Dress Season


The past week I’ve been wearing nothing but dresses, which probably makes for the first time in my entire life (school uniforms are discounted because they weren’t voluntary). Sudden change of heart?

Anyway, I’ve changed the location of my outfit shots! It’s a step up from standing in front of the mirror. The only thing is I’ve gone from posing with my phone shielding my face to not knowing how to pose at all.

Photo 14-4-14 12 39 15 pm

Everything—the jacket, the dress and those good old shoes I never change—is from Dip Drops! The jacket was a bit of a winner for me. I wanted to look for something a bit more mature because I didn’t think it was a good idea to start my first week of work in a hoodie, but I didn’t want to look ten years older or anything either. Dip Drops solved my problem as always; I found this blazer in the sweetest colourkiss girl

Photo 16-4-14 7 35 33 am

On my second day I loosened up a bit with my comfy red cardigan. It was like being cuddled all day (by a piece of clothing, but still). The dress underneath is a monotone one piece from LOWRYS FARM that I got last year. It’s a similar idea to the pastel blue jacket—I wanted to mix both mature and girlish styles into the coordinate. The classic black and white colours were set off with the cute flower print, and the cardigan’s red colour topped it all off like the cherry on a black velvet cakegirl

Photo 17-4-14 7 45 25 am

Getting more toned down towards the end of the week! Denim jackets and white chiffon are a quintessentially charming combination, and the dress gets bonus points from being so swishy. You can’t see it clearly (or at all), but the jacket cuffs have the most adorable floral print lining.


3 Responses to “Dress Season”

  1. 1 myclosetisfull April 18, 2014 at 11:03 PM

    Hi! Just came across your blog and I love your style. I can’t wait to pull all my dresses out for spring 🙂 I look forward to following your journey

  2. 3 Paul April 18, 2014 at 11:31 PM


    ♪ Miu ♪, you Kind Gentle Girl ~ I would like to reassuring cuddle you ~ so much has been happening ヾ(♡^ᴗ^(´・ᴗ・`*)ノ

    Are you in any discomfort? Let me pamper you ! ☆*・゚゜・(✿ᴗ_ᴗ) *・゜゚・*☆

    I’ve been in turmoil of your Well-being ~ I hope you’ve been treated properly at work.

    An Oshare Girl shouldn’t be subjected to such Lifestyle pressures ~ Please give me your hardships ~ Go enjoy yourself.

    Between such a transitional period and managing more responsibilities with assertiveness; you’ve still taken the time to update !

    Remarkable ~ Thank you very much !

    So kind of you to share this weeks Coordinates ~ You look forever *breathtaking*.

    You’re so talented and truly beautiful Miu ~ I really admire you. (∩≧ᴗ≦∩)♡ *gushing*

    ** I bet you’re relishing in the days off now more than ever before **

    Really creative symbolising this week’s Work Coode ~ Conveys a confident attitude towards doing your best; after all first impressions count and yours *always* do.

    This weeks photos created a feeling that recent Lifestyle challenges serve only to strengthen you. 16 months ago, same spot, you were gleefully dancing to ‘Happy Synthesizer’; remains a testament to your positive outlook [virtue].

    Delightful read!

    In thought as always; when time permits and you care to blog ~ do share.

    In good fortune[fú], *Please* mind your Health and vitality. Get plenty of rest and be sure to have fun !


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