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Classy Pancakes at Ivy Place, Daikanyama

I’m simple when it comes to pancakes, but when they appear on a plate at one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Daikanyama i.e. one of the most sophisticated places in Tokyo, the bar is set high.

Ivy Place Pancakes

It’s literally a plate of three pancakes and cream, but that huge, smooth scoop of cream has such an elegant presence for a breakfast dish.

Ivy Place

The atmosphere of the whole place was so neat and upscale and unlike any other cafe I’d been to in Japan. High ceilings! Wooden furnishings! It made me feel fancy just walking through it. Also rewarded, because we’d just spent 40 minutes waiting for a table.

Ivy Place Pancakes

Needless to say everything on the menu is pricey, which is why we only got pancakes. But here’s a story! I ordered pancakes with extra fruits and berries, which costs more—but the waiter made a mistake and forgot to bring me my toppings. So when I asked about the missing berries they apologised and brought them to me at no extra cost. So kindcry

Ivy Place

There were lots of stylish people enjoying their Saturday brunch at Ivy Place, and it was fun to feel like part of that crowd. Even if we didn’t order anything except pancakes (“just water, please”). It was really a special occasion, so I’m glad I got to try it once! And at least I can affirm that their pancakes are, indeed, delicious.

Ivy Place


Pancakes in Bed


I’m here with pictures of pancakes again. I had hotcake mix lying around at home, so one Saturday when I was alone at home with nothing to do and no one to eat with I just opened it and dumped it all into the mixing bowl. It turns out that pancake mix could actually feed a lot of peoplehurhurNo matter how much I poured into the pan they just wouldn’t stop multiplying.

Totoro Pancakes

I ended up with a whole stack, so I just played dress up and decorated most of them with whipped cream and a chocolate pen. This was the nicest (and most recognisable, I guess)kirakiraI realised I make a lot of Totoro-themed desserts. He’s just so easy to reproduce. (Also, is Totoro a he? I’m never sure if I’m using the right pronoun)

Lunch Plate

And then because I ate too many pancakes at breakfast I tried my best to pack in more nutrition at lunch. This is my homemade lunch plate of veggies, tamagoyaki and corn souphappyI skipped past the pancakes and sent a picture of this to my mom instead.


It’s July, which means it’s finals monthcryBut it’s also almost summer vacation time! I’m surviving on the hope that soon I get to travel and go home for break. The heat has come to Tokyo and I’m not sure what to think about it…I’ve only ever been here during the cold seasons and this doesn’t feel like the Japan I know and love. Just kidding. Shaved ice! Yukata! Summer festivals! I want to do them all once I’m done with the semesterhappy

Pancake Men at the MR.FRIENDLY Cafe

When life gives you Saturday class…

Mr Friendly Cafe

…you seize the rest of the day and go do something cute like eating pancake men at a cafe and taking a few hundred pictures of them.

Manatsu and I set out right after class to track down the place we wanted to go to! We’d done our research, so we were going to go to the MR.FRIENDLY Cafe (they stylise it with capitals, I’m not just being overly enthusiastic and shouting it out at you)kirakira

Mr Friendly Cafe

You won’t miss it, because the sign’s a mishmash of colours and even fonts (which I usually don’t like very much, but somehow they made it cute and completely forgivable).

The cafe’s in Daikanyama, which is a part of Shibuya. It’s very chic and classy, and I’m pretty sure it’s an expensive neighbourhood to live in (but visiting is free so that doesn’t matter haha).

Mr Friendly Cafe

The cafe even has a takeout window at the side where you can get your pancakes and drinks to take away! Not that I saw anyone actually using it, and neither were the staff paying attention to that little counter. I can’t actually imagine many people buying food there—like “I’m running late and need to rush, give me six pancake men to go.”

Mr Friendly Cafe

I got a tiramisu parfaitsmile

We took our time (almost two hours, actually…) and had a nice, easy-going lunch of pancakes and more pancakes. MR.FRIENDLY only has sweet treats and drinks (of which are all sweet, naturally), so just a heads up if you’re the kind of person who needs a savoury prelude to your dessert. You can get a sandwich from around the corner beforehandsmile

Mr Friendly Cafe

Around the 50th picture the ice cream started to melt, but that’s the sacrifice you make for a good picture. (Food doesn’t last forever but a jpeg does)

Mr Friendly Cafe

Highlight of the meal! At this cafe the big dessert is your main course and the smaller dessert is the actually dessert haha.

Anyway, this is the pancake plate with a whole family of pancake people and a pile of apples and cream on the side, and you get your name written in chocolate sauce. Plus a little motivational message about being happy from Mr. Friendly. It’s such a simple service, but makes all the difference in your food. Honestly, all restaurants should just invest in a chocolate pen to keep handy for decorating their customers’ plateneko

Mr Friendly Cafe

When you’re done and happy with your meal, there’s a whole bunch of goods in front of the counter like cookies and mugs and postcardsgood

Mr Friendly Cafe

Or if you just really liked the pancakes, you can bring them home too. They come in different flavours like plain or cocoa or honey, and are bite-sized which makes them the perfect size for souvenirs. I’m guessing they sell like hotcakes.

(…I had to)

Since a box of seven was just around 300 yen, I bought one to take homegirl loveThey’re actually really tiny and adorable.

Mr Friendly Cafe

Here’s a picture for size reference: big Mr. Friendly and little Mr. Friendlykira kira

Mr Friendly Cafe

Big Mr. Friendly is almost human size. He sat with us at our table (more like I carried him over after asking the waitress) and was very festive with his Santa hat next to the Christmas tree. Friendly reminder that it’s already Decemberheart

The cafe was extra cosy and chill and I loved that it was as friendly as its whole brand identity claimed to be. Mr. Friendly does his job wellgood

Mr Friendly Cafe

Even the doormat has so much positivity! Which people probably just step on and don’t notice71112(what I did the first time, basically). You could probably just stand in the doorway and read it all, as long as no one else tries to walk in.

Mr Friendly Cafe

You can check out what’s on the menu if you think you’ve got the heart for Mr. Friendly and his pancakes!

Mr Friendly Cafe

The mini pancake people look cute on my plate. I got the honey flavour and it’s delicioushappyI’m trying to eat them slowly because they’re so small and easy to eat. And also convenient for bringing them to places.

Mr Friendly Cafe

Like my oatmeal. Why are you in my oatmeal? Right, because I thought it was cute to stick Mr. Friendly in and give him a bath. You could practically play doll house with these.

Mr Friendly Cafe

Maybe you can tell from the 16 pictures I just threw up here, but I had a really good time at this cafe. I don’t even mind going to school on Saturday (not much, anyway…) when I can go to places with Manatsu and have fun with food and our camerasheart

It’s going to be Monday and the start of a new week of classes and assignments. But it’ll be Saturday again soon enoughnekoMr.Friendly has too much positivity and I think some of it rubbed off on me.

Pancakes in Banana and Berries Paradise



I’m celebrating my own belated Pancake Day with a stack of whole wheat sprouted grain pancakesgirlMm, healthy. Until I pile on all the butter and maple syrup and sugary fruits. But the flour packet said 22g extra whole grains, so that’s got to count for some nutrition.

Then again I’m not highly qualified in the field of healthy eating, which is where my mother (a legit nutritionist) steps in. Which also explains why we have all these strange variations of flour like spelt and buckwheat and ground almond with a 40% blend of millet instead of just plain flour.

But they still produce pancakes, so that’s all I needhurhur

Photo 26-2-15 10 56 31 pm

Today’s post is a short one—student duty callscryThere’s a scary amount of studying I should be doing but my productivity inevitably wanders off course all the time.

Like you know, when I decide to make pancakes for lunch because they’re so quick and easy but spend almost an hour choosing toppings and artfully decorating them so I can take pictures later.


Pancakes, Macarons and World Cup Donuts

Happy Saturday!

I’m still a bit beat from the past week I just ploughed through, so today’s a comfy post of food snaps over the past few days.

ToastPancakes Round

It’s been a while since I had kaya toast! They’re my favourite local breakfast, and cheap too (they were only a dollar). I had them today for morning munchies with my dad, which I’ve also not done for a long time because he’s always zipping in and out of the country. We shared a nice lazy wake-up meal of simple toast, eggs and hot drinks; it felt good and full since I rarely have a proper breakfast.

Pancakes with my mom! They were whole wheat and so good. Also, putting fruits on pancakes are the best way ever to dress them up and make them ten times more attractive than they already are.


A yummy slice of almond and orange cake for a little pick-me-up. It was really light because the recipe used almond flour and egg whites insteadneko

And some of the most quirky, adorable World Cup-themed donuts I’ve come across. How did they get those soccer fields so green? There was a whole box in the office, plus cupcakes too! Finally something about the World Cup I’m actually really interested in.

MacaronsBeetroot Cake

Such bright coloursnekoThe pastel macarons were so sweet (literally and figuratively speaking); I wanted to take a picture of the whole box of them but they were all gone by the time I got there.

The cake was another interesting one—it’s beetroot cheesecake and more delicious that I thought veggie-ed desserts could be. I made the mistake of putting it in the fridge when I brought it home though, and the slice started to slouch a bit before I thought to pop it into the freezergirl cry

Hoshino Coffee


It’s seems like today’s post is more pictures and less words.

Last Friday I went on a shopping date with Bonheart

We had a little meal at Hoshino Coffee—a Japanese café that has really sweet desserts. One of their most popular menu items is the double soufflé pancake and I’ve been longing to try it for ages because pancakes are an all-time favourite food of mine. When we went there I finally got to eat itheheIt lived up to every expectation I had of the fluffy stuff.

The only downside was that it was pretty priceycryBut for a once-in-while treat, I thought it was worth it. I’ve never seen such fat pancakes in my life. They were on my table twenty minutes after ordering and ready for me to eat, oh yay.

I can’t think of a detailed explanation for the fabulous eating experience I had so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Just look at thatshock

Please look at it again.


The best part was that there were twohurhur

Bon ordered french toast and it was delicious too!

Photo 2

The whipped cream was so huge it fell off soon after arriving at our table.

And a close up shotdown


Needless to say we had a fulfilling time at Hoshino CoffeerabbitHeavy on the filling.

After tea time we went shopping! And got good bargains at the Japanese fashion storesalpacaThe both of us found tops that were all at least 50% off.


(L-R: JRunway, Uniqlo, Lowry’s Farm)

I especially like the starry tank top for its design (and half off price tag)neko

starry details

So with that I’ve satisfied my shopping desires.

That day’s coordinate:


I’m still thinking of things to do during the holiday! Aside from writing, I definitely want to take my camera out more often. Since I’m always at home I want to go out and hunt for the more photogenic places in this countrypanda


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