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Towa Mowa Cafe’s Dessert Aesthetic

Nowadays cafes in Japan can’t get by with just word of mouth; you need every post, like and share on Instagram to drive it into everyone’s desires. And with a presence and aesthetic like that, Towa Mowa’s been doing a great job at making it the place to go to. (That’s how it worked for me anyway)

They have the cutest entrance! I had to take it with a fisheye lens up close that day because it was right in front of the road and I didn’t really want to stand it the middle of it. But I kind of like how it’s puffing out at you with all its different little doors.

Inside is just a lot of cute food. They don’t serve any main meals so it’s pretty much all desserts and drinks. Perfect for tea timeI had the seasonal sweets plate the first time I went, so I got an extremely attractive cherry tart with ice cream on the side.

And a latte, which of course they had to make adorable too.

Both times I’ve been to Towa Mowa it was never crowded because I went on a weekday before school, so I always got to take my time with my dessert. The space there is like its own warm, airy bubble, so everyone just kind of sits around enjoying their own peace.

The second time I had the chocolate gateauWith a big cookie perched on a dollop of chocolate cream and a little pot of raspberry sauce on the side. Like the cake wasn’t already good enough—they had to stack it up and turn into a work of art that I spent five minutes taking pictures of.

I had an ice cream float to go with that one. What a classicEveryone around me was sipping as these bright drinks (their melon sodas are a shocking green) and it just felt very summery at that moment.

Another cafe crossed off the list! I actually have a whole bunch of them I want to go to, thanks to Instagram and the power of circulation. Half my time is spent scrolling up and down potential places I want to visit, and the other half goes to actually finding them. You get real gems out of it sometimes, like this one, so it’s fun to sort of window shop for cafes.


Cafe itonowa

Cafe itonowa! It’s been making its rounds on Instagram and their seasonal strawberry cakes are something of a poster child so I went to try it for myself. Twice, in fact.

It’s one of those small, Instagrammy cafes where everything is in shades of white and tan and customers walk in with little else but a camera. It was near Asakusa and a bit far out from the city centre, but at opening time there was already a queue. It’s popular!

Their menu is pretty uncluttered, with just a few main items and drinks. And lunch sets, to coax customers into getting a dessert along with their food.

I had the toast set which came with cream of spinach soup, so that was healthy.

On my next visit I tried the curry rice, and that was satisfying too. Brown rice doused in grainy curry with a half-boiled egg cracked on top. And a broccoli for some greens, yum.

If you search itonowa up on Instagram, this is the one that’ll probably show up the most. I’d gone all the way there with the intention of getting their famous strawberry roll cake, so I had it with a cup of hot houjicha milk (hooray for lunch sets). Expectations met

These cafes really make you work; travelling there and looking for them in the maze of streets they tend to hide in takes effort, but so far they’ve been worth the trip. I even went to itonowa a second time! It’s a special kind of joy going to a cafe alone and seeing you’re not the only one alone (ha, the irony).

Cake and Peaceful Days at Cafe SOROR

Recently I’ve been on a hunt for small cafes with pretty desserts so it’s a good thing that there are so many hidden around the streets of Tokyo. Everything is designed with heart, from the interior to the beautifully plated desserts.

I went to SOROR, a cafe in Shin-Otsuka near Ikebukuro. It’s tiny, so sometimes people have to wait outside for a table (I waited). But since it was cold out the staff gave us blankets to keep us warm. So kindPlus the storefront is adorable. I want to sit out there!

Lunch plates are one of my favourite things about Japan. Cafe SOROR had the typical sets with soup and drinks, so I had their bibimbap with apple juice.

Their quiche plate was also good

We finished off with dessert and were completely satisfied with the aesthetic and taste of their homemade cakes. Everything was so pretty! There was also a vase of dried flowers conveniently placed on our table that became a prop for our pictures.

It’s the kind of place that I would go to even by myself—a cosy and unassuming space that lets you enjoy cake in peace.

Springtime and Matcha Pizza at Max Brenner

My laptop has life support again! Bring out the champagne! (Just kidding. I don’t know how to drink.)

Max Brenner

I mentioned the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in passing on my blog once, but I’ve been back there three more times since then. Each time at the branch in Omotesando, with an hour-long queue. It’s a pretty justifiable wait though because Max Brenner is the mother of all chocolate shops. And it’s the spring season now! That means new desserts, new drinks, and new excuses to spend your money on chocolate.

The marshmallow chocolate pizza’s always been the favourite child here, but recently they released two more kinds—green tea and strawberrykirakiraThey both come with white chocolate and roasted marshmallows on top of the fluffy pizza base, though I liked the matcha better (maybe it just felt more exclusive getting to eat it in Japan).

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

The other spring dessert I got was the chocolate egg pavlova! So named because it looks there’s an egg on top of the meringue, but is really passionfruit sorbet on white chocolate. This was delicious, but it was fairly mortifying trying to eat this because the knife just would not penetrate the chocolate and I got lots of crumbs everywheresadBut was it worth all that effort and embarrassing myself? Yes. 10/10 would recommend!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

For this season’s drink they have this cherry blossom choctail! Which I tried and was mildly disappointed by just because I couldn’t see the pink part of the smoothie below. If you have a cute pastel pink and green drink that girls would order just to photograph for social media, wouldn’t you want to show it off a little more?! But to give it credit, it did taste good. Actually I ended up finishing it myselfhurhur

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

The Hug Mug is really just hot chocolate with a cuter name. But I recommend everyone to try one of these because it’s hot and chocolatey (way to go, me) and does kind of feel like a warm hug in beverage form. The best part is, it’s always on the menu! It’s always there for you.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

This time I tried the salted caramel hug muggirl loveThat’s proof of my guarantee. Like, it will be yummy. You will love it.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Another year-round item at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is their chocolate chip cookie, which is huge and literally half the size of my face (I held it up just to measure). It was chewy and crumbly and fulfilled every cookie craving I might have had for the foreseeable futurelove

I’m always impressed every time I visit Max Brenner because everything is delicious and photo-worthy—highly important requisite—and people are willing to spend a chunk of their day waiting in line outside the storenekoMost of the time the majority of customers I see are girls, with the occasional boyfriend thrown into the mix. Once there was a couple sitting next to me and they actually ate two whole chocolate pizzas between the two of them. Intense dating.

But the pizzas are really that good, so I probably wouldn’t be above doing that myselfdiet neko

Crayon House, a taste of childhood in Japan

Crayon House

Greetings, friendshand waveUsually I blog about the new cafes and food I find in Japan, but today’s is an old place; it’s a restaurant that I first went to ten years ago (a decade already, unbelievable). Crayon House is a cafe in Omotesando that believes in healthy food and having a happy life by eating said healthy food.

Crayon House

For as long as I can remember they’ve always served lunch in an all-you-can-eat style, and everything is homemade and supposed to be good for you. The menu changes everyday—every time I go there’re different dishes, from roast potatoes to creamy chicken gratin to tofu steak.

Crayon House

It’s kind of like eating at a cosy school cafeteria, with warm lights shining down on the trays of food and keeping them nice and toasty. I always have a lot of fun getting in line and choosing what I want to eatsmile

Crayon House

There’s outdoors seating too, and I like it better than just staying indoors (unless it’s 0℃ out or something). Sometimes it gets chilly but they have blankets outside so it’s not bad at all. I mean, you get fresh air with your fresh food.

Crayon House

They make their desserts from scratch, and since the kitchen can be seen from outside sometimes you can see the sweet old ladies inside making the cakes. And it just makes you feel extra loved when you eat those cakes.

Crayon House

Well, everything in this restaurant makes you feel like you’re eating it with love. Coming here always make me happy, kind of like I’m coming home for a home-cooked lunchnekoThere’re a lot of women and mothers with young children who come, but I usually see a pretty good number of businessmen there too just quietly eating their meal in their suits. I’m sure that’d help them get through a long day at the office.

Crayon House

And that’s a picture of me over ten years ago at my first visit to Crayon House (complete with date to seal the photographic evidence). Back then I liked playing with all the toys they had for the kids and being little enough for the children’s lunch pricehehe rabbitSince that first time, my mom’s been going to Crayon House every single trip she makes to Japan (it’s almost like a pilgrimage, even).

Crayon House

The menu always changes, but the taste is always just as goodgirl loveThey’re not pretentious at all and genuinely just want to fill people up with good food.

Crayon House

Maybe in ten years’ time I’ll still be going there to eat lunch. I’d probably be there with the businessmen just silently enjoying my nutritious food made with love.

Crayon House

Crayon House is special to me and one of my favourite places in Japan, especially because it’s been around since the first time I ever went therehappyTen years ago I bought these cookies (baked in the shape of their mascot), and even now I still get these little packs to bring home and eat.

They taste like butter and nostalgia.

Cute food at the AKB48 Cafe in Akihabara

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

I went to the AKB48 Cafe & Shop in Akihabara! You might already know about AKB—that girl group with over a hundred members and their own theatre in Akiba? A few years ago I used to be a big fan (when they actually had only 48 members and not a whole choir).

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

I liked them so much I even went for the events they used to hold in Singapore. This was when I met Sashihara Rino in 2011nekoBack then she was still only the ninth most popular member. Who knew one day she’d become AKB’s number one? (And later HKT48’s manager, but that’s another story)

Back on topic. My friend and I visited the AKB48 Cafe for dinner and it kind of brought back some memories of those years!

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

The cafe menu is themed after several of the members, with dishes modelled by them. I got Watanabe Mayu’s Favourite Fried Chicken with Muchichi! That’s the rabbit in the middle (a character she’s always drawing). And Mayuyu was my oshimensmileI might not follow AKB48 anymore but I’ll still buy my favourite member’s dish haha.

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

Gude-mina—a limited season katsudon with Gudetama lying on top of crispy pork cutlet and rice. Wearing a big ribbon like Takahashi Minami too, since she’s the one who produced this collaboration dish with Sanrio.

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

We ended off with Yukirin-daruma Daifuku! It’s basically Yukirin-daruma surrounded by lots of fruits and mochi. Simple and light enough to enjoy after a full mealgood

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

Since we topped up our meal with the drink bar too, we got free drink coasters! The only thing is that unless you are a serious follower of AKB you will likely not recognise the members you actually get on your coasters (I did not know who any of these girls were except Takamina). But well, a gift’s a gifthurhur

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

Even if you’re not a fan though, the AKB48 Cafe’s still a nice place to have a meal at! There are TV screens on the walls playing concert DVDs and lots of Japanese fans sitting at the tables eating and exchanging goods with each other, so it gets pretty festive here.

AKB48 Cafe & Shop

It’s right outside the Akihabara JR station, so you should give this place a trykirakiraI wasn’t sure at first if I’d be interested in coming here, but it was a lot more fun than I expected! They have a shop corner that sells member goods right next to the cafe too, which is convenient if you end up becoming a fan over the course of your dinner.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House: Fairest Cafe of Them All

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

If I ever had awards for cafes in Tokyo—I should actually make that a thing one day—this place would win prettiest of them all. The Aoyama Flower Market is a flower shop (as you might expect), and they have a few chains in Tokyo that come with a cafe. In Japan a lot of brands come with their own cafe; even Giorgo Armani has one in Omotesando.

Back on topic, the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is beautifulkirakiraAt the risk of being mistaken for a gardening blog, I’m going to post a lot of pictures of the place and its floral glory.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

I’ve been to the Tea House twice! The first time I went to its more popular branch in Aoyama itself and waited for an hour out in the cold (nothing unusual for the average cafe visitor in Japan, really). The second time I went to the Akasaka branch on a weekday afternoon and sailed right inneko

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

The inside of the cafe was even more gorgeous than the sneak peek from outside. Inside there were flowers and plants everywhere! A lot more than there were humans. It really was a classic tea house; a lot of people were just sitting there and drinking tea and enjoying their own company.

Okay, most importantly, food.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

So many flowers everywhere, it even gets in their food.  This was from my first trip, when I ordered that flower parfait I’d been seeing in all the pictures online. It was a bowl of rose jelly, berry mousse, fresh cream and vanilla ice cream (and some rose petals thrown in to make it extra fancy). I wasn’t sure about eating bits of dried flowers at first, but the parfait was really goodlove girl(Everything’s good with ice cream. You could probably eat grass with it and it’d taste acceptable)

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Rose jelly, similar to the flower parfait but this time consisting of nothing but that lovely pink stuff. And of course more rose petals over the top, with vanilla ice cream on the side again (in my hypothetical cafe awards this ice cream would likely win Best Supporting Ingredient).

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Until now they’d been sprinkling petal bits into the food so maybe this time it’d be a good idea to eat an actual whole flower with my dessert, right? Wrong. Whatever you do, don’t eat the flower. I did it for the Snapchat and instantly regretted it. Apart from that the french toast was divineheartHoney, cinnamon and berries made it perfectly sweet and extra pretty (oh, and can’t forget the ice cream).

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

They worked hard to create such a charming ambience, so it’s not surprising how popular it is.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Even the customers here fit in so well with the scene. Like this elegant couple having an elegant date (probably making conversation about classical music and the latest wine trends).

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

I don’t typically have much interest in flowers, but I found all these flowers placed around the cafe incredible. The cafe is attached to the florist side where people can buy flowers, which is a good move after making their customers look at their products during their entire meal.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

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