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Macarons & Cakes




Starting the post with these yummy things143720

Last week I did photography for a graduation ceremony! It was for a culinary school, which explains the excellent catering. I think I took as many pictures of food as people.

Marble Pound Cake

There was so much good food for the guests everywhere, I couldn’t stop being impressedloveI’d never seen an event with such a well-prepared spread. As expected of culinary studentsokayThe juniors actually came at 4am to prepare everything.


I really admire the quality they put into their food! It all seemed perfectly professional in my eyes. And in my mouthexcitedWhen there’re trays and trays of yummy desserts all around, you cave in eventually. But I still took my photo-taking seriously (in between bites). It’s a considerable achievement because out of the entire spread I only ate two macarons.

Ham and Cheese Scones

It was a feast for my lens instead. Food photography is seriously fun. I might have taken an unnecessary amount of macaron photos.

Seeing the way the students prepared and set up all those food made me think how great it was that there are schools that let you study exactly what you want to do. It’s great to have a dreamhehe


The students I saw were so clear about what they were doing, I wonder if I’m able to be that dedicated too. I want to produce amazing things the way they bake their pastries.

Like my photoscameraThere’s a lot to work hard on there.


Sorry to say I’m fairly amazed by myself for not eating more than two bites of desserts. It’d be great if I could take photos for a food event next time森ガール+顔+女の子_mOr get invited to another culinary school graduation.

I took a few quick snaps with my phone toosmilekira kira

Macarons and Mooncakes

What a difference. Oh, there were mooncakes tooheart‘Tis the Mid-Autumn Festival season. So those are the wonderful sweets I had the privilege of photographing (and the graduates, of course).


Some iPhone pictures from this week!



Also I updated to iOS 7 and I adore the new design. It’s so cleantreessheep

iPhone iOS 7

Well then I’ll end here today.

bye bye



Weekly Slice


Good Evening

I’ve been busy for the past week, so here’s a photo diary ↓


A fall-like coordinate! Even though it’s always summer herewavingFall looks like such a nice season; I wish I could wear big cardigans and tights all the time. It makes me wistful when I think about all the other seasons’ fashion that I miss out on since it’s almost always t-shirts and shorts here for me.


A rare treat from my mom—she brought back two slices of cake♡ And as it is, they’re both raw. I don’t know if that makes it sound like a turn-off but they were seriously good.


And the other onehappy

These kind of healthy desserts make me feel good when I eat them.


I’ve been studying Japanese too. All my pretty Campus notebooks are reserved for this purposehappy

correction tape

Cutest correction tape I’ve seenhappySo of course I bought it. Cute stationery always wins me over. Since they’re useful it’s okayokay


Risotto I ate for the first time yesterday with my family. How fancy!


So those are pictures I was able to take this weekrabbitI wanted to blog earlier, but I ended up being a lot busier than I expected. Which got me a bit miffed at first, but the week is over so I’m glad I have a day off tomorrow! It looks like I still can’t film my dance cover thoughneko

I’ve been waiting…

I need to think about how I’m going to arrange the coming weeksweat

Anyway, for now I’m going to get a good rest tonight and read a book.

See you



I went out for lunch yesterday. It was my friend’s birthday so three of us went to eat in townsmileIt’s been a long while since I met up with them!


A birthday waffleyeyOf course the candle got removed quickly.



Changing the subject…

Recently I’ve been into this manga.

ao haru ride

It’s shoujoheheOne of those typical school romance manga where the only thing the students seem to be concerned with is love. Hmm.

As air-headed as some of these stories can be, I really do enjoy themhappyIt’s because they’re so lighthearted that they’re fun to read, and I like all the sweet moments between the characters. High school students in Japan have such a fun school life (in manga, at least). They make it seem too easy to get boyfriends. If you get rejected by the most popular guy in school, don’t worry because his best friend (i.e the second most popular guy) will confess to you after that!

I can relax when I readheheExcept love triangles get a bit stressful sometimes.

Anyway, I recommend Ao Haru Ride and Strobe EdgenekoThey’re both by Sakisaka Io, and the main characters are pretty likable.



Vacation Time☆

And so it has begun.


The semester has ended! Exams ended last week, so there’s no school until the end of October for me. Good time to catch up on sleep.

Last Thursday I went out to eat some celebratory ice creamice creamWe had Baskin Robbins! Lemon mascarpone cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake. Sounds exotic, but it was a nice and refreshing treat. Both scoops had cheesecake bits in them which I really loved.


And then yesterday I had dinner with my whole family for the first time in a while! So we went out.


Xiao long baoloveI rarely get to eat these, so I ate two.


I might just end up eating my way through this vacationhurhurBut I’ll be careful not to do that. I guess I should exercise or things like that. Most of the time I’m just dancing now, so maybe that counts. This vacation I still have work commitments, but since I have a lot more time to myself now I want to be able to do some of the things I enjoy too.

I’ve been waiting for thiscry

Recently I’ve been reading Japanese magazines—they’re good for language learning and editorial inspiration at the same timeyey

I like Seventeen.


Aside from the fashion pages, it’s also strangely addictive reading about their high school life. It’s like, oh, that kind of stuff happens outside manga?nekoAnd I ended up reading it all night.

It’s a bit far-fetched to think my whole vacation will be like this (i.e. good food, lie-ins and magazines), but I think I should enjoy it when I can. Before the burdens come back next monthwavingSo I will properly relish all forty-eight days.

I need to think about what else I can blog about tooalpaca

For now…


I promise I only tried a little bit.



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