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Skirt Full of Sweets

Hello! Today I’m featuring a coordinate just because I got a new skirt. But not just any skirt—quite possibly one that defines who I am. It was a random find that I hadn’t planned to get when I went out on a whim to accompany my good friend on her shopping trip.


As soon as I wear it the whole outfit just becomes completely girly. So I decided to go along with it and pop on the beretgirlSince you can’t see the skirt properly I’ll show it up close…


There it is! It’s a print of all sorts of delicious sweets and fanciful text, which is just about the most perfect pattern for a person like me who is devoted to her desserts (you know how much I love them). I usually like my clothes without any showy designs, but there was no question about this one. Especially when I saw it was on sale at $15hurhur


And here it is even closer up. There’s such an assortment of yummy pastries that it’s highly captivating just to look at every one of them. Have there ever been cuter illustrations of cakes and macarons?neko


Speaking of sweets, I had this slice of cheesecake when I ate lunch at a cafe the other day! Since the flavour was lavender, it was the prettiest pastel shade of purple so I fell prey to it immediately. But it tasted as good as it looked too; the honey in the cheesecake was a really good touch. Plus anything with biscuit bases is a winnergirl


Breakfast and Today’s Outfit Menu


It’s been a few weeks since my last outfit post. Here’re three as usual! I haven’t been shopping for a long while so I’m just mixing up the different items in my wardrobe (my creativity is getting stretched to its limit).


Thanks to the red skirt there’s a pop of colour in my otherwise typical outfitkira kiraIt’s yet another expression of my love for the red and blue colour combination. The skirt contributes a feminine touch to the whole ensemble, but my good old denim blouson keeps it casual.


This time the outfit is toned down with more subtle shades of dusty green and pink in softer textures of material, but the striped top on the inside still adds some character. It’s another combination of colour and pattern that I love, because it’s sweet without being too girlylove girl


Although this one is probably pretty girly already—it’s a very fluffy sort of look with dreamy pastel shades. I wore black shoes with neat white socks for a preppy kick to the outfit’s meek look.

So these are some of my recent outfit coordinates! I think I need to think about expanding my style more and doing more than just rotating my skirts and jackets around.

And this is what I head for breakfast the other day.


It’s not just a random steamed bun. Every single time I have breakfast with my dad over the weekend, I always eat a fat, steaming red bean pau. It’s a symbol of our companionshiphappyThough I think I’ve already mentioned this in a blog post before haha. I just really liked steamed buns. (Unless the filling is meat, which I’m not too crazy about)

Today’s Outfit Menu: Girly Casual


Busy day, busy week; I’m here to drop off another round of outfits! This time the coordinates are made up of a sweet style with lots of pastels and light colours. I’ve been in a bit of a girly mood the past week or so.


This coordinate’s a little of a girly Liz Lisa style—without all the frills and lace. I’m wearing a pale pink knit top with my white tulle skirt, and softening the look even more with brown ankle boots. It’s a sort of fluffy, demure look, but with cut-out shoulders and ribbons for some extra character.


I’ve been liking this kind of outfit a lot recently. A white top, black shoes and socks topped off with a berry red beretkirakiraThere’s something endearingly cute about these items together, so I keep going back to them when I feel like dressing up a bit girly.


The hoodie adds a touch of ruggedness, but it’s still soft and pale grey and has a relaxing charm to it. Together with the pastel pink skirt, they make up a girly-casual coordinategirl


Today’s Outfit Menu: Rich, Juicy Reds

Hello! Oh look, it’s Wednesday—I’m a little nearer to my weekend posting goals. A lot of times I start writing a post on Sunday night but end up dragging it through a couple of days until I finally finish it because on school nights I use up what little creativity I have on my assignments.

Today it’s a fashion post of outfits featuring red items! Red has that really warm, cosy image that reminds me of winter, so I like to use it in my coordinates while the season is still going on in the rest of the world. (Again it’s just me being envious of all you countries with four seasons)


This one’s a somewhat girly, demure coordinate with the extra punch of red and black shoes. The skirt was a sale item from Lowry’s Farm—yay for discounts, nay for the fact that Lowry’s Farm is closing all stores herecryI’ve always gone to them for my Japanese fashion fix, so I’m feeling an extra big loss here especially after Dip Drops announced their closure too.


I love logo sweaters, and this is one of my favourites because it’s such a deep, bold shade of red. Sweater and shorts coordinates are perfect because they’re so easy to pair, and they’re a casual and solid combination at the same timegoodThis time I wore my black knee-high tights too for extra definition.


This was a last-minute coordinate because I’d been wearing my formal clothes for a presentation at school, but I didn’t want to spend the day in that rigid office-like attire. So I substituted my high-waisted shorts and cosy red cardigan and just left the formal top, which wasn’t quite so formal anymore underneath all that casual goodnessgirl


That’s all for today’s post! Now I can go to school in peacenekoSee you next week!

Tiny Me

Wishing for Winter Fashion

Hello! It’s only a week into the new year and my life is back to being clogged up with school assignments and projects. But I hope 2015 is treating everyone far so far! I’m curious to see how it’ll play out for me; change is in the air. I can already smell my impending graduation.

Starting off the year with an outfit post! These are three of my recent favourites from the past couple of weeks—lots of white and fluffy layers and the occasional beret, because I’m determined to dress like it’s winter.


(Top & skirt: Lowrys Farm/Beret: NICE CLAUP)

One trick to do so is to wear long sheer sleeves so you don’t melt away on the inside. I paired the plain sheer sweater with my stripy skirt, and topped it with a red beret for a pop of colour.


(Sweater/skirt: Dip Drops)

This is a comfort coordinate for those days when I just don’t feel up to putting together layer after layer. A fluffy knit sweater, pastel pink skirt, black shoes, and I’m good to gokirakiraPlus the whit knit makes me feel all soft and cosy.


(Jacket: LDS)

I injected summer into this coordinate with the oversized denim sailor jacket, and popped it over my cat print dress. It’s dressy and casual at the same time; I think it’s useful to always have a jacket and dress on hand for easy pairing.


This is a new year for me to try different styles! Shopping for my favourite Japanese styles seems like it’s going to be even harder, because Lowrys Farm and Dip Drops (which I visit a lot) are closing. I guess just have to keep trying to think up different ways I can coordinate the clothes already in my wardobe.

Year End Wrap-up!


Hello! How’s the year ending for you? I got to spend time with my family over Christmas—just what I wanted!—and have been counting down to the end of 2014 since then. I’ve also been doing lots of baking, so the bulk of my gifts to friends and family is in he form of cakes and cookies (see below).


I even attempted some form of a Christmas cake by slathering white frosting (for snow) over my standard pound cake and placing strawberry santos and a gingerbread man in one happy festive village on top. Unfortunately I forgot about the whole hot-from-the-oven thing and my snow melted and the little santas (mistakenly made with frozen strawberries) started bleeding juice everywhere. But at least I got a photo before it all went to shambleshurhurAnd it did taste good, once you got past the mangled decorations.


Okay! Anyway! Moving on from faulty festive cakes.

I was reading the Christmas cards and notes I got over the holiday, and they made me feel inexplicably warm and fuzzy. I’m just sitting here in a little bubble of bliss thinking about the people I’m so blessed to havegirlThanks to them, at the end of the year whatever bad moments there were in the past 12 months don’t matter so much.

It seems to be the peak period for reflections and resolutions now. I like looking back at the year and everything that happened. Of course I can’t remember all of it; the moments that stand out to me the most are probably the ones that I can remember without checking though my blog archive.



The biggest part of this year was my internship! I spent six months as a newspaper journalist. I blogged about my experience herekirakira


Meeting people

Throughout the year I also met lots of new people—acquaintances in school, colleagues, interesting interviewees at work, dancers from Japan—and gained a few surprisingly close friendshipsheartTo these new friends, I’m so glad I met you. I’m still as shy as ever, and I am doubly grateful when I click with people.


UK Trip

As soon as my internship ended, I spent ten fabulous days in EnglandhappyThe trip took me from London to Manchester to Leeds to Oxford. It was my first time being in the UK, and my first time going on a school trip.. Read the blog posts starting from this one here!



Even more then last year, I’ve been regularly recording the outfits that I wear. I used to just do simple snaps in the mirror with my phone, but took it up a notch when I started working. It made me think about changing my style to fit in with the grown up world better, and I began to use my camera to take pictures of my outfit every single morning. Even after going back to school I still do it almost everyday because I love trying different styles and combinations of my clothessmile


These are some of my favourites! This is the year I started wearing skirts so much haha. It’s literally a personal record; before I’d only ever wear skirts and dresses once in a few months. It’s certainly an evolution of my feminine sense.


Food Photography (the iPhone kind)

Similarly to my outfit coordinates, I became even crazier about my food photos. 2014 saw me taking pictures of almost anything edible I got my hands on.


And that wraps up my last blog post of the yearhappyThank you for reading! I hope you have a very happy new year and I’ll be back in 2015 (much sooner than it sounds).

Schoolgirl Fashion

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post. This time I’ve curated a few coordinates based on a classic schoolgirl look; recently I’ve been into a bit of a retro style with striped ankle socks, Oxford shoes, and long skirts.


(Top: LDS/Skirt: Primark)

 In Japan there’s been a big boom in midi length skirts for a while; rightly so in my opinion, because they’re at a perfectly quirky, feminine length and are particularly flattering when high-waisted.

This pleated grey skirt is one of my favourites with an adorably vintage look, like it’s part of a timeless school uniformkira kira

The white sweater also gives such a fun pop of character and colour with its big red heart. You can’t see the words, but the heart has School Girls are Forever printed across it. That just about sums it all uphappy


(Top: Dorothy Perkins/Skirt: Dip Drops)

Tucked into a simple black skirt, the collar top gave the outfit a whole earnest, honour student kind of feeling while keeping it sweet with its light pink colour.

Also, this shirt was from London! It was love at first sight, though it took the whole night to convince myself. We’d been walking along Oxford Street and concentrating on getting to Primark (i.e. shopping chain of legends) a couple blocks away. But it wouldn’t let me go easily; I thought about it the whole time up till while having dinner, and the minute I put my tub of Pret a Manger risotto down I went back to get it. If this isn’t love I don’t know what ishurhur


(Top: tricolor/Skirt: Lowry’s Farm)

Unlike the previous outfit, I tried making this a modestly cute look; I kept things simple with a sweater and navy striped knee-length skirt. The colours came together rather companionably, and the whole set-up turned out nice and cosysmile

And the footwear remains the same throughout for all three coordinates. The socks and shoes combination rounded out the whole classic schoolgirl-inspired look well, and it’s so versatile I can wear it with almost any style. Unlike clothes I have no qualms being a footwear repeater, by the wayneko


Well then. In other news, Christmas is coming!

Will you be doing anything for Christmas? I’ve been happily soaking in the festive season and enjoying the school break (while conveniently ignoring my assignments), so I really wish it wouldn’t end so soon. But at any rate I’m looking forward to the 25th and spending the day with my family.

Merry Christmas in advance!girl

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