Bringing the cats out

good evening

(It was meant to be an evening Friday post, but I went to sleep halfway through)

I’m here to show my coordinates of the week again! Sorry this blog’s become a bit of a bore with all the same kinds of posts, but it’s been getting busier and busiergirl cry

Outfit pictures are slowly replacing all the food that used to be all over my posts. I haven’t been eating many interesting things lately, except the odd desk lunch here and there. There’s a set of drawers where I keep a supply of energy bars so I’ve been munching on them a fair bit.

Photo 22-4-14 7 49 50 am

The top is a sheer white pullover from LOWRYS FARM; I love anything sheer because they’re so light and fluffy. I popped this one over my dress because it’s sleeveless and I don’t like going out without sleeveshmmToo much of my skin for my liking (short sleeves already push the limit enough).

You probably can’t see it, but the dress is covered in cats! It felt like carrying hundreds of tiny kitties on me everywhere I went. There’re even two cats on my feet.

Photo 26-4-14 9 06 42 am

Cats are always staring up at me when I look down.

Photo 24-4-14 7 58 00 am

It’s the blue blazer againkira(I know it’s more of a minty colour, but the truth is I have a deep, deep aversion to mint so I don’t even like using the word—sorry, pointless trivia) That day I had an interview, so I thought having an adult-like jacket would make me feel a bit braver. It didn’t work, but I liked wearing it anyway.

Photo 25-4-14 8 01 22 am

It’s a Dip Drops coordinate! More than half of it, at least. The tank top is from Muji and I took the belt from some other dress set that I found in my wardrobe.

Photo 23-4-14 7 45 38 am

After trying all week to be creative, it comes back to the same outfits again. Outfit repeater at school, outfit repeater at workhurhurI did try though—for this one I zipped up the jacket in a feeble attempt to have some variety.



4 Responses to “Bringing the cats out”

  1. 1 Paul April 26, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    Hello Ms. OShare Girl! (´^∇^`)∩’ Konichiwa! You’ve worked very hard.

    Fashionable, Intellectual, Loyal and Lovable Miu; come here girl, let me fawn you in adoration; you ☆Precious Person☆.

    I detect a hint of fatigue in your Pride; permit me the honour to pamper and reinvigorate your sensitive body; ready for the week ahead.

    *I* should have been typing up this Blog entry, so *you* can conserve the energy in your hands for more important things like ~ Eating cakes, surfing the Internet, snapping your fingers and beckoning me to your heels ~ to fulfil those mundane tasks.

    You want to keep *me* in your work desk drawer. I’d make a good energy bar. (Duracell Energiser ~ FluffyBunny)

    “Falling asleep whilst typing”! Drifting off into paradise at the paragraph where you mentioned foods, no doubt!

    I was attentively and patiently waiting for this week’s ‘Slice of Life’ to arrive in my Inbox ~ You’re off with the fairies dreaming about Xiao Long Bao ~ Highlight of my Friday evening was crushed…

    Best Part ~ Coordinates: *Loads* of favourites this week!
    ♡゜゚・(´^∀^`∩)・゜゚♡ Woah, So much Aura!

    ** The Princess Cat Lady Coode: Carer of kittens ~ Nyao!
    I *wondered* why you kept referring to the Cat Print as a ‘dress’ and not a ‘skirt’; couldn’t see that from the photo. I thought it was me lost in translation as usual. The LOWRYS FARM pullover looks so soft and comfortable. Excessive Cuddlability!

    One of my favourites ~(=^..^(^..^=)~ Super cute. The twinkly cat shoes give a sense of ☆Magical aura☆ ~ Poised like a リトル プリンセス with cats affectionately staring up at you, conveying support ~ Echoes sentiments of me on my knees to you.

    ** The Assertive Young Lady Coode: ‘Another favourite ~ Bravely embracing new responsibilities! (✿ ̄ー ̄) ☆Pride☆’ ~ Love the Positive attitude pose ~ So proud of you here! Absolutely adore those shoes.

    ** The Natural Purity Coode: ‘Conveying calm, control and reservation with Simple Chic and Strong Femininity.’ ~ Not seen that skirt before, has a nice flare. Balanced wonderfully with the Muji tank top, cardigan and belt; is another favourite mix this week. Natural colour tone theme, complements your Dainty demure well.

    ** The ‘Sod It’ Coode: ‘End of the week, just want to get the day over with!!’ ~ After creatively mixing ‘n matching all week, just simply *what the heck* today, too tired! Zipped up jacket in a *feeble attempt* to conceal comfort food… I know the feeling… That’s where my role of giving you support and encouragement comes into play.
    みみみう! *♡(゚(゜(o^^)o (^^✿)₎₎⁾ ~ Not again!

    So finally, the end of your second week; phew! ~ Hard Working, Independent Girl ~ In time those efforts will be rewarded and you’ll be buying and showing off New Glamorous Clothes…

    Not mentioned about your Interview, keeping me in suspense again… damn ScreenWriter tactics. I suppose the last thing you want to be thinking about on your *only days off* is what you did at Work!

    I’ve still got you pegged as an aspiring ‘Japanese Fashion Magazine Photography Editor’ or an ‘Ambitious Food Critic’ ~ Time will tell!

    I guess the only way to find out is to remain an avid reader! More reasons to admire you. (´*ᴗ*`∩)

    So, until next week.. Thinking of you always, in good fortune, Miu~Chan!

    ~ Thank you for taking the time between commitments to share updates ~

    Paul. FluffyBunny~Chan

    PS: Can you understand *any* of my Japanese yet? ~ I’m still *trying*, in every sense of the word. (( (*∩^∀^∩)₎₎⁾ 笑
    PPS: Get more sleep you and make sure you’re eating lots of healthy food!
    Well-being is equally as important as wanting to Work-well!

    • 2 Miu April 27, 2014 at 8:19 AM

      Hello, thanks for your comments and concern as always!
      I’m doing well so don’t worry ( ˆoˆ )
      The work I’m doing is a secret, sorry, but I’ll still talk about my coordinates! Thank you for always reading my blog ♪

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