another day of studying ~ boooo.

but during dinner my dad let us watch hachi: a dog’s tale. it’s about the japanese dog hachiko, who was known for waiting for his owner at the train station everyday, and he continued doing so for nine years even after he died. SAD STORY. i’ve only ever watched the old japanese film, but i haven’t seen this american one before. it was actually pretty good! hachi the dog is so cute (●´ω`●)

i really adore films with cute dogs like this. like Quill! Quill used to be my favourite film back then, it featured this adorable labbie with a quill mark on his butt. don’t you just love puppies (●´∀`●) i’ve always wanted a dog, but my mom won’t let one in the house. pity. i love cuddling up with dogs, they just give you so much love.

the only pets i’ve had are tiny hamsters. they were great to cuddle, but they all died after a while. RIP betty, veronica, midge and ethel (´ω`。) (the names came from my archie comics craze back then)

my favourite animal is a fennec fox, but for domesticated pets i like dogs and cats. really loving creatures, those! i quite like cats too. when i went to tokyo a few years ago for  holiday, i went to nekobukuro. it’s this place in ikebukuro, tokyo, where you pay a few hundred yen and you can spend all the time you want with the 25 or so cats inside. it’s like an interactive cat playland, and i loved it. the cats all liked me! (well they’re trained to)

kurochan ♥

that’s kurochan. he’s not actually black, more like grey. he was my favourite cat at nekobukuro! i hope he’s still there by the time i ever get to visit the place.

meanwhile, i make do with little totoヽ(´▽`)/ he actually looks like hachi, if you dyed him beige and replaced his antlers with little pointy ears.

toto ♥


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