New Year, New Clothes

Chinese New Year starts tomorrow! Every year I love gathering with relatives and eating ☆ And hoo yeah, getting money (in traditional red packets) ( ̄▽ ̄)

Usually we shop for new clothes for the new year too ♪ I managed to buy new stuff with some of my earnings from work!

I got a pair of grey Converse high tops! They were on sale ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I still want a really long pair of sneaker boots some day.


A new graphic T-shirt and dark denim shorts ☆


This really fluffy and airy white top (*^ヮ^*)


I like it a lot.


For a smaller purchase, I got a bracelet as well because it was on sale too!


And for the first time in my whole life…I bought a dress by my own will Σ(・ω・;) Prom isn’t counted because I didn’t have a choice.


Actually, it isn’t a great picture. The skirt was too long (you know how I feel about my short skirts) so I hitched it up with a red belt which ruined the shape a little (´・_・`) I’ll take a better picture tomorrow, because I’m wearing it for the first day of Chinese New Year!

I thought my parents would be surprised I bought a dress, but they said it looked like any other Top+Short skirt set I wear all the time. That’s not fun at all(;_;)

Tomorrow’s going to be a day full of visiting ~ I’ll blog again soon!


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