’s only my first time, so I’ll try making them again.

It’s surprisingly funsmile

Well then—




Dancing again ♪

good evening

I met up with Momo and Suzume today to practise for a collaboration coverwakuwakuWe danced a lot. So much that I haven’t felt worn out like this for a long time. Somehow it feels good ♪ When I was doing gym last time I felt sore everyday, so I’ve kind of missed that feeling haha. No pain, no gain? Now I’m just glad if I can lose some weightwaving

A picturecamera


I was really sweatyhurhur

But that was fun! Meeting other Singaporean girls who love H!P and dancing.♡

Now I’m waiting for dinner to finishing cooking. I’m hungry.

Yesterday when I was out grocery shopping with my mom I suddenly said I was hungry, so she got us a little box of baklava. I was a bit torn between keeping to my no-snack rule and eating it, but in the end I ate it because my mom got it especially for mecryheart


Baklava is so good. Sooooo good. If you’ve never tried them before I hope you do one day!! But if you don’t like sweet things then it’s probably a good idea to stay away.

Anyway, I have another small report from this weekneko

…it’s another dance cover →

I’m really getting into these, aren’t I? Mm, well. Since it’s the holidays I’ve been having more time to go out and film them. I’m trying to learn another one but I’ve become unbelievably slowgloom←maybe I’m too relaxed

Dinner time (´ι_`*)


Rainy day


It’s raining heavily nowumbrella


At the same time I’m writing on my laptop while listening to songs. I’m enjoying myselfneko

I don’t like being out in the rain, but it’s cosy when I’m indoors. Right now the pace here is nice and slow, so I’m totally relaxed. Moments like these are precious because they are virtually unheard of during school days.

Yesterday I went to Bon’s househeart

It’s been a while, so I was glad to go over. We ended up watching a lot of videos on her computer but we talked lots at the same time so it’s okaygrin

Customary 2shotkirakira


By the way, that’s Honey the alpacatumblr_md2bzpse6x1qid2nw


Ah~ Cute. And so fluffy (*´д`*)

Changing the subject…

I started a diet recently.

Because I gained weightrabbitIt’s really my own fault, because I’ve been snacking too much since last year. Thinking about it, those lovely pancakes at Hoshino must have been the ultimate blow. But that’s okay since I’m starting to cut back on food. The effects can be pretty fast when you simply don’t eat snacks in between meals.

It’s a reliefcryBut yup. That’s something like my health report for the week.

bye bye



Yesterday Ju Eun and I went to a dance studio that we rented for two hours. We were the only ones in that particular building and it was dark so it was creepy and cool at the same timehurhurIt’s rare for both of us to use a big space so we danced a lot.

Of course, it’s all just for our own funneko


Twin tails because I sweat a lot. Haha.

Shoes weren’t allowed so my feet were stripped down to sockswaving


Panda sockspandaIt was fun slipping around the studio.

And my coordinate:


2shot with Ju Eunkirakira


That’s my report for yesterdayclap

Today I went out for a while and I saw the old Central Fire Station. It looked nice against the sky so I took a picture ↓ This kind of charming architecture in Singapore is hard to come by nowadays.


Also, a picture of jelly that I ate a few days agosmile


Lastly! I uploaded another cover yesterday ✿


Check it out here →

Sorry for this messy posthurhur

see you

Another week


I’m enjoying all the quiet mornings during the holidays now. Taking my own sweet time to get out of bed is a good feeling indeed.


Also, an incident happened last weekalpaca

My friend P and I went out, and when we were coming back to my house it suddenly started to rain just as we got off the bus. Even though we were almost right outside, there was still a long way to walk under the rain so we decided to stay put.

But the rain just got heavierrabbit

After a long while of waiting, something happened outside the bus stop that made us step out of the shelter. We were instantly drenched, so we decided we might as well walk back home since we were already wet.

We took a stroll in the heavy rain togetherrain

Last time we used to talk about walking in the rain, but I didn’t think we’d actually ever do it. Thankfully neither of us caught a cold ♪ There’s something liberating about getting soaked.


Anyway changing the subject!

I filmed two dance covers in the same week. For the first time I used my DSLR for them! Ju Eun went to the Botanic Gardens with me to help me film the first oneheartIt rained as soon as we got there so we had to wait in the shelter for quite a bit. That was troublesome, but when the rain finally stopped it left behind a rather pretty post-rain scenery for me to film in. You know, wet grass and all thatpanda

And then this morning P helped me film the other dance cover at the park outside our houses.


It turned out like that.

Watch it hereheart→


The last thing I did for the week was a café visit with my friend! We went to one of those indie cafés to relax over lunch.


It’s inspired by a Japanese café inspired by a French café. Something like that.

I liked it, anywayyeyIt’s one of those cafés that have a nice cosy setting to make it feel more homey.

This is the place we sat at ↓


I loved the ambience of the place. The food was great too; I adore all-day breakfastssmileEspecially thick French toast.


The only thing about the L’etoile Café was that their service was a little on the slow side. But somehow I didn’t mind so much—I got the idea that this was a place for people with plenty of free time anyway. If I had a good book (and sufficient money) I’d come here again to eat and while some time awayeat

My lunch partner that day↓neko


So all was wellkirakira

It was a good week after all. So far I’m not exactly wasting my holiday (which is a relief).



upI wore my starry top out but the stars can’t even be seen in the picture so I left my camera hanging there to make the outfit look less boring haha.


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