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Somehow I feel uneasy when I leave my blog alone for too long.

It’s been toughcoldI’m trying to remember what happened during the past week, so the photos might be a bit scattered. Even though it’s busy, I’d really like to find the time in between work to blogneko


This is my coordinate form sometime this week. As Mai always says, it’s a casual style ♪ The mask is there because there was a bad haze over the whole country last week. We needed it to keep the smog outmaskWhich honestly was fun in a way because masks are so rarely worn here, but mostly it was scary because I could barely see the buildings around me. The whole country was grey for a whileshock


Despite that I still had a treatkirakiraMy dad bought mille crepe from the Hokkaido food fair at the supermarket. I adore it to no end. All those layers of soft crepe and sweet cream.


Mille crepe has to be one of the best desserts in the world (but then again I say the same thing about a lot of them). Since they were on a sale my dad got a few flavourssmileIt seems the expiry is one year later, so I can even save one for my next birthday.


This was my collage diary for last Wednesday. My classmates and I filmed our movie at an outdoor basketball court that day, so I was in a cap againdiet nekoAlso, that’s the mountain of panda sandwiches I made for our cast members. Somehow it was enjoyable getting up at 5:30 in the morning to cut out 30 bread pandas.

But the filming was intensely tiring, so that wiped us out for most of the weekalpaca

Yesterday Ju Eun came to my house, and by the time we had dinner and finished some work it was already late so she ended up staying the nightnekoAn impromptu sleepover! I did a live stream on Twitcasting for the first time, and it was fun as the two of us. So fun we stayed up longer than we should’ve even though there was school the next daysweat


Back to my work…



I’m eighteen now☆

…or so it seems.

More than a day of me turning a year older, it was a day of receiving kindness from peopleneko

To all the friends who sent me birthday greetings,

thank you

There’s a lot I want to say but I can’t express it properly here—some things are best exchanged personally.

So here’s a collage of food ↓


I was given a lotshock

See that one at the bottom? That’s a salted egg custard bun. I don’t know how you think of it, but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t adore it. It’s a soft bun with sweet and salty custard that oozes out when you bite into it; I never get tired of theserabbitIt’s like biting into a tiny pillow. Yum.


It was another great weekend where I didn’t have to worry so much about all the school work. Off time ♪ I’m grateful to the friends who took the time to surprise me on SaturdayheartI was genuinely surprised when two more friends appeared. That was fungrinAlso, I got to eat my beloved cake.


upThis was my outfit! Look at our abnormally long legs.

From here on, I want to make good use of being one year older. Realising that I only have two more years of being a teenager makes this short time left precious. 17 was a good age, but now that I’ve left that behind I can only do my best at being 18 too. ☆

By the way, this was my last cover as a 17 year old ↓

My goal is to become Yattaruchan nowneko



Weekly Slice

↑ this should be my standard title when I don’t know what to write

Good Evening

The two-week mid-semester break has started! Or at least, I think it has. I still find myself going back to school for projects and meetings. That’s strange.

alpaca←this face again

On the day my test ended, I went out for a movie with Ju Eun. It was a sudden decision, but we went to watch Platinum Data. Oh NinomiyaloveAha. Since we went at the last minute I thought we wouldn’t make it, but the movie started as soon as we sat down. Good timing ☆


We treated ourselves to mochi tooneko


I’m grateful for that one day we could let ourselves completely relax for a little while.

So many things have been going on that it completely slipped my mind that I’m turning 18 soon. In a week, wowdiet nekoSomehow I’m reluctant to turn 18…17 sounds like a nice age—it’s neither too young nor too old, but at that comfortable carefree level of youth. I don’t want to leave that behind so soonneko

But it can’t be helped, so I can only enjoy my last week of being seventeenexcited

Today a friend lent me some CDs! I was able to borrow my favourite back number’s albums, and albums of other singers that I’d never really listened to before like FUNKY MONKEY BABYS and Oku Hanako. Since I like this kind of music, I’m really glad I can listen to their CDs properly.

thank you

Also, I received an early birthday present!


My beloved pudding, and Yanyan biscuit sticksrabbit

I’m thankful ♪


Well then. A picture from today ↓


Twintails ‿(*゚ー゚)‿

Can you see the emoji? It’s supposed to be me. Haha.





It’s the start of JunenekoIt’s also the start of test week from today.

But I’ve been studying more than usual, so I don’t feel completely lost. Good (*´ー`) After this I’ll have a two week break! Not that I consider it an actual break, because it’s really just time away from school to do more schoolwork. Hopefully though I’ll still have a little time to relax and do something enjoyable. I want to go out with my friendsyey

I only have time for a quick update today:')

Recent pictures ☆




Woo strawberriesichigoAnd a little bit of blueberries. An occasional bowl of sweetness to get me by.

Ahh I want to do a dance cover when school’s outneko


P.S. I made an for fun ↓

If you’re bored please send me some questionsdiet neko

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