4 Fashion Favourites for Summer ☼

Happy Saturday!

Since it’s June I’m guessing that in most of the world the sun is finally ripe and blazing for summer. So in Singapore it’s always summer (and I should know, I live here), but fashion-wise I still like to follow the four seasons. It’s not much fun to dress the same all year round—that means pastels for spring, earth colours for fall and sweaters for winter even if it makes me look weird for getting my climates wrong.

The good thing is I’m experienced in dressing up for hot weather! Though maybe it’s not so much experience as it is a survival necessity.

So. Clothes! These are my four favourite styles to go with this season. Disclaimer: I don’t have a professional opinion (or maybe even a good one), but it’s more of a personal magazine collage of what I like to wear.

Blue White

Light blue and white are so fresh when they’re put together, and they have a cool temperature that’s perfect for the summer heat. They remind me of the beach (which is probably the landmark of a nice summer day, even if I never go to any)—the sand, the sea and a clear blue sky. How poeticneko


This one is inspired by Japanese fashion; right now in Japan there’s a huge boom in the marine style trend for this season and they appear in most of the summer issues across the girls’ magazines. For good reason too, because marine-inspired coordinates are adorable. They’re quirky and fun and completely appropriate.

The signature pieces are pretty much anything with a sailor collar design! Typical colours to match with are red and navykirakiraI don’t really have red in my wardrobe, so it’s still a lot of (navy) blue and white.

As far as patterns go wearing thin horizontal stripes (borders, as the Japanese magazines call it) will give any coordinate that nautical spin.


Sorbet colours are the successors to those spring pastelssmilePaler, cooler and more refreshing on a hot day. I love my ice cream pastel shades, but sometimes I’m also in the mood for a lighter pink or blue. These colours are good for a modestly sweet outfit when put together, or match them with a dark, contrasting colour for a feminine accent.

Flared Skirts

I wear these almost all the time at work! They’re flattering in a way that’s totally opposite from tight skirts (which I can never wear). Flared skirts are playful and feminine at the same time—they create this charming silhouette that have just the right mix of girly and mature. Which is why they’re more or less my intern uniform.

Also because they make coordinating so simple; I just need to pair them with any top and jacketkira kira


I hope you liked this post! Or at least, read it with moderate satisfaction.

It’s been fun to see how many different outfits I can coordinate with the same pieces in my closet every day. I always wish there were four seasons where I live (dressing up for cold weather isn’t much more a meaningless novelty). But at any rate, I’m in line with most of the world right now so I wanted to share some of my favourite things to wear for this season森ガール+顔+女の子_m

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