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Outfits and a Polaroid camera!

Happy Saturday!

This past week marked the halfway point of my internship. Three months down, and three months to go. This is usually the part where I say time flies, but no it hasn’t. It’s actually been a harrowing, anxiety-riddled three months, which is ironic because the nature of my job is a very fast-paced one. But to illustrate, it’s like running desperately on a high-speed treadmill that’s stuck at the maximum duration with no way out. Something like that.

Still, to be fair, it’s a really good experience I can never get elsewhere so for all the agony I go through, I’m glad that I can take away so much more than what I give (i.e. my sanity).

Anyway, here are some of my favourite recent coordinates!

Lady Denim

Mixing styles is one of my favourite things to do with coordinates, so I liked how the rough denim went with the girly dress. The dress is very floaty and feminine and not typically something I would wear by itself, so I paired it with my usual safe jacket-and-boots combo.

Also, this was an outfit for the office! The dress is one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn, and it grazes past my knees so it’s at a decent length too.

Monotone Mondesty

Another office outfit, this time with a tighter silhouette. It’s a simple black-and-white set, and work-appropriate without being boring. I love A-line coordinates, especially with this white chiffon skirt that fans outnekoBasically I like things that swish around a lot.

Cherry Tartan

This was a weekend coordinate; it’s a mostly monotone outfit with a pop of colour. The skirt’s one of those with a faux tie-front, which I think is adorable together with the check patternneko

Smiling Nineteen

This was quite a while ago; I wore it on my birthday! Something casual and neat at the same time. I adore the white sweater from Dip Drops—it’s like a pep talk for myself in clothing form.

And speaking of my birthday (even though it was two weeks ago, but psh it’s still my birthmonth)…


I got a surprise delivery yesterday after coming home from work! It’s a belated birthday present from my dadgirlI have wanted a polaroid camera for years. When they first started getting trendy again, back then my dad always wrote them off as unreliable (he didn’t realise they were new and improved reincarnations of the old thing) and they always remained in an unattainable realm of my dreams. In the recent months I thought once in a while about buying it myself online, but they were pretty pricey and I kept thinking about what my dad might say.

When he asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I just shrugged vaguely as I do every year because I don’t like asking my dad to spend money on things for me. Secretly though, in my head it was all polaroid polaroid polaroid…just wistfully thinking about those cameras (and plotting on when I’d finally work up the nerve to get one by myself).

So when he surprised me with this camera I was really more amazed that he somehow knew what I wanted without me even saying anything, or leaving hints on a strategically placed Post-it note or something. It’s been a long time since I mentioned it, evengirl

Basically my dad has always been amazing at surprises. Since my brother and I were young he always liked to have these little Easter egg hunts for us. He’d pretend he didn’t have anything for us and when we got into bed at night there’d be a special surprise under the blanketsnekoThere was that one year when my brother jumped onto his bed and did a massive face plant on his car racing set.


Anyway, end of childhood anecdote. I’m excited to take lots of pictures with my new camera! It’s a purple Polaroid PIC-300P Instant Film Analog Camera, by the way—the twin to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S. The Polaroid 300 is the same, so film-wise either Fujifilm or Polaroid film is fine. I’ve got a bumper pack of film, so I’ll be a bit trigger-happy for a whilecamera

Well then. See you next post!




(Almost) self-explanatory title. On Monday I turned nineteen! This is officially my last year as a teenager, which is a fact that I kept harping about because it was the only news peg I could think of for this age. Sixteen is cool (that whole sweet sixteen affair), seventeen is cool (you’re the same age as that magazine title!), eighteen is cool (just because).

I’m not really sure what being nineteen is about, except that it’s that last year before hitting the twenties. Or, as my friend pointed out, the start of the third decade of our lives. Which is a total revelation, because I never thought of it that way.

But whatever age I became…I still received lots of kindness from the people around me! Grateful grateful grateful. Really.

Flowers and Alpaca

My birthday was on a Monday this year and work didn’t start off well, but all the love I got saved my day. There isn’t anything more encouraging than knowing the people that matter to me are thinking about me too. And when they go out of their way to do something special for me, it just makes me gush on the insidecry

Card Skirt

And it doesn’t even have to be a special occasion. My friends are great like that all the timeheartHaving them is the hugest reassurance, especially when I’m in the middle of all this woe (i.e. work). I’m thankful for new-ish friends too, like the fellow interns that share my corporate life and even give me cupcakes on my birthday. If I were alone in the office the world around me might just collapse as I know it because I’m still such a wallflower, and a clumsy one at that.


Work has not been so kind to me these past few days; there were all these problems that came down on me like a ton of bricks and even if I’ve turned a year older I’m still no better at dealing with stress like a level-headed sub-adult (my teenage status is expiring). But I get that it’s all part of growing up and facing the real world and all that. I guess I have even less of an excuse now, since I’ve already passed the 19-year-old markneko

What’s that in the sky? Oh, expectations.

But all that anxiety and heebie-jeebies aside, I know I’m not alone in this and that’s enough to keep me goinggirl

Gift Basket

4 Fashion Favourites for Summer ☼

Happy Saturday!

Since it’s June I’m guessing that in most of the world the sun is finally ripe and blazing for summer. So in Singapore it’s always summer (and I should know, I live here), but fashion-wise I still like to follow the four seasons. It’s not much fun to dress the same all year round—that means pastels for spring, earth colours for fall and sweaters for winter even if it makes me look weird for getting my climates wrong.

The good thing is I’m experienced in dressing up for hot weather! Though maybe it’s not so much experience as it is a survival necessity.

So. Clothes! These are my four favourite styles to go with this season. Disclaimer: I don’t have a professional opinion (or maybe even a good one), but it’s more of a personal magazine collage of what I like to wear.

Blue White

Light blue and white are so fresh when they’re put together, and they have a cool temperature that’s perfect for the summer heat. They remind me of the beach (which is probably the landmark of a nice summer day, even if I never go to any)—the sand, the sea and a clear blue sky. How poeticneko


This one is inspired by Japanese fashion; right now in Japan there’s a huge boom in the marine style trend for this season and they appear in most of the summer issues across the girls’ magazines. For good reason too, because marine-inspired coordinates are adorable. They’re quirky and fun and completely appropriate.

The signature pieces are pretty much anything with a sailor collar design! Typical colours to match with are red and navykirakiraI don’t really have red in my wardrobe, so it’s still a lot of (navy) blue and white.

As far as patterns go wearing thin horizontal stripes (borders, as the Japanese magazines call it) will give any coordinate that nautical spin.


Sorbet colours are the successors to those spring pastelssmilePaler, cooler and more refreshing on a hot day. I love my ice cream pastel shades, but sometimes I’m also in the mood for a lighter pink or blue. These colours are good for a modestly sweet outfit when put together, or match them with a dark, contrasting colour for a feminine accent.

Flared Skirts

I wear these almost all the time at work! They’re flattering in a way that’s totally opposite from tight skirts (which I can never wear). Flared skirts are playful and feminine at the same time—they create this charming silhouette that have just the right mix of girly and mature. Which is why they’re more or less my intern uniform.

Also because they make coordinating so simple; I just need to pair them with any top and jacketkira kira


I hope you liked this post! Or at least, read it with moderate satisfaction.

It’s been fun to see how many different outfits I can coordinate with the same pieces in my closet every day. I always wish there were four seasons where I live (dressing up for cold weather isn’t much more a meaningless novelty). But at any rate, I’m in line with most of the world right now so I wanted to share some of my favourite things to wear for this season森ガール+顔+女の子_m

Muffins and a Giant Buttered Toast

Happy Saturday!

Lots of outfit posts recently, so time for some food snaps today. Even during the busy days I always take pictures of things I eat. I’m one of those people who can’t even pick up the cutlery before taking out an iPhone for a picture; that’s my guilty pleasure! It doesn’t really matter if it seems silly of me sometimes, because these pictures make up a diary of my week.

 Photo 7-6-14 1 32 06 pmPhoto 31-5-14 9 24 13 pm

The thick toast was just from today! It’s the hugest I’ve ever eaten; rather than a fat slice of toast I think it’s really just an entire loaf. With butter and condensed milk spread over the top, yum. Comfort food in a great soft chunkhappyI’ve always wanted to try the popular Japanese honey toast with all the ice cream and whipped cream and fruits and guilt inside, but I imagine it’s one massive sugar rush. Starting it slow with this relatively simple butter toast…I’ll get there someday.

Anyway, I went to school today for the first time in a while (teachers probably just want to check we’re still alive and well). I went with my friends to eat at a cafe, and got the toast and almond milk tea. I am in love with almond. It’s something I grew up with, so the taste and smell of it is vaguely comfortinglove girl

Photo 7-6-14 9 41 14 pmPhoto 20-5-14 12 56 14 pm

Also, apparently I’m about a week away from turning 19. I haven’t even had time to think about it, which is kind of sad because I quite liked being able to say that I’m 18. My favourite ages were probably 17 and 18, even though there wasn’t much rationale except to say I liked the numbers. 19 seems to be a bit of a grey area; it’s not little but it’s not big either. And it’s my last year as a teenagerhmm

Photo 3-6-14 9 23 30 pmPhoto 29-5-14 3 16 46 pm

It’s a pity that physically I don’t match my age. I still have a youngish face and this  little nasal voice, which is a bit of a bother when I have to meet people as part of my job and I end up squeaking my way through. True enough that I’m an intern and they can easily twig my age from that, but appearance still takes away some of my credit.

Photo 1-6-14 2 27 17 pmPhoto 5-6-14 1 06 02 pm

This year my birthday falls on a working Monday, of all days. It’s a bit anti-climatic because all my life June has always been a school holidayhurhurI’m guessing that’s the catch about growing older. But since that’s the case, I’d rather think about what I want to do in June! Work or no work, June is still a favourite month of mine because of its summer holiday-ness. Or words to that effect. (My other favourite month is December, by the way, but it’s still half a year away so no comment)

Photo 24-5-14 1 38 00 pmPhoto 7-6-14 2 31 33 pm

Things that I’m going to do (more) in June:

1. Write in my journal everyday

I always keep journals, but recently the current one has gotten a few holes in the timeline. It bugs me when I miss a day, and I’ve been missing lots of days so it bugs me even more. I’m going to try and make sure I hit every dayneko

2. Blog about things other than my outfits and food consumption

There are a few ideas for this, so I hope I actually use themnekoI love reading writing prompts for short stories and blog posts and they always get me really ambitious, but in the end I just pick at them until I end up not doing any at all. Which I guess defeats the purpose of prompts.

3. Spruce up my bedroom

In both the hygienic and decorative sense. There definitely needs to be a vacuum cleaner intervention sometime soon, because I haven’t been able to clean up the dust that’s been gathering here and there. After that I’ll tidy my desk and stick some things on the wallgirl

4. Scrapbooking

Because I need a healthy hobby occasionally too.


Have a nice weekend!

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