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Convenience Store in Japan: This Week’s Snacks

Happy Sunday! Now that Christmas and New Year have passed, ’tis the season of finals. But then in just a few weeks it’ll be time for spring break (aka the real deal), so that’s a comforting thought. Anyway, I’m sharing this week’s favourites from the convenience stores! I thought about it because I’ve been buying so many snacks in Japan, even though I never did back home.

(I need to reflect on myself)

Japan Conbini

Pocky midi chocolatekira

Everyone knows PockyhappyPocky isn’t even as much of Japan’s thing anymore, because it’s everywhere else in the world. But this is still the motherland, so that means lots of new quirky flavours are born here as well as commercials of pop stars dancing with Pocky sticks in their hands.

The Pocky midi’s a special version; basically it’s fatter and has more coating than the usual skinny sticks you get. It’s written as ぽってり (chubby) right on the box, which is cutesmileChubby pocky haha.

Japan Conbini

Strawberry shortcake-flavoured potato chipskira

I know this looks weird. But! If you embrace it (like I did) it’s totally yummy and will make you think it’s just common sense to have potato chips in a dessert flavour. I thought it was genius, honestlyhmmIt really did taste like strawberry shortcake, but in an interesting deep-fried form.

You learn something new about the world everydaygood

Japan Conbini

Yuki ichigokira

It’s like a soft and plump daifuku stuffed with strawberry shortcake, and the name in kanji literally translates to snow strawberry daughter. Doesn’t that just charm you? Like “buy me! Love me! Eat me!” So I ate it and it was delicious.

Japan Conbini

And after cutting my snow strawberry daughter in half, this is what it looked like inside—strawberry, cream, and sponge cake all blanketed in mochihappy


That wraps it up! I feel like I can keep making these posts just because Japanese convenience stores are infinitely stocked with fun snacks. So look forward to the next onegirl love


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