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There goes the first week of school. ☆

Now I’m just really tired ε-(´・`) I have assignments to do and projects to plan, but I can’t get my butt off this chair. School just started and I’m already procrastinating…nothing ever changes.

Today’s outfit ☆

My hair’s getting pretty long. I guess I should cut it soon (・x・ )

Right, I shall get on with homework. See you again ( ・ v ・ )
(sorry for the short posts recently) 


First Day of School

The first day of school is over! It was actually only two hours because the first week is special. But that still counts.

There was only one lesson, and we wrote an essay about ourselves.

Today’s outfit ♪

Tomorrow there’s going to be a CCA fair, which is basically for us to look at the different clubs in school. I still don’t know if I should join one…tough decisions(´□`川)

In the meantime, I got new goods!

A friend gave these to me, thank you very much! ℃-ute (Mai) wristband and Mai strap ♪ I also bought a bunch of new Maimai, Zukki and Airi photos, but I’ll take a picture of them another time.

Time for a shower (o゚▽゚)o

Friends Time!

Another great weekend. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

On Sunday my friends from gymnastics came to my house to play, because one of them came back from New Zealand to visit! It was like old times again, when we used to be together a lot. But it’s even more fun now because we’re not together because of training, but to just have fun by ourselves (ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆

Every single moment we had was crazy, but then the most insane one was my friend pushing another into the swimming pool with her normal clothes and everything on. That was epic, truly (・3・) My friend V was supposed to go home, but we went down to the pool to take photos together before she left. And then for a long while she and D were wrestling and trying to push each other into the pool ( ・ ω ・ `) The two of them have always been like that since we were young, the other friend and I are usually the photographers.

Eventually they gave up, and V said goodbye and left. The remaining three of us just stood on the steps in the water and had a pleasant chat ✿

Until V suddenly came running back five minutes later and pushed D into the pool.

So, she won.

( ̄▽ ̄)

They’re really some of the most fun people of my life. There’s actually five of us, but one couldn’t come (ノ_・、) I’m really looking forward to the next time we all can get together! It won’t be for many months because my friend can’t come back to Singapore till then, so it’s sad. But I’m glad I could spend Sunday with them ☆

Sometimes I think gymnasts take the best photos, seriously.

I haven’t done this for a looong time.

We’re all out of shape (´▽`。) A bit reckless, too. Still, the pictures came out great and it was fun jumping around.

It’s always so entertaining being with them.

So that was Sunday!

Right, for the last update…

A new dance cover.

Sunday Diary

It’s Sunday ☆

Tomorrow I have my first orientation camp at school—I’m looking forward to it.

I woke up at six in the morning today! What a huge effort it took to properly wake up (・3・) My family got up early so we could watch my brother’s military training graduation parade. The dress code was smart-casual, so I wore jeans on top of my slippers. ( ̄▽ ̄) But even though it was so early the sun still baked me in the stands.

Nope, don’t think I can spot my brother

After it ended I went to church for Easter service. ♪ Since I was late I had to squeeze in the upper gallery.

My friend visited me at home after thatヾ(*・∀・)/ It’s been a while since she came. For a long while we just flopped down on my bed and talked. I think that’s the best part about being with best friends, you can talk about anything and anywhere and still feel totally comfortable.

My mom also brought back stuff from the bookstore.

Ready, Set, Novel!

A writing workbook! It’s full of fun writing exercises and novel planning guides, so I’m going to start using it immediately. Since I love writing there isn’t anything better than a great book to provide inspiration ( ・ ▽ ・ ) Also, I’ll have something to do when I’m not busy.

And for some guilty pleasure…

Popteen – Taiwan Edition May 2012

Popteen ♪ I rarely get it, especially when it’s a Winter issue, but this one is already rolling into the Spring season so it’s slightly more relevant.

Well then, I guess I should sleep early tonight. ✿

Blue Sky ♪

In the afternoon I went to watch a movie with my good friend! We watched The Hunger Games. It’s my second time watching it, but I still enjoyed it every bit as much. ☆

My friend treated me to ice cream too. Thank you! (*・∀・)/♥

Cookies and cream!

That was sort of my lunch, as well as a 6 inch egg mayo sandwich from Subway.

Time for dinner soon ♪ I can smell the tofu being stir-fried from here(*´ー`) After eating I’m going to write a bit. My friend and I started a roleplay for fun, so I think I should contribute to it soon. Also, I’ve neglected my private journal for two days (・_・`) That makes me feel bad, even though it’s not going to come to life to kick me or something.

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