Lots of Food (again)

The weeks have rolled from a busy one back into a quiet, idle week

On Thursday I went to the bookstore with my friend We got books and ate at a café and walked around the shops—a relaxing sort of outing. It’s a simple itinerary, but I like it

And that day’s outfit:

I bought a ring (←How girly) I don’t usually buy stuff like that, but it caught my eye so I decided to get it in the end. Sometimes I surprise myself. But anyway, I’m glad I got myself books to read too Recently I’ve been going to the library and the bookstore frequently, so I’ve got a good supply of reading material. The great thing about libraries is that I can keep going back without spending any money

Some of the books I got

Anyway, on Friday I went for a Japanese buffet with a group of friends We ate a lot as expected. Before that we had to queue for an hour though, because apparently it’s a really popular place to eat at But the food was worth it.

They had great sashimi

Every time I’m at a buffet the food looks more appealing than usual. Maybe because I’m a glutton We all had a portion of everything, and there was dessert too. At that point I was too smitten with my food to take pictures

My outfit of the day:

I realise that when I try to write something substantial I end up talking about food instead. Unfortunately right now I’m having a bit of a writer’s block so you’ll have to excuse me

Boooo. For now here’s another food picture—it’s the prata I nipped downstairs to eat with my friends earlier.

Well then, till the next post when I’ll probably be able to write about something other than food


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