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Meeting Doraemon at the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum


I went to the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum! Fujiko F. Fujio is the manga artist who created the famous character Doraemon. So It may be known as the Doraemon museum to some, but the place actually also pays homage to all the characters and manga belonging to the maestro.

The journey into his world starts even before getting near the museum, thanks to the special bus that takes you there.


The only recommended way to get to there is by bus, because there’s no parking! But you wouldn’t want to go there by any other means because the shuttle buses that come to pick you up are adorable. My bus had Doraemon characters on itkira

The bus service can be used from Noborito Station, which is about 40 minutes by train from Tokyo Station.


Inside the bus, there’re tiny details to look out for like the Doraemon buzzer!


Or some trusty straps for you to hold on to when the road gets bumpy. The ride gets you more and more excited for the actual placesmile

When you enter the museum you start with the exhibitions dedicated to Fujiko F. Fuji’s life and work, and there all sorts of displays from original illustrations to a reproduction of his work desk. This is the section where no sort of photography is allowed at all, so you should just wander around and appreciate his creationsgirl

Anyway that’s why I have no pictures for that first part at all. But right after that I went on a photo-taking spree of every inch of the museum groundshurhur

If you’re hungry there’s a cafe that serves themed food and drinks! If you’re not hungry, you should still go there because it’d be a waste to miss it.


Doraemon sleeping on a pillowy chiffon cake with matcha ice cream, dusted with a sprinkling of kinako and drizzled with syrup.


I thought this was really funny haha. You have a smiling Suneo on the plate in front of you, with hair made of chocolate cake.


The drinks are just as good! I asked for hot cocoa because it was cold and rainy outside, and it came with the cutest latte art. It was a pity to ruin it so I spent the longest time being careful while sipping away at the straw.


Once you’ve finished a good amount, you’re rewarded with a hidden picture on the inside of the mug! Which was…handsome Gian haha.


There are lots of original dishes and desserts that can’t be found elsewhere, so even though I could only have a bit of it I still liked looking through the menuhappy


The cafe also gave every customer a sample portion of their original character dorayaki! Here’s a slice of Doraemon winking up at me.


After all that yummy goodness at the cafe, we went for a walk outside to explore Fujio F. Fujiko’s world in realitykira kiraIt was pouring, but they provide umbrellas for the visitors to use freely when they want to go out and explore the grounds. It’s so thoughtful of themcryThanks to this I could still properly enjoy the museum in the outdoors.


The iconic Dokodemo Door (one of Doraemon’s many convenient gadgets) was right there! Though I walked through it but still came out onto the same place.


Perman relaxing on the grass (even in the rain)! I didn’t actually know the character Perman by name until after coming to the museum; he was created much earlier and is a lot more low-profile compared to the Doraemon and friends that everyone knows.


Heading back inside for some warmthargh bearThis part of the museum is a reading room where you can just sit down and relax with any of the comic books on the shelves. Doraemon keeps you company and reads along with everyone too!


Even the bathroom signs were cute—the characters get more and more urgent the nearer you get to the bathroom. It’s a good indicator of distancegoodThey used Shizuka for the females and Nobita for the guys.


The last bit before leaving is the souvenir shop! There was so much Fujiko F. Fujio character merchandise, especially Doraemon, so I spent a long time choosing what to buy. There was something for everyone, whether it was figurines or comic books or kitchen tools or sweets (definitely an all-purpose winner).


These Dorami-chan cookies were so sweetlove girl


In the Doraemon series Gian is notorious for his terrible singing, so I found it really funny when I saw this row of CD records. But instead of real songs it turned out to be chocolates insidegirl oh noHow thoughtful of them.


Every corner of the museum was special. It was impressive by how diligent they were in putting in all sorts of special details even if they’re not easily noticeable, like this tiny carved brick in the wall. Seeing all the care and love that was put into this place made me appreciate Fujiko F. Fujio’s works even morehappy girl

Since I was a kid I read lots of Doraemon manga and watched the series on TV. For a while the bookshop at my primary school even sold mini comic books for a dollar each, so that term I ended up buying one every week. It’s a part of my childhoodkirakira

But whether you grew up knowing Doraemon or not, it’s fun enough to get to know the artist’s characters and step into a storybook world for a little bit. And of course, foooood. Going to the cafe is absolutely necessary.

Tips when visiting the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

kiraGo only at the specific time slot you reserved with your ticket. You can’t enter before that, and everything (from the cafe to the exhibition to the shops) is inside the museum itself so if you end up going early you wouldn’t have anything to do.

kiraEat at the cafe with more friends, so that you can try different items on the menu!

kiraOn weekdays, it’s a lot less crowded so you can walk around in peace and quiet.

kiraDon’t worry about going through the museum in sequence. It starts with the exhibition of Fujiko F. Fuji’s works from the entrance, but since it’s a self-guided tour you’re free to explore at your own pace. So if you want to take pictures with the sculptures or eat at the cafe first, or go back to an exhibit again, that’s fine! But once you leave the shop at the exit you can’t re-enter so make sure you’ve done everything you wanted to.

Weekly Slice: Yogurts and Books

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Weekly Slice post about everyday life, which by now is saturated in the holiday mood. But because I need some excitement during the day, recently I got into eating yogurt. Over the many grocery trips I follow my mom on I’ve gradually accumulated a good variety—there’re ten or so tubs sitting in the fridge now. So I thought I’d share some of the ones I really liked!

(Also I have good news at the end of my post hehe)


kiraDreaming Cow Honey Pear Yogurt

It was the packaging that got to me firstnekoShow me anything with cute illustrations like that and it’ll go straight into the basket. Plus I have a weakness for flavours that are a combination of sweet things—honey and fruit together are glorious.


kiraDreaming Cow Dark Cherry Chai Yogurt

Same brand, but this time the flavour is a little bolder with the spice of chai. With that and the sweet cherry, the taste was nice and richsmileAlso that purple cow on the tub is really funky.


kiraAlmond Dream Yogurt with Coconut

The packaging isn’t nearly as cute, but this turned out to be my favourite one because I am an almond fiend. With the coconut, it was super creamy and filling for such a small tub and I couldn’t get enough of itgirlAlmond is one of my most loved flavours, so I like to get my hands on anything that has it.

Also, I know there’re books in every picture but they’re not just props haha. I always read when I’m eating by myself! Recently I’ve been having book-borrowing sprees at the neighbourhood library.


This was a bunch that I got a while ago. It makes me really happy when I spot a potentially good book. The only problem is that when I get lots of hardcovers it becomes a pain (albeit worth it) to lug them back home because I have to walk while carrying them all.

There’re two books that I enjoyed the most, so I’ll recommend these!


kiraLove and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

I thought this was a pretty slice of life story; the charm was in the protagonist and her eccentric perspective of the people around her. There is nothing I appreciate in a book more than a witty voice. If you like good dry humour, give this one a try!


kiraParallel by Lauren Miller

In this book it was the storyline that sold it to me. After a collision in parallel worlds, a girl’s life gets drastically altered as it becomes affected by the decisions made in her alternate life. Whenever I read books about parallel worlds it always gets a little trippy, but it was a fun ride of suspense to the end of the plot! I love easy science fiction that’s diluted down in a contemporary, more relatable setting. Check this book out for some thrilling plot developmenthappy girl

So these are some of the things I’ve been enjoying.


As for my news, well…

I’m going to Tokyo next weekheartIt’s been a long while. Since my dad is working there now, I’m going to visit and stay with him so I’m really happy I get to do that. I’ll be there for around a month—I’m planning lots of things to do and meetings with friends! Next week I’ll be blogging from Japan so please look forward to itgirl tongue

Christmas Cookie Candle


I’m here to talk about the favourite thing I bought recently! Though I’ve already given the game away—it’s sitting right here at the top of this blog post.

So, yes! I bought a Yankee Candlelove girlIt’s the first candle I’ve ever gotten, and before this I never gave any thought to buying a candle at all because of my prejudice that 1) its sole purpose is to look pretty on Pinterest and 2) it is a fire hazard.

Well, it is still a fire hazard. Just an incredibly good-smelling one. (That’s my prejudice burning away along with the candle, by the way)

I got the Christmas Cookie candle in a small jar, and it is the most amazing smorgasbord of butter, vanilla and sugary in one scent. I love it so much that I put the jar next to me and pick it up every few seconds just to inhale that sweet buttery goodness. Is that healthy? I probably won’t even burn it until next Christmas because I can’t bear to use it yethurhur


Supply & Demand: Pasta and…BBQ Pork Gelato?


The other day I had lunch at an Italian bistro called Supply & Demand!

That morning I’d gotten off to a bad start because my tripod went missing (how do you lose a metre-long thing with three legs?), but I met Ju Eun in the afternoon and so all was well. Nothing carbs and conversation can’t fixnekoI had a massive plate of spaghetti (that is to say the plate was huge, the pasta portion was okay), which was veggie aglio olio sprinkled with lots of yummy olives.


The word cichetti, I found, meant side dishes; we had a fairly abundant tray of cichetti. Apart from the pasta main, the set lunch came with an assortment of tiny dishes (see above!) including a hunk of cheese and yummy breadstick with its own tiny dish of olive oil to dip in.

Now here’s the unexpected show-stealerneko


We ended with dessert, because I thought I’d use the opportunity to take photos for my food magazine project at school. It’s meant to be about something unique and a fusion of local and foreign food, which is how we ended up with bak kwa gelato. If you don’t know what bak kwa is, it’s sweet and savoury barbecued pork. Which you’d know immediately does not go into your typical bowl of ice cream. Or, for that matter, anywhere near your dessert.

And here it was inside the gelato.

But funnily enough, it tasted weirdly good! The kind of bizarre combination that makes you take the first apprehensive spoonful and go well, okay, maybe I need to taste that again to get the flavour. And then after that mm okay, might as well eat another since I’ve come this far. And by the fifth or sixth spoonful all universal laws of normality have been shattered and you’re just eating away as if having dried pork bits in your ice cream is perfectly ordinary.

So, yeah, I liked ithappy


This is the lovely interior of the restaurant we didn’t actually get to sit in, because there wasn’t space for usnekoIt’s a pretty photogenic place with its high ceiling and abundance of windows and wood furniture and the odd tree, which made for a nice rustic atmosphere (that we admired from outside).

If you’re in Singapore and want to try it out, it’s called Supply & Demand and is located at Orchard Gateway in townkira


Brunch at The Tastemaker Store


The other day I had an rare free morning and I went for brunch at a cafe called The Tastemaker StoresmileI don’t get to go cafe hopping much (pretty much never actually) so this was a rare occasion of visiting a nice place to eat at while wandering around a faraway neighbourhood. And I really did take an hour’s journey to get to this place—it’s that out of the blue for me because my everyday life is just home→school→home (repeat).

The truth was I came with a duty in mind; I needed photos for a project and this was one of the stops. But a pretty cafe on a quiet weekday morning before class? Needless to say I wouldn’t go there just to take a picture and leave after two minutes. Since I was alone I brought a book to readgirlIf I’m by myself I always have to read while I eat because it’s my favourite way to relax.


I got a kaya toast set; it seems to be an English take on the traditional version because it uses English muffins and clotted cream instead. The toast was $3, which isn’t expensive especially since it was tasty and filled me upneko


Had a nice cuppa to round up the little muffin feast! I wish I could do this more often, but all the nice cafes are too far away from home. Though some of them might be worth the trek, like this one. The term break’s coming up so it’ll be a nice pocket of time for me to explore other dreamy cafes, even if I only ever venture out in the daytime. Time to time I need a break from being a homebody!


Chiso Zanmai: The Return


No, I’m not a food blog yet. I just wanted to share some pictures from when I went to Chiso Zanmai for lunch with my friendsnekoIt’s my second time going there to eat—the first time was for my school assignment (the one about cheap buffet places, hoho).

Photo 19-3-14 6 54 17 pm

This was my plate this time; there were new items like okonomiyaki and corn croquetteshappyI wanted to try more different things, but I couldn’t ignore the takoyaki so I took it again. And the green tea tofu.

Photo 21-3-14 10 55 31 pm

My beloved currygirlI wanted to eat it with rice but I didn’t want to be too full so went without.

Photo 21-3-14 10 49 50 pm

It’s a croquette mountain. I love croquetteslove rabbitWhen I first went around the plate was empty so I was disappointed, but then when I passed by again it was filled! Magic. Or maybe the chef just cooked a fresh batch. And there were so many of them! But I only took one. (I am now accepting congratulatory messages, thank you)

I tried to keep the main dishes to the minimum…

Photo 19-3-14 6 58 02 pm

Desserts! Desserts! Otherwise known as the priority.

Most of them were still the same as the last time I went, but there were some that I’d never tried before like the sweet potato pudding and strawberry swiss roll. So of course I ate them (all)love girl


Photo 19-3-14 7 13 29 pm

This was really interesting! Matcha egg tartnekoAlthough think I was the only one who enjoyed it, because my friends aren’t crazy about the green tea flavour. But I thought it was delicious. Egg tarts have the best combination of flaky crust and soft puddingheartThe green-ness of it just made it stand out even more.

Photo 19-3-14 2 07 00 pm

Standard mochineko

Photo 21-3-14 11 42 03 pm

And its cross-section.


I had a good time at Chiso Zanmai againkirakiraFor such a good price, there’s a lot of food and nice ambience too. We got a table overlooking the river this time, so at least there was something else to look at besides the food.

Photo 21-3-14 10 52 55 pm

Next time I’ll blog about something other than food for a changeneko

See you next post!


Music Monday ♬

Music Mondays

Hellokira kiraToday I just wanted to share some of the music I’ve been listening to recently! I listen to my song in phases—one week I’ll be listening to happy-sounding pop, the next week I’ll be repeating ℃-ute’s entire discography, and the week after it’ll be a whole playlist of Ghibli jazz. Something like that. It varies.

The past few days or so I’ve been playing the same stuff over and over again while I toil over my assignments because I’m too preoccupied to change up the songsneko


1Partition Love — Tokyo Girls’ Style

Partition Love

TGS’s new single hasn’t been released yet, but I’m already hooked on their song. I’ve been listening to the previews on YouTube for the past few weeks! It’s supposed to be out on Wednesday, but it doesn’t make much difference because I keep going back to their channel for my daily listen.

The only thing is, I’m not sure I’m into the whole concept about forbidden love. The song is all about falling in love with a teacherhmmThe MV follows this entire saga of the girls getting a crush on their new teacher—and then things escalate quickly when they start making lunch boxes and going out with him. Which makes me feel kind of weird when I watch the girls make romantic advances on this good-looking albeit significantly older man.

But! I still love the songnekoThere was also a live performance that was put up, and it’s almost even better than the MV version because the members’ vocals are amazing.

Listen to it here! →


2Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa — Morning Musume。’14


It’s been almost two weeks since it got number one on the charts. I’m still listening to it lotslove girlOut of this single my favourite song is actually What is LOVE?, but the previews were out a long time ago so it’s not quite as catchy to me as it was two months ago. I like Egao no Kimi just as muchkiraIt has this incredibly bouncy tune that just seems to pump out self-esteem and happiness.

Listen to it here! →


3Kumori Nochi, Kaisei — Ohno Satoshi

Kumori Nochi Kaisei

A random old song! But Ohno is always relevant so that’s okayloveHe has one of my favourite male voices, and the song is also one of those that instantly cheers me up when I listen to it. I’ve been feeling down a lot in the last month or so—this is my go-to song. It’s my recommendation for a cloudy mood! How fitting.

Listen to it…after you’ve downloaded it or bought it I can’t find it on YouTube because it’s too old sorry:')


Those are the songs I’ve been playing lots recentlysmile

Here’s a picture of the steamed bun I ate.


With lotus seed paste! It’s so soft and springy. Yummm.

See you

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