Weekly Slice

↑ this should be my standard title when I don’t know what to write

Good Evening

The two-week mid-semester break has started! Or at least, I think it has. I still find myself going back to school for projects and meetings. That’s strange.

alpaca←this face again

On the day my test ended, I went out for a movie with Ju Eun. It was a sudden decision, but we went to watch Platinum Data. Oh NinomiyaloveAha. Since we went at the last minute I thought we wouldn’t make it, but the movie started as soon as we sat down. Good timing ☆


We treated ourselves to mochi tooneko


I’m grateful for that one day we could let ourselves completely relax for a little while.

So many things have been going on that it completely slipped my mind that I’m turning 18 soon. In a week, wowdiet nekoSomehow I’m reluctant to turn 18…17 sounds like a nice age—it’s neither too young nor too old, but at that comfortable carefree level of youth. I don’t want to leave that behind so soonneko

But it can’t be helped, so I can only enjoy my last week of being seventeenexcited

Today a friend lent me some CDs! I was able to borrow my favourite back number’s albums, and albums of other singers that I’d never really listened to before like FUNKY MONKEY BABYS and Oku Hanako. Since I like this kind of music, I’m really glad I can listen to their CDs properly.

thank you

Also, I received an early birthday present!


My beloved pudding, and Yanyan biscuit sticksrabbit

I’m thankful ♪


Well then. A picture from today ↓


Twintails ‿(*゚ー゚)‿

Can you see the emoji? It’s supposed to be me. Haha.




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