Lunch at the Bakery

I’m waking up an hour later than usual everyday. That’s nice

Yesterday I went to eat lunch by myself at a bakery café I’ve never tried doing that before, so I wanted to do it. I like the idea of going to a café alone and having a quiet lunch while reading a good bookThere’s something peaceful about that kind of atmosphere.

So I headed to a Japanese bakery called Mama Patisserie

I brought my book with me: Every Day by David Levithan. It’s about a person who wakes up in a randomly different body every day of his life. I like that kind of strange thought-provoking idea, and the story was really good too. Maybe I’d give it at least four stars out of five? I highly recommend it

My lunch wasn’t much of a lunch, because I had bread and drinks. But I like bread so it was good

The reason why I came to Mama Patisserie is because they have really good melonpan among others.

Slightly crispy crust but chewy on the insideTypical bread description but it’s just good like that.

Cranberry cheese bun It was like eating a very sweet pillow. I loved the cheesy part too, it gave a kick to the otherwise sweet taste.

Another pillow. Chocolate custard bun, or something like that I ate this kind of messily, because of all the chocolate. But I liked the custard. I like everything with custard One day I’d like to eat from a profiterole tower haha.

So that’s what I had for lunch

I feel like some sort of bread glutton now. But it didn’t cost me a lot, so all’s good. Somehow I feel proud of myself for eating alone too I’ve never gone all the way outside just to have a solitary lunch, so that’s what I did

Mama Patisserie was a good place to have a quiet lunch too. Nice bread, nice scenery, nice outdoor arrangement There were several office workers having lunch too, and they gave me looks every now and then. But whatever, I was just there to enjoy a peaceful lunch by myself

Yesterday’s outfit.

It’s an accomplishment!


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