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(My own little) Singapore food trail

Hello! For this week’s blog post I thought I’d take a break from all things Japan since, well, that’s probably all I’m going to be talking about for the next few years. It’s the usual ode to food—but Singapore edition. I don’t have eyes only for Japan…I’m still very much in love with my small dot of a home country. Also, this post feels vaguely educational but is still more of an excuse for me to eat.


kiraIced Gems

I’ve been buying these tiny biscuits since I was in primary school, which should say something about how cheap they are (or at least, used to be) if a 9-year-old could buy them with pocket moneyneko


kiraIce Cream

Exclusively sold in roadside carts by uncles! The ice cream is always chopped up into neat blocks and served with bread or a wafer in a cupkira kiraI always chose the former because it’s rainbow-coloured and I like bread. There used to be an ice cream uncle who set up his cart outside my school gate, and I’d buy one almost every day after school (how I didn’t get sick of it I’ll never know, but the teenage years are a mystery).


kiraTutu Kueh

There used to be a lot of pasar malams (outdoor night markets), and they all always had these steamed rice flour cakes with fillings like coconut and red bean. They’re small and light and easy to eat, so I guess that’s also why they’re sold in packets of fiveeating


kiraEgg Tarts

I liked eggs even before Gudetama came along. They’re yummiest when the egg custard is bouncy and pudding-y, and melts into the buttery crust. Whenever I get to go for dim sum these are a necessary orderlove girl



This picture might have appeared in my blog a long time ago haha. And I’m sorry but the rainbow Lapis Sagu is upside downcryKueh’s really something special, and the ones in this picture are only a fraction of the different kinds that are out there. Years ago my mom used to bring me a piece every time she picked me up from tuition class, so they gave me a good memory that waykiss girl


There are a lot of other local treats that I can’t fit into this post. Japan may have more cute food, but this is the stuff that I grew up on and love. It’s pretty sad I won’t get to eat them anytime and anywhere for a whilecryThere’s a Singaporean restaurant near my neighbourhood in Tokyo, but most of the dishes cost $10—in Singapore the same ones would cost less than $5 haha. Still, I have a go-to place for when I’m homesick and desperatediet neko

I’ve eaten my fill of home food and stayed clear of sushi and ramen. I’m ready for the Japanese foodhappyNext Friday I’ll probably post a quick update when I arrive, so see you next week!


JAPAN! An announcement

I don’t always shout out my titles with capital letters but when I do…
it’s to announce I’m moving to Japan.


Bam. A surprise! Or at least I think it is, to the greater majority of people reading this. More and more of my friends around me are starting to know about this, but I’ve been quiet about it for a long time until nowgirl

I’m going there to study at a university for four years. It’ll be my first time living in another country and I’m kind of nervous about being so far away from home. At the same time though, it’s JapankirakiraSo…I think you know what I mean haha.

When I first applied I did it with low expectations. I’m not an ace student and Japan seemed very, very far away. It was surprising when I got past the first screening, a miracle when I got accepted latercryEven so, making the decision was a headache. Before that I’d been set on staying home and studying at a local university I’d gotten into, until the letter from Japan arrived and shook things up. And I couldn’t choose Japan just because it has cute food and Disneyland and was my prepubescent life goal.

It’d be so boring if I wrote my entire thought process during the weeks it took me to realise I wanted to study in JapanhurhurBut you’re seeing the outcome of it. This is my decision! And I’m really grateful.

So here I am at two weeks to go before I take a plane to TokyoplaneNot quite ready, but still excited.


I guess I’ll find a companion in food?


I’m not that brave and neither am I super independent. I like to be near my family and friends and walk around the places I know. And I get really overwhelmed when I’m surrounded by too many unfamiliar people and things. But I also have a lot of adventures to look forward to and cafes to eat atgirl tongueWhat great timing too, because I was already running out of content for my Japan travel posts. Looks like I’m covered for a few more yearskira kira

Till now I’ve had the chance to go to Japan a couple of times. It’s different now and I’m not going on vacation anymore. How strange and foreign it feelsgirlI have to study hard there, but I’m really blessed to be able to do it in a country I’ve loved for so long it’s become a part of my character.

Throughout my life most people have always seen me as ‘that girl who likes Japan’ and all too often asked if I wanted to live there. My answer was essentially no because I’d get too homesick haha. But look what happened nownekoI wonder if I’m fulfilling some expectation here?

I tried to make this look like a travel billboard but my vocabulary is still limited. Maybe by the end of four years I’ll come up with a more inspirational slogan.

Tokyo Dessert Diary

Hello! Who’s hungry? There’re still plenty of yummy food photos from my Japan travels but a lot of them can’t make up a whole blog post by themselves. So I’ve found them a home in my dessert diaries, because they shouldn’t be hidden from the world.


Starting off simple with a classic Japanese-style parfait with matcha ice cream, azuki and shiratama; a lot of restaurants and cafes have this same dessert but no one ever gets tired of it.


One of the best dressed ice cream cones I’ve ever seennekoIt’s milky soft serve ice cream, coated with almond crunch and stuffed into an even crunchier cone. A spoon’s provided,  because they already know you can’t chomp down the whole thing cleanly.

By the way this shop is called Zakuzaku and they’re at Takeshita-dori in Harajukuneko


Their main attraction is actually the Croquant Chou, a long cream puff stick filled with sweet, silky custard. Aside from single portions they also sell it in packs of six, which makes sense once you’ve tried one. It’s addictively good especially when you go the shop and see it being freshly made in front of you. Zakuzaku even (kind of passive-aggressively) reminds you to eat it on the spot, by putting an “Expiry Date: Today!” label on all the packaging.


Pablo, superstar of the cheesecake world. Look at that creamy golden filling ooze out from the insidelove girlPablo lets you choose how gooey you want it to be, so your cheesecake can be either medium or rare. Kind of like a dessert steak. I picked medium because I like my sweets to be firmer instead of wobbly.


On one of the days my family went to a restaurant that I’d always wanted to go to because they had massive honey toasts in the window display. When we went inside and asked for a table, we got shown to a private room instead and found out it was a karaoke restaurant.

But we stayed because I really wanted that honey toasthurhurMy family did end up using the karaoke machine since we were already there and didn’t want to waste the experience. (Or it’d be like going to an aquarium and not looking at any fish, or something)

Even though I didn’t sing, I thought it was actually a great deal. The karaoke service in that restaurant is completely free and you’d only pay for your food, plus you get a whole room to yourselfgirl


This is the result of letting my older brother decide where we’d eat for lunch. After staking out his favourite ramen shop, he brought me to the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Omotesando for dessert. Or second lunch—it was big enough.

A slice of pizza coated with chocolate spread and topped with marshmallows torched into gooey softness. It’s a monstrosity. (I make it out to be a total scandal, but it was delicious)


Don’t worry, I don’t spend my days eating nothing but desserts all the time. Most of the time I’m eating sensible, ordinary food that just aren’t quite showy enough to make it to the blogneko

Acai Bowls and Hawaii Wanderlust in Tokyo

It’s a long weekend! Since this Sunday is Singapore’s 50th anniversary we’ve got Friday all the way to Monday off, like a big birthday present to everyone in the country. Which is great because I’ve been up to my eyes in work all week.

Anyway, Tokyo cafe report time!


I ate a rainbow in breakfast form.

I’d been seeing a lot of acai bowls on websites and social media. Even the Hello! Project members were writing about them on their blogs, so I wanted to taste one for myself too. This was the first acai bowl I ever tried, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s basically glorified smoothie and fruits in a bowl, and completely delicioussmile


This was from a place called Island Vintage Coffee in Omotesando! Trendy food in a trendy place, no surprises there. The cafe originated from Hawaii, so you feel like you’ve stepped onto a sunny island but with air-conditioning and good food.


It was a weekday afternoon when I visited so there were just a few people chilling with each other, some just with a book and their acai bowl. It definitely does give you an island vibekirakira(Though I can only guess, having never been to an island) The place feels like a beach resort, but you can still look at the view of Omotesando’s iconic street below and do some people watching while waiting for the food.


Of course, I went there specially for the acai bowllove girlThe blended smoothie, crunchy granola and fruits just smash together like a big, delicious group hug. Drizzle in the honey and your taste buds will explode and go on a strike until they meet this glorious breakfast creation again.

I got the medium bowl, which is already a pretty hefty portion. The large size is massive, so it’s probably more suited for sharing. And since I crave the satisfaction of scooping clean the bowl, medium’s just the right size for onegood


But aside from the acai bowl (clearly the queen bee here), the cafe also serves other dishes like salads and rice and waffles! My mom had the tomato basil soup set, which came with the usual friends of soup like toast and veggies.

Also they had these giant salads.


Really giant. This was the Pacific Ahi Salad, which came in a huge dish (bowl? vessel?) packed with veggies, fish, egg and bread. It was like eating a little island.


On the side, we shared a fruit smoothiekiraThe flavour was mango pineapple, which is just about as tropical as it gets. It tasted icy cold and refreshing, kind of like something you’d sip at while lying on a beach on a sunny day.


In front of the counter there’re shelves selling acai powder so happy customers get to make their own acai bowl at home! They even have the exact same mugs used in the cafe for sale for you to copy it right down to the last detail.

The merchandise includes jam and peanut butter and honey and coffee beans from Hawaii too!


Weekly Slice: Dessert Diary

Hello! I used to do a lot of food diary posts, but it’s been a long time since my last one (though I guess technically almost all my cafe posts nowadays are about food).

Fun fact: I am currently working as a food photographer. I love taking pictures of food so much I turned it into a means of livelihood. Plus so you know that I take these posts seriouslylove


My friends and I went to Hoshino Coffee for dinner sometime in the beginning of the monthgirl loveHoshino Coffee’s desserts are the stuff of legends. They have pancakes, souffles, soft serve ice cream, and everything else little children (and I) dream of.

There were too many I wanted to try, so I had both the vanilla souffle and french toast—one as a main course and one as the actual dessert. Which is probably not the wisest choice health, but it was a rare occasion and everyone shared itgood


And then on another day with my friends I finally got my hands on the Tai Parfait that’s been swimming around in my cravings since forever. Fun fact #2: Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancakes) are my favourite Japanese confectionerysmile(I might’ve said this at least once before but anyway it’s important)

Tai Parfait is the same favourite taiyaki of mine, except its mouth is wide open and stuffed with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate-dipped berries. I’m eating a dessert that’s eating a dessert.

Macarons are like the princesses of the sweets world. So dainty and delicate and totally expensive315179These were a treat I received! I rarely get such a wonderful chance to try macaronscryI feel twice as cultured just nibbling away at them. Usually I like taking bigger bites, but macarons are always so small they disappear in the span of two seconds all too easily.


My mom and I went to Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant in Singapore once; it was a weekday afternoon and almost empty. As great as celebrity chef’s highly acclaimed restaurants are, eating there can cost you an arm and a legneko

My mom and I shared a starter (which are big enough we ate them like mains) and a dessert together, plus we ate our fill of complimentary bread. And that’s how we walked out of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant with a happy stomach and a healthy walletgood

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