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Saying goodbye to ℃-ute and my childhood

It’s rare for me to talk about things like this, but let’s do it!

℃-ute! My favourite girl group of all time and one that I’ve followed for nearly ten years. I first discovered them when I was in my first year of secondary school, so it’s pretty odd to think about how much time has passed since that one random song I stumbled on that got me into them. The members are all around my age and it kind of felt like I was growing up together with them, awkward stages and all.

I vaguely knew it would happen someday but at the same time I never thought about them disbanding until they announced that they would this year, after working for 12 years.

So two weeks ago I went to their final concert! And cried. A lot(In my defence so were a lot of people, and the girls themselves) My friend Reira and I went together, and I’m really glad I did because we became such good friends through our common love for these groups in the first place. Being together made the day a lot easier to survive too—we took the first train out and began queueing at the venue from 6am for goods lolIt was hardcore and I got completely roasted under the sun.

That was my first time ever seeing my favourite group live, and the last time. Obviously I wish I could’ve had the opportunity to see them in person much earlier…but at the same time, I’m also sort of glad that this became my one and only live memory of them. ℃-ute disbanded at their peak, so I think I saw the very best of them at the end.

I cried a lot but it wasn’t so much from sadness as they were from being moved by the sheer power of their performances. Also, have you ever been to a concert in Japan? No cell phones, no recording. Just fans and their light sticks and coordinated cheers. It’s a truly magnificent organised chaos and I love it. Goosebumps! I highly recommend it

There’s something about seeing artistes you admire so much in person. There’s something else about watching your childhood come to life for a fleeting moment. I spent my school years watching them, listening to them and occasionally trying to be like them (honestly if it weren’t for ℃-ute I would still be walking around in sweatpants and a centre parting).

Watching this group disband was a little like watching a part of my childhood disappear. But as hard as that is, seeing them move on gave me some motivation to grow up too. So like I said in my last post, I’m going to properly focus on what I like to do

At the end of it, I’m just really glad that I had something I could love and enjoy so much. ℃-ute is always going to remain my favourite


Tokyo: Day Two ☆

I’m here to babble on about my trip again.

Saturday was a full day of walking around in Harajuku and ShibuyaWhich was entirely great, because those are two of my favourite places in Japan (and of almost every other tourist who loves shopping, I suppose). Miyako-san and her daughter Ririko brought me out

They had a whole plan for the day, which was really kind of them to take time off for me.

My outfit for that day:

It’s the set I bought from Kyoto last December!

My dad and I had breakfast together first

Wakame Soba

After that Miyako-san and Ririko picked me up and we took a train

We went to Harajuku firstHarajuku has to be the best shopping district in Tokyo. I can’t begin to express how much I love it because it’s full of colour and vibrant styles and relatively low prices.

Just walking down the street gave me a thrill

The lady in the centre is Ririko. She was really fashionable

The first stop was the official Johnny’s shop, because Ririko’s a fan of them. It was kind of awkward at first because I barely knew their groups and artistes well, but they still asked me who I liked best. And so I ended up with two Chinen Yuri photos as a gift.

Which, admittedly, I was particularly pleased with.

They took me to the AKB shop next

Costumes belonging to the girls ✿

And then purikura!

Once again I am spoiled for choice in Japan where there are sparkly new machines everywhere. What I wouldn’t give to just have this whole place transported back homeI got a bit too excited inside, haha.

We looked at a lot of shops in Takeshita-dori along the way. One of my favourite things about Japan is the amazing variety of fashion they have there—and most of it is what I love. Almost everything looked so great and so different from what I usually see here and it just makes me want to stay there much, much longer. I really don’t know how to express how fantastic the clothes made me feel

I suppose I enjoy being able to wear all the quirky things that they have. It’s fun, that’s what.


We went for lunch at a fruits and dessert placeDessert in Japan is astounding. Look at the parfait I had

And it was huge too. Now that’s a beautiful work of art! Which I ate shortly after.

It was an interesting lunch—my curry was mango-flavoured. I didn’t even know you could have mango curry. It really did taste like the fruitThere were prawns in it too. Mango curry, prawns and rice sound exotic together don’t they

After lunch we walked to ShibuyaI loved walking there because the streets were gorgeous.

If I ever have the chance I’d just sit here for an hour and relax with a cup of hot cocoa.

But we were on a tight schedule, so we passed pretty quickly

Shibuya 109We arrived! It was my first time there. Going through all eight floors of stores took an hour—and that’s with barely anything bought. I’ve never seen so many favourite brands together at once

one spo

Basically all the things I can’t afford.

But there were a pair of ANAP shorts on sale outside 109

Since I was in Shibuya, I made sure to go to the Hello! Project store tooThis time I didn’t buy a lot—I just got two Maimai sets and a Zukki photo for myself.

It was nice being in the store again, for some reason I felt so at home there haha.

The H!P store was our last stop in Shibuya! We headed to Ginza right after that for the third part of the outing…


Mission accomplished. I have finally experienced karaoke in JapanAgain, I can do nothing but gush. The best part was that the kanji in the lyrics had furigana, so I was able to sing without getting the lyrics wrong. I actually spent the night before worrying about how not to shame myself singing Japanese songs in front of two Japanese ladies. But tada furigana, problem solved

Karaoke in Japan is remarkable. In Singapore karaoke places are small, but the karaoke building we went to in Ginza had eight whole floors. And everything was so clean and classy inside I was in awe the whole time.

Also, I’m happy to finally see so many H!P songs

We spent an hour at the karaoke place, and then it was shabu shabu for dinner

I don’t think I need to say anything…just look at the meat.

It was a bit rushed, but shabu shabu was still tastyAt the end we even managed to squeeze in an ice cream each. Because dessert > everything else

And then for the last part of the day!

The Wiz

My first live musical! AKB48’s Masuda Yuka played Dorothy, and she was an amazing singer. The entire cast were. The entire musical blew me away and quite literally left me breathless, because I kept holding my breath without realising it. It was that goodThe singing and dancing were pretty much phenomenal. I’ve never been to a musical and it felt like my senses were really being opened up and bombarded—in a good way ♪

My favourite parts were mainly the dances. The first was during the storm at the beginning—a large troupe just BAM!-appeared on the stage and went straight into the explosive choreography. That was the first big scene with dancers so I was kind of shocked. But it got me really excited

My other favourite part was when the Winkies were freed and everyone did this whole hallelujah song and dance. It moved me to tearsI understand the big deal about musicals now. Haha.

Yuka, ISSA, Ehara Masahiro, Shinji Rachi〜 Thank you for being so expressive and talented that I could enjoy the musical so much without even understanding half the dialogue. And Jinnai Takenori played the Wizard! I’ve seen him in so many dramas it was kind of surreal seeing him on the stage

And with that, my day with Miyako-san and Ririko endedMost of all, I’m wholly grateful to them for the day. Seeing so much out of my favourite places, getting to do my favourite things and watching the incredible musical—本当にありがとうございます

That’s all for ThursdayMy next post will obviously be about Friday so please look forward to that.


it’s me again(^O^☆♪

today i did handicrafts in between studying. i suppose it’s considered a handicraft work.

i made my own H!P tshirt!


yes, that’s it. sorry if i disappointed you ( ̄▽ ̄) it’s not exactly fine art because using tshirt markers on a tshirt is actually not as ‘EZ’ as the label claims to be. but i tried, and that’s all i could came up with. (remind me never to apply for a job designing H!P tshirts)

i couldn’t do anything fancy, so that’s all i came up with ☆ H!P forever! you said it. *rolls eyes* and that’s the logo ~

of course i did the back too.


…i wanted to add my name, but i thought it’d be too jersey-ish. and i wouldn’t know which name to put. so i will just be that nameless H!P supporter!

or put ハロヲタ (harowota) underneath. tsunku approved harowota…eh. i actually like it d( ̄  ̄)

nevermind. next time.


look what i got in the mail today!

thank you chobi ♡

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