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Self-explanatory title.


Before I knew it, it became the last day of 2012. I say it’s fast, but when I think about how many things have happened in the year, it’s actually been a really long time. There’s been a lot of completely new changes this year, so it feels like there’s a big difference between this year and the last.

The big difference being my new schoolhanaIn 2011 I graduated from secondary school, and in 2012 I entered my mass communications course. It didn’t change me, but somehow it felt like my sense of style shifted a little. That’s how it works right? Every year you think you’re less tacky than the lasthurhur

I haven’t really found the person I want to be yet, but thanks to the new environment, I decided the kind of person I don’t want to be. I had plenty of mistakes and embarrassing moments, but at least I know now not to repeat them ever againkirakira

Basically my main takeaway for this year: Don’t try to be someone you’re not.


Highlights of the yearkirakira

– Got my O level results! (totally traumatic experience)

– Worked at my part time job for a hard few monthsgloom

– Met a totally new group of people that I ended up having to meet every month

– Entered a new school to study what I likedhehe

– Finally got my braces off, good riddance.

– Met Tokyo Girls Style (and stalked them from afar)

– Travelled to Tokyo by myself (partly)plane

– First public dance performance

– Hosted a new Japanese friend at home

There’re lots more great moments, but I can’t fit everything in herewaving


Also two groups of friends I’m thankful forheart

The friends that I’m rarely able to meet now, but still keep the amazing bonds we’ve always had;

the new friends in school that make me really happy to have met them.

Thank you I love you allheart


It’s a lot of gushing, so kudos to you if you went through that entire wall of text. Anyway it’s the last day of the year; I’m entitling myself to a sentimental post.

Have a great 2013!

happy new year



good evening

Firstly, a belated Merry Christmas to yougingerbreadThis week I haven’t been able to go online much at all so I couldn’t blog during the holiday. But it’s okay, because I had a fabulous time with HarukaheartShe came to have a homestay with my family for a week, and just returned to Japan this morning. It’s a lonely feelingcryThis was the first time I had a friend stay with me for so many days, and I get attached to some people easily. Haha.

We went around to many places together—this was a pretty good opportunity for me to revisit all the touristy places in Singapore (and stop using the computer for more than a minute). And I finally visited Universal Studios for the first timeheheUsually I can’t afford places like these, so I had a lot of fun there. Except I think I paid my ticket’s worth in locker rentals because almost all the attractions didn’t allow any loose items and I didn’t want to shove my stuff in a locker the whole day.


upWaiting for the Transformers ridearmflap

We rode these two rollercoasters as well…


It was the greatest fun I had therearmflapThe blue track is a suspended coaster that had us hanging off the bottom and going upside down several times, so we weren’t at all sure at first if we wanted to try it. But we didhurhurAnd it turned out to be even better than the red one, hooray.


On one of the days we went to the zoo and I finally saw a red pandared panda(that’s one crossed off my favourite non-domestic animals to see. I still have yet to find a real fennec fox)

Most of the animals were either eating or sleeping that day.



The giant panda exhibit had panda buns for salepanda


upCan’t eat before taking a picture.

Now that she’s returned home, it feels strange not to have her around after being together for a weekcryI liked sharing a room with a friend, we’d say good morning as soon as we got up, and at night we talked a lot on our beds.


So now I have another good reason to go to Japan. I had a great week with Harukaheart(also she has one of the prettiest names ever)

Time to get back to my assignments before school starts after New Year’srabbitBon just came back from Europe too! I want to meet her now. Nowww.

I hope everyone had a good breakalpaca


On the 31st I’ll try to make a blog post summing up 2012!

Gingerbread Poo


It’s been a hectic week. (What’s a holiday? Can it be eaten?)

For most of the days I’ve had commitments to events and meetings, so I haven’t had the chance to blog. Nothing big has happened anywayyadaHowever! This Sunday Haruka is finally coming to SingaporepandaheartSo it’ll be an exciting week with me trying to play tour guide.

As for the past few days, I’ve been preparing for a public Christmas event as a volunteerchristmasDuring one of the training sessions a group of us baked cookies and I did the kneading and shaping. They were supposed to be gingerbread men at first, but then after a while we kind of deviated.


A poo cookie80381Yum.

I also made a turtle cookie, which was actually just a normal gingerbread man with a shell on top. There’s an M&M inside the shellkirakira


(Ignore the burnt bits)



I gave the nice ones I made to my friends and family and ate the ugly ones myselfhurhurkirakira

And that’s what I did on that day.

In other recent news…


My new bed arrived! As some might know, my old tatami bed got chewed up by termitesrabbitThose uninvited brats.

Since then, my room has gone through a major clean up. I really despise clean ups because that’s when you discover all the filth and unknown creatures that have been lurking in your space for a long time without you even knowing itshock

And more irrelevant news:


I bought a bag of mini taiyakiheartThey’re my favourite Japanese snack, so I bought 16 pieces to share.


I’ll be off for my Christmas event nowwhooshTomorrow I’m going to be busy trying to finish my school assignments. Sigh.


EOY 2012


Tests are over, and so is the school term. I’m already 3/4 done with my first year at school, so it’s been pretty fastrabbitBut I think everyone should know that anyway, since 2012 is already coming to an end.

On Sunday I visited the EOY Cosplay Festival. I had a performance in the evening on their talent stageclap


Thank you to Linda for the performance photosneko

I only appeared on stage for five minutes to introduce myself and dance「Teru Teru」but it was a really fun five minutes after allyeySince it was my first time dancing by myself in public, I seriously enjoyed it. From here on I need to keep improving, because I do like both dancing and performing in front of people a lot.


12613_10151536527374688_1002636378_n copy

Thank you to the organizers for giving me this chance!

Before the performance, I had several hours to wait because I came early. My test was the next day so I actually sat down somewhere to study a bit.

I met Bon firstheart


We took a lot of photos even though our bangs were sweaty and blown everywhere by the windhurhurYey, 2shots.


She helped me take this cheki tooheart


I met Momo too! It’s been a whilehappy

We did a dance cover collab months ago, it was uploaded to her channel→


↑Sweaty bangs even before I go onstage. Sigh.

I wanted to watch Momo dance Balalaika, but I had to leave in a hurrycryStill, it was a good few hours spent at EOY. Sometime during the event I joined the Happy Synthesizer flash mob! I consider this one of my rare successes because I took three days to learn it in time for EOY. I’m usually excruciatingly slow at learning dances, especially during test period.

There’s a video of it here:

I’m in the back, so I can’t really be seen haha.

My friend also helped me to take a video of my performance, thank you very  muchgrin

And my coordinate:


If I ever do this again, I’m never going to wear a long-sleeved sweater and dance in it.

I’m grateful for the people that supported me even though I was such a random performer that almost nobody knew:')Having people to cheer for me was a huge boost! Also I am grateful to my bed because I’m so used to dancing in its confined space that I managed not to fall off the stage.

Well then, I’ll get goingwaving


It’s been a while since I posted my coordinatesalpacaSo here’s a post for them! It’s actually just an excuse because I don’t have time for a proper post. I’m studying for my tests everydaycry






Those are just the days when I dressed up a bit more than usualnekoThe problem about my clothing style is that I like wearing long-sleeved stuff and jackets, and I’m virtually cooking myself every time I come to school. Such is the pain of all-year summerheheIf there was the fall season here I’d be overjoyed.

On Monday I debuted my tattoo tights from Tokyo as wellwakuwaku

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 6.51.17 PM

Now that’s really dressing up for me. Until a while ago I wouldn’t even have dreamed of wearing these out in public, but then there I was walking into school with a big heart smack across my shin. So much for low-key dressing. It felt fun instead of tackyhurhurOnce in a while I like to wear something out of the norm. (And here, that certainly isn’t the norm)

But my usual school coordinate is something like this:


Because I’m really quite lazy most days and it’s easiest to wear t-shirt and shorts and throw a jacket over it.

I really like looking at other people’s coordinates, especially when they share the same taste as meheheThe only downside is that most of them live in Japan, and it’s not particularly useful when they start wearing their fall/winter clothes.

pastel stars

I have to cut this short now and start studyingahhWhen tests are over I’ll write longer posts again and talk about slightly less pointless things.

See You

One Lovely Blog Award Nomination ☆ and announcements


December is herekirakiraThat was fast. It’s no longer a holiday month, but one full of assignments and tests. Oh the joys of growing up.


My blog was nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by the lovely Georgia! Thank you so muchhearthappy

one lovely blog award

☆ Rules ☆

hanaPost the award image on your blog post/sidebar/page.

hanaLink the person who has awarded you.

hanaPost seven random things about you.

hanaNominate other 15 relatively new blogs.

pastel stars

Seven random things about me:

1. Recently I started liking Hey! Say! JUMP. Which is a rarity, because I’ve always only liked girl groupshurhur

2. My favourite colours are purple and any other pastel colours.

3. I love alpacasalpaca


4. Currently my favourite fashion styles are amekaji and himekaji and any other casual Japanese street stylekirakira

5. Last month I managed to reach 400 subscribers on Youtube:')thank you

6. I don’t like mint.

7. A recent favourite book series of mine is Chaos Walking!

pastel stars

As for the blog nominations, I’m not familiar with many relatively new onesahhSo I hope it’s okay if I just nominate a few that I like to read! If your blog is here but you don’t know me, I’m sorry for being such a lurkerhehe


That’s really a fewgloom

But again, thank you Georgia for nominating me ♡

pastel stars

An announcement!

On December 9 I will be performing at the Events of the Year (EOY) Stage in Singaporehappy

I’m going to do a dance performance of Teru TerupandaSo I’ll only be on stage for less than 7 minutes. (lol) But it’s still something that I’ve always wanted to go, so I’m looking forward to it. If you happen to be going for EOY, please come and see me on stage at 5.30pmalpaca

That’s all for today!


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