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Chocolate Brownie Muffins

Happy Sunday!

After a busy week came along another busy two days of the weekend. Yesterday I went to school, and after that I was running around town a bit on some errands. Anyway after all that was done with, I finally had some free time this afternoon! I made muffins in celebration because I’m that easy to please and I’d really wanted to do something other than being a passive technology user.

Okay, so a while ago I made butter muffins for my friends when they left work. And I don’t know if it was because I made them in a rush at 6am or if it’d been too dark in the kitchen (or if I’m just making excuses), but they got a bit burnt on top. I had to shave those parts off the poor muffins so they could be presentable and say “Yes, we can be eaten without fear of jeopardising your health”.

This time I thought I’d make chocolate muffins! Rationale being that if they got burnt they’d just look extra dark and chocolatey. (I was only being this crafty because the muffins weren’t for anyone in particular)

But then plot twist: they came out unscathed!


You cute chocolate things.

This time I sat in front of the oven and watched them like a hawkhurhurTime and patience make a difference! The feeling of watching muffins rising and growing fat is the best. They’re not the world’s most attractive muffins, but they puffed up decently enough. It might just be me but I like how muffins look when they crack over the top!

Muffin Plate

Taste-wise though, the texture came out completely different from what I’d expected. I’d been picturing light and fluffy muffins, but these came out dense and more cake-like than they probably should’ve been. They’re like brownies in cups.

As such, I’ve christened them brownie muffins insteaddiet nekoSo fudgy.

In any case, I liked how they tasted! And for added reliability, I got a taster (my mom) to eat one too and it seems like she enjoys them. Since it’s probably safe, I’m going to give the rest away now!



Today’s Outfit Menu

Happy weekend!

Or what’s left of it, anyway. It’s 10:30 pm at the time of writing and in less than a couple of hours this sliver of freedom will have passed. Which means it’ll be the start of another new week…but instead of hingeing on these Monday blues I’m thinking again about how I’m getting closer to the end of work. Every week is a countdown, but now I can actually count the remaining weeks on my fingers.  Progress!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post thanks to my ailing laptop, but I’ve finally gotten some pictures in. Truthfully though, I had a decent break from coordinating outfits for a while. During the time I didn’t post any I was having a good time being an outfit repeater all week. Back to new coordinates!


This was the outfit I wore to the magic show last week! A simple white logo T-shirt and black skirt with the floatiest, shiniest layer of tulle. It has these flecks of glitter subtly peeking out from the tulle and is the perfect piece for some subtle night glamour (which is pretty uncharacteristic for me but I guess there’s a first time for everything).


(Note: Most of my outfit titles have kind of stopped making sense)

On work days I’m usually kitted out in the same dresses, but this time I tied a yellow cardigan on top and wore short white socks with my black shoes for that extra demure look. It’s a mild and feminine summer lookgirlThe over-shoulder cardigan is one of this season’s accessory trends in Japan, so I wanted to see how I could give my dress some extra character with that. (Ignoring the fact that halfway through the morning I caved and just wore the cardigan like normal because the office air-conditioning was cold)


This one follows my usual pattern of light, barely-there colours on top of black shoes. It’s a full Dip Drops coordinate again! The top is one of my recent favourites—its sheer material makes for an interesting, mature look but the college-style print keeps it fun.


A fruity, summer-ish combination of purple, dark blue and floral printssmileIt’s the kind of outfit I’d wear at a garden picnic while eating blueberry jam sandwiches or something similarly idealistic and imaginary. Instead I wore it to work on a day I spent holed up at my own desk.

It’s been fun thinking up coordinates for the warm season! Someone please tell me when it’s turning to fall so I can keep up with the rest of the world, thanks~hurhur

Weekly Slice


My laptop is finally back and in good health (I hope). It returned just before the end of the weekend, which means I got to loll around watching videos for a bit before getting up to prepare for work again tomorrow.

Six more weeks to the end of internship! Sometimes it still feels agonisingly long…but when I rejig my perspective I realise that I started with six months, and now it’s down to six weeks. Almost there!

Anyway since my laptop’s been out for the count all week, I still haven’t been able to do any outfit pictures. Here’re a few quick shots of other random food and things instead.

Photo 17-8-14 8 12 50 am

I’ve been very trigger-happy with my polaroid camera since getting it in June. The most fun part about it is decorating—I’ve got rolls of masking tape and markers and stickers reserved just for my instant printshappyFor a while I’d thought about getting those polaroid films with cartoon prints, but they’re more expensive and I enjoy the plain white frames much more because I get to be creative with them. (Although I might still cave and get a pack of Rilakkuma film as a one-off someday)

And then some pictures of foodgirl tongue

Photo 11-8-14 7 30 24 pm

Pumpkin soup from when I had dinner with Ju Eun last weekheartI love the Soup Spoon because their menu is so neat—yummy soup, a yummy roll, and whatever else takes your fancy. Pumpkin’s always my favourite; it’s so homey. Like snuggling under your blanket on a cold day.

This time I got a babycino to drink too, since I’d never tried it before and was curious. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I thought it’d be the right fit for me. It just ended up being really frothy milk that gave me a foam moustache (but I liked the marshmallows).

Photo 17-8-14 4 57 55 pm

During a cafe day with my mom we shared this little square of raw orange cheesecake! It was like…summertime exploding in my mouth, or something (being liberal with metaphors here). Another neat, compact dessert that fills you up with sweetness in chunks. I adore it.

Photo 9-8-14 9 48 14 pm

This was a chai latte I tried last SaturdaynekoIt tasted mostly of tea and milk, so I didn’t mind the latte part much. Recently I’ve just been wanting to drink something warm and toasty, so I was in the mood for  a bit of experimentation. I still can’t take coffee, but this seems like a baby step.


Time to get ready for another week. Have a good one!

EOY 2014 ☆


I’m back, but I’m not back at the same time. My laptop broke, so while it’s getting patched up by the trusty repair people (I know nothing of its ailments except that it’s dead) I’m using the family computer. Which means that I haven’t been able to edit my photos on Photoshop—important event photos, no less. But no matter; I’ll just post the pictures from my phone!

Last weekend was the EOY event, and this year it was spread out over two days. The event is typically a festival of stage performances, cosplay and other sub-culture fun, and this is the third year that I performed. It’s becoming an annual thing, I should think. But this year’s event was the first time I got involved with the event team!

It’s a long story (or at least it would be if I told it)—at every EOY festival there’re usually a guest or two from Japan, and this time round it was Nico Nico Douga dancers Penta and Marice. This is the part where I restrain myself from unnecessary emotional display, because they’re two of my favourite dancers on the Internet. Penta is even my number one favourite (she ties with @Azuki), so having them come down was a big deal.

But there was another bigger deal!

I went for a group dance rehearsal with them, and after that got to accompany them throughout the two-day event.

Photo 9-8-14 11 54 15 pmPhoto 9-8-14 11 51 50 pmPhoto 10-8-14 12 05 51 am

I’m gratefulcry

Talking to them was easier than I thought because they were so friendly. We spoke in Japanese, so it was an extra fun conversational practice for me too. During their post-performance autograph sessions I helped out at their booth—that is, I manned the coin boxes and fanned them in the heat. The joys of fanning cute Japanese girls on either side of you…neko

Photo 10-8-14 4 19 44 pm

I took polaroid pictures with them! One of the three of us on the first day, and then on the second day I took some with each of them again. Marice was especially sweet about it because there’d been such long queues at the booth that I didn’t get the chance to take pictures with her, so at the end of the day I asked her about it and she took my hand and brought us to a nice spot further away from the booth to take one before the sun went down.

Why do you do this to my heartneko

Photo 10-8-14 4 15 12 pm

On the last night of the event when it was all over, we were all sitting in the room waiting for dinner. It was air-conditioned, everyone was lolling around, and pizza was coming. Couldn’t have been a more perfect way to end the long weekend. I got Penta and Marice to sign my passes, so we spent some time doing autographs! Penta even drew me outnekoAnd it only took all of five minutes.

That night was probably the best of all, because that’s when we talked the most about all sorts of things.

Photo 10-8-14 4 15 57 pmPhoto 10-8-14 12 43 54 am

That’s Penta’s T-shirt on the left that I got from the goods table! I made sure to buy it on the first day when it opened, because I was certain the S size would sell out fast (and it did). The design is an original art drawn by her!

The smorgasbord on the right is the dinner we ate on one of the nights. It was at a popular bak kut teh (pork bone tea soup) stall, with rice and lots of different dishes for everyone to share. Since it was a large group of us there was lots of food. During the event days I got to have a lot of good foodneko

Photo 10-8-14 2 24 25 pmPhoto 10-8-14 1 47 33 pm

One of the more interesting ones was the chocolate xiao long bao! The steamed dumpling had chocolate and red bean paste inside, which was the cutest change from the usual soup dumplings. Penta and Marice were fairly fascinated by this, and so was Ineko

It’s a pity I can’t put more pictures up, but these are some of my favourites. The highlight of the whole event was really meeting Penta and Marice, and being given the chance to be close to them. By the way, did you know they’re about a hundred times more adorable in person? I do now. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but I want to meet them again one day!

There’s a video of the group dance rehearsal we did last Thursday for the song Viva Happydown

We did this performance on Saturday! Penta and Marice were doing their set, and the rest of us just scuttled on stage halfway during the song. I really liked dancing up there with everyone. The other performance I did was a solo of Suki Yuki Maji Magic, which was choreographed by Penta herself. It was a bit funny doing a winter song in the middle of the summer, but the performance itself was the greatest fun. I hope I’ll find a video of that floating around sometime soon, but for now I’m having fun looking at all the pictures from last weekend.

I’m thankful for all of it!

Weekday Blues

Happy Monday!
(sorry for the oxymoron)

Over the weekend I was helping out at an event for the whole of Saturday and Sunday, so I sort of disappeared off the face of the (virtual) world.

But I’ll do a proper post about it—or at least, just a proper post, anyway—soon, so this is just a tiny update to keep my blog’s sheen.

See you!

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