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Weekly Slice: Outfit Diary

Happy weekend!

I’m starting to generalise my greetings as a buffer for my posting times. Thanks to a public holiday on Monday, we’re having a long weekend for the first time in a long while! Needless to say I’m euphoric about the one extra day of rest (which I worked my Friday night away for, but still).


I quite liked this one—simple and somewhat feminine with just the right kick of black to offset the girly pink.


An outfit of opposites—dark T-shirt and white tulle skirt (actually a dress but let’s take it at face value). The skirt is another favourite of mine because it’s like all soft and fluffy like cotton wool and I am a massive fan of anything that swishes. Plus white tulle goes well with almost anything!


I decided to bare it some with my de-shouldered Lowry’s Farm top.


Finally Saturday—off with the skirts! You can’t see it properly, but my I’m Lazy And I Know It sloth T-shirt is fairly befitting of this long-awaited day after the week.

So. These were some of my recent coordinates! It’s becoming quite tricky to do an outfit snap every morning, but I figure it’ll be fun to look back at all the different outfits I managed to record over my entire internship period. I’ve been trying to do it everyday, but recently I’ve been having plenty of cheat days when I have the need to take a break and repeat something. Not that anyone really notices though, so I cut myself some slackhehe rabbit


Right, it’s getting late. Time for a cuddle in bed…with my book. Bedtime reading is the best!


Fashion Check + New Video!


It turned into Sunday—yesterday I had work so I wasn’t able to blog properly! Today it’s a little lookbook of my recent outfits on work days and weekends.


These are my go-to outfits when I need comfort clothing at the office. The recipe is simple—fluffy jacket, cotton dress and one of my black shoes! Which will most often end up being the boots because they are like a second skin for my feet.


And then there are the weekends when I decide to go all girly and summery. Sleeveless tops, flared skirts and a straw hat to top it off! It’s a bit of a beach look, even if I’m at home most of the day.


Back to big jackets in the office! I love all these slightly oversized things because they make me feel nice and cocooned when I’m working. The good thing is that since there’s air-conditioning, I can wear them without breaking a sweatneko


Anyway, time for a little plug! Yesterday I uploaded a new dance cover on YouTube—I did Yuukei Yesterday, which was choreographed by Nico Nico Douga’s Manako, one of my favourite dancersgirlThis was actually filmed quite a long time ago during my vacation, but I waited till now to upload it because I knew I wouldn’t have any time to do new covers while I was working. Please have a look if you’d like to!

Panda Cookies and Long Weeks

Happy Saturday!

I’m sorry today is going to be a short post, but I’m feeling a bit heavy (not literally) and my inspiration has lost some of its sheen. To put it another way, the long week has gotten me somewhat down in the dumps. If I go on about it here this blog will become a little too blue, so here’s a picture of some panda cookies that my brother gave me as a souvenir from his trip to Hong Kong.


They’re adorablepandaMy brother got these treats especially for me because he knew I’d like anything with a face. And of course they were tasty! Though we didn’t find out till quite a while later because I wanted a picture of the full set and wouldn’t let anyone eat one until I had time to take photos (sorry). They taste a bit like shortbread, which I love because it’s so buttery and gentle in texture. And it’s pandas.

Anyway as implied, my brother just came back from his short getaway in Hong Kong. He actually went alone (maybe to do some soul-searching before his university begins), and it seemed like a lot of fun just travelling and enjoying things as they come.

I hope I can do that one day toogirl(no prizes for guessing where I’d probably go first)

I read online about the Trans-Siberian Railway which takes passengers from China to Russia by train, and I think it’s massively cool because I love long train rides (even if this one’s a bit extreme) and I really want to travel to Europe. It’s not a very realistic desire, but it’s fun to think about!


Pancakes, Macarons and World Cup Donuts

Happy Saturday!

I’m still a bit beat from the past week I just ploughed through, so today’s a comfy post of food snaps over the past few days.

ToastPancakes Round

It’s been a while since I had kaya toast! They’re my favourite local breakfast, and cheap too (they were only a dollar). I had them today for morning munchies with my dad, which I’ve also not done for a long time because he’s always zipping in and out of the country. We shared a nice lazy wake-up meal of simple toast, eggs and hot drinks; it felt good and full since I rarely have a proper breakfast.

Pancakes with my mom! They were whole wheat and so good. Also, putting fruits on pancakes are the best way ever to dress them up and make them ten times more attractive than they already are.


A yummy slice of almond and orange cake for a little pick-me-up. It was really light because the recipe used almond flour and egg whites insteadneko

And some of the most quirky, adorable World Cup-themed donuts I’ve come across. How did they get those soccer fields so green? There was a whole box in the office, plus cupcakes too! Finally something about the World Cup I’m actually really interested in.

MacaronsBeetroot Cake

Such bright coloursnekoThe pastel macarons were so sweet (literally and figuratively speaking); I wanted to take a picture of the whole box of them but they were all gone by the time I got there.

The cake was another interesting one—it’s beetroot cheesecake and more delicious that I thought veggie-ed desserts could be. I made the mistake of putting it in the fridge when I brought it home though, and the slice started to slouch a bit before I thought to pop it into the freezergirl cry

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